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  1. Diplomatic service passport issued by the Republic of Liberia to Kelman Charles Mincberg. Item

    A diplomatic service passport issued by the Republic of Liberia, represented by Baron O. de Bogaerde, Minister Plenipotentiary, to Kelman Charles Mincberg, granting him diplomatic immunity and allowing them to travel to Spain and Portugal.

  2. Postcard by Edith Silbiger. Item

    This item is a postcard sent by Edith Silbiger, while detained at the Dossin barracks and working as a secretary there, to her parents in Forest, Brussels, in 1942. The item contains information on the exchange of letters and requested items.

  3. Salomon Goldschlager. Collection

    This collection contains pictures of Salomon and Menachem Goldschlager, Liliane Mandelbaum and Josef Hermann Hurtig.

  4. "Mijn leven in Frankrijk, bezet en onbezet. Dwangarbeid voor O.T." by Mozes Isaak (Maurice) Sand. Diary My life in occupied and unoccupied France. Forced labour for O.T. [Organisation Todt]

    In this diary Mozes Isaak (Maurice) Sand recounts daily life as a forced labourer in an Organisation Todt camp in France (August-October 1942), as a refugee in France (winter 1942) and as a member of the French resistance (1943-1944). The notes include detailed reports on the treatment of Jews in the French camps, Mozes Isaak Sand’s return to Belgium in 1942, his personal life and international politics.

  5. Dora Turksma. Interview Theodora Turksma. Interview

    In this interview Dora Turksma talks about: her childhood in Antwerp ; daily life at Morpheusstraat where she and her mother lived ; moving around during the first years of the war ; denunciations by their neighbours ; going into hiding in a convent in Kontich and in a catholic school in Bruges ; her life after the war.

  6. Finkielsztejn-Finkielsztejn family. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war photos of Lajzer Finkielsztejn, his brother Mayer and their friends as members of the socialist Zionist youth movement Dror ; post-war photos of Lajzer Finkielsztejn’s comrades from the Partisans Armés, the Belgian Army of Partisans ; post-war photos of Lajzer Finkielsztejn at medal ceremonies and commemorations ; Lajzer Finkielsztejn’s membership card of the Belgian Army of Partisans, his Carte des états de services de guerre du combatant, 1940-1945, and his political prisoner’s ID.

  7. Josef Blitz. Collection

    This collection contains digitised copies of birth certificates, xerox of documents provided by the Auschwitz State Museum concerning Josef Blitz, certificates of repatriation (with pictures of Josef Blitz) and class pictures taken at Jesode Hatorah in Antwerp.

  8. Information bulletin regarding non-Belgian residents of the Zonhoven municipality. Collection

    12 information bulletins on 18 Jews and 1 French national, expelled from Antwerp to the Zonhoven municipality in the Limburg province in January-February 1941 ; one postwar letter addressed by Isaac Hausner to the Zonhoven municipality, requesting a copy of his information bulletin. Each form contains : surname, first names, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, date and location of marriage, names of the parents, legal address abroad, date of arrival in Belgium, subsequent addresses in Belgium, legal documents and financial situation.

  9. De Waele-Godschalk family. Collection

    This collection contains original documents, digital copies of photographs and documents, an audio recording and a book regarding the Godschalk-Tokkie family, including: 25 pre-war and 2 post-war photos of family members, marriage certificates, residence and work permits, vaccination certificates, an audio file commemorating Judith Godschalk, a death notice of Sara Tokkie, documents regarding the release of Elisabeth Godschalk from the SS-Sammellager Mecheln (Dossin barracks), a copy of Samuel Godschalk’s death certificate, post-war documents regarding Elisabeth Godschalk’s estate and war d...

  10. Jochem-Ebeler family. Item

    This photo shows the Jochem-Ebeler family, including father Jacob Jochem, mother Gertrude Ebeler and their sons Emile and Jozef Jochem

  11. Index cards on Jews from Belgium interned in or deported from France. Collection Fichier Drancy

    This collection consists of index cards containing information on 9,765 Jewish men, women and children who in general lived in Belgium before the Second World War and who were interned in or deported from French internment camps during the war. The group of index cards for a specific person can contain a file card drafted by the Sicherheitspolizei-Sicherheitsdienst in 1941-1944 in case of a person who fled Belgium in or after 1941 and a research request filed by a relative. Every group of index cards for a specific person contains handwritten file cards with information gathered post-war by...

  12. Give Them a Face portrait collection. Collection

    This collection contains over 19,650 portraits of Roma, Sinti and Jewish men, women and children from Belgium and the north of France, whom have been deported from the SS-Sammellager Mecheln (Dossin barracks) to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buchenwald, Ravensbrück, Bergen-Belsen and Vittel between August 1942 and July 1944.

  13. Karny-Chamech family. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war photos of the Karny-Chamech family from Liège ; a group photo of the Comité de l'Union Sioniste de Liège, 1928 ; pre-war photos of Léa Karny, her future husband Stanislas Gol and her future brother-in-law Samson Ajzenberg while in medical school ; war-time photos of Léa Karny and husband Stanislas Gol in Portugal ; photos of Stanislas Gol, husband of Léa Karny, while serving in the Brigade Piron ; war-time photos of Jean Gol, son of Léa Karny and Stanislas Gol ; post-war photos of meetings of the Brigade Piron ; military documents of Stanislas Gol and Samso...

  14. Feldinger family. Collection

    This collection contains four photos of deported members of the Feldinger family, including a photo of the marriage of Moses Chaim Katz and Golda Dychtwald in 1936.

  15. Verordnungsblatt des Militärbefehlshabers in Belgien und Nordfrankreich - Massnahmen gegen Juden. Collection Ordinances of the German Military Administration in Belgium and Northern France - Measures against Jews. Collection

    This collection consists of 20 issues of the Verordnungsblatt des Militärbefehlshabers in Belgien und Nordfrankreich, containing the anti-Jewish measures ordained in Belgium, including: legislation on ritual slaughter, determining who is Jewish, the municipal registration of Jews as of the age of 15, the registration and marking of Jewish shops and restaurants with placards, the exclusions of Jews from certain professions (government, educational, press, judicial and later medical professions), the residency restrictions (curfew and relocation sites in Belgium), the creation of the Associat...

  16. Precious prints. Collection

    This collection contains precious prints such as pamphlets, posters, books and other types of publications published before 1950. The topics include pre-war Jewish life, anti-Semitism, ideologies of various political movements, biographies of camp survivors, commemoration of resistance movements, German organisations such as the SS, post-war trials and war crimes. The publications do not only focus on Belgium, but also include publications from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Czechoslovakia and the United States.

  17. Tadeusz Geisler. Collection Thadé Geisler. Collection

    The collection contains: cutlery (spoon, fork and knife) used by Tadeusz Geisler during his internment at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp ; two strips of fabric with a red triangle, the letter P and Tadeusz Geislers prisoner number at Sachsenhausen (90175) ; three patches of cloth depicting Polish and French flags ; three small pieces of bread, saved by Tadeusz Geisler during a death march in 1945 ; a prototype of a violin bridge - the Geisler-comb - developed by Thadé Geisler; a photocopy of the patent accorded to Thadé Geisler for his violin bridge in 1966 ; three post-war photos, in...

  18. Izaak Schachter. Collection

    This collection contains : two photos of Izaak Schachter ; a photo of his non-Jewish wife Annie Deneu ; a photo of his non-Jewish stepdaughter Jeanne Somers with her children Raymond and Lucienne Naudt ; a postcard sent by Izaak Schachter to his wife Annie Deneu in Amsterdam, while internet at the Dossin barracks in 1943.

  19. Parcel request form of Eva Kostelaniec. Item

    A parcel request form filled out by Eva Kostelaniec alias Hawa Jaffe while detained at the Dossin barracks in Mechelen

  20. Benedikt Felsen and Regina Degen. Collection

    This collection contains seven photos : one photo of Louis Paulissen and his father Jozef Paulissen in the courtyard of their farm in As, the province of Limburg ; six photos of Benedikt Felsen and Regina Degen posing with members of the Paulissen family while staying at their farm in 1941.