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  1. Obecný notársky úrad v Lelese

    • Notary Office of Leles

    The agenda of the Notary Office of Leles holds records of the local administration in the period between 1882 and 1944, including materials on anti-Jewish measures, the persecution of Jews, and the Aryanization of Jewish property during World War II. Most of the documents concern the municipality of Leles, but also its two neighboring villages, Poľany and Soľnička. Most of the collection’s materials concerning anti-Jewish measures, the deportation of the local Jewry of Leles, Poľany, and Soľnička, as well as the Aryanization of their property can be found in boxes n. 16 – 23. These archival...

  2. Živnostenské spoločenstvo v Košiciach

    • Tradesmen Association of Košice

    The collection preserves the documentation of one of the largest local associations of Košice in the period between 1872 - 1952. As far as Holocaust research is concerned, the collection contains detailed information regarding the situation of Jewish industrialists and tradesmen from the period between 1939 and 1944. One might find here various archival materials documenting the anti-Semitism of the population of contemporary Košice (for example in the form of complaints against Jewish industrialists), as well as archival files about the Aryanization of the property of Jewish tradesmen. The...

  3. Zemplínska župa II. Okupované územie

    • Zemplín County II. Occupied territory

    The fonds contains archival materials from the territory of historical Zemplín County which was annexed by the Hungarian Kingdom in 1938. It documents the anti-Jewish measures and various forms of persecution of the Jewish population taking place in the period between 1939 and 1944. These documents concern mainly the property of Jewish population, applications for citizenships and the arization of Jewish property.

  4. Arie van Mansum fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • I0022
    • English
    • 1940-2007
    • 21cm of textual records, 17 photographs 1 box in OS

    Fonds consists of textual records, photographs, and ephemera. Series include Arie Van Mansum's experiences during WWII, his postwar experiences, personal accounts, correspondence, Margaretha Van Mansum, pamphlets, the Dutch Undeground movement, and Canada. Fonds also contains a framed certificate from The Jewish Community Council of Ottawa to Arie van Mansum stating the establishment of the Arie van Mansum Holocaust Education Resource Project - 1991; a framed certificate in French and Hebrew, presented to Arie van Mansum by La Commission des Justes (Commission of the Righteous) in Jerusalem...

  5. Mendel Good fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • I0167
    • English
    • 1978-1998
    • 0.21 cm of textual records and related material vault

    Fonds consists of personal files; 8 colour photographs, 1 artifact; 1 videocassette - File 1 - Holocaust Memorial Observance. Includes speeches - 1978, 1982, 1986; program from Holocaust Memorial Observance - 1982; program from Tribute to Arie van Mansum - 1991; 1 blank Yad Vashem Testimony form; File 2 - Canadian Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and their Children, Ottawa Congress Centre. Includes correspondence, program, speeches, and related ephemera - 1984-1986; File 3 - Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation - 1992-1993; File 4 - St. Augustine's ...

  6. United Kosher Meat & Deli fonds

    Fonds consists of two payment ledgers, 1988-1992, Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut licenses, 1994-1999, blank invoice books, list of bakery items.

  7. Elly Bollegraaf fonds

    Fonds consists of two parliamentary letters from MPP Naqvi and Preimer McGuinty; a photo album of photos from the "A Coat of Many Colours" exhibit; a photo album of photos from the first international gathering of children hidden during the Second World War, 1991; a photo album of photos of "The Courage to Remember" exhibit 1991; a photo album of photos from the Leo Haas "Visual Memory" exhibit; 3 packets of photographs; a card sent to Elly from Anna Heilman, an Auschwitz survivor

  8. Hugo Levendel fonds

    Fonds consists of a portfolio of significant Byward Market photographs and members of the Ottawa Jewish community in the late 1930's taken by Hugo Levendel; correspondence, speeches, biographical material; collections of pamphlets, news clippings, Canadian Zionist periodicals outlining the Zionist pathway since the early 1940's (itemized below), Israel Mereminsky's 1933 speech to the Ottawa Histadrut Campaign, 7 scrapbook pages; documentation of his leadership and association with the Poale Zion Ottawa (1933-1944), Israeli Forum, (1949-1953), Jewish Philosophy and Ethics Study Group (1955-1...

  9. Miriam (London) Goldstein fonds

    Fonds consists of letters written by a Lithuanian friend, Isak Markowitz (Isak Ben Chanan) to Miriam (London) Goldstein in Ottawa. The early letters are from Lithuanian and then from Kibbutz Yagour, Palestine and then a town near Jerusalem, Israel and include observations of the economic, political and social climate; photographs donated by Morton Rappaport and family trees for the descendants of Mozes Moritz Goldstein and the decendants of David Gluck, (the connection between the Gluck family and the Goldstein family is that Mozes Goldstein married a Bella Gluck in May, 1907); DVD entitled...

  10. Ottawa Talmud Torah Board fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • E0007
    • English
    • 9 boxes of textual records, 131 photographs; B&W, 27 photographs; colour. A.4.1 - A.4.6 2 boxes in OS

    Series consists of Minutes, (1939-1983) of the board and various committees including the Education Committee and the Afternoon School Committee; Parent and Students series, (1910-1994) of early activities of the Board, anniversary celebrations, graduations, yearbooks and Parent Teachers Association; Administration series, (1921-1994) of financial, legal, and teachers activities; and Correspondence series, (1954, 1961-1977) of letters and memos of Directors of education, chairmen of the board and subject categories. UPDATING OF BOX LISTS NEEDED AS OF SEPTEMBER, 2014 Box 1, Box 2 - MINUTE SE...

  11. Jacob and Rose Landau and Issie and Edith Landau fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • I0118
    • English
    • 1957-1991
    • 15 cm textual material; 5 electronic images; 9 photographs B.4.2 Trophy located with trophies Distingushied Service award on G.5.5

    Fonds consists of a genealogy of the Landau family and the Sheinfeld Family, compiled by Jerrold Landau, a baseball trophy presented by AJ Freiman, Israella Singers documents, Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation documents, Talmud Torah School documents, Beth Shalom documents, and a framed "First Distinguished Service Award" presented to the people at the Chevra Kadisha (1980). Folder 1: Landau and Sheinfeld Family Trees and Genealogical items Folder 2: Beth Shalom Folder 3: Israella Singer's Programs Folder 4: Schools Folder 5: Ottawa Jewish Community Foundations documents Fonds also consist...

  12. Jacob Gora fonds

    Fonds consists of textual records, and includes articles and letters which Jacob Gora contributed to newspapers, his 400 page memoir in Yiddish, and 21 Polish books surrounding Polish history and the Holocaust, printed between 1946 and 1957, many published by Centralna Zydowska Kamisja.

  13. Kriger Family fonds

    Fonds consists of: A newspaper article on Diane Kriger winning a 1950's Ottawa Jewish Bulletin "Beautiful Baby" contest; A ritual shoichet knife used by Max Movshovitz when he was a shoichet in Carleton Place; Two email printouts discussing Kriger family history - 2011/2012; A letter in Yiddish along with its translation. The letter was used to wrap up the shoichet knife. It asks for people to come hear a man who witnessed first hand the horrors of a Russian death camp - 1944; Maps, tickets and other souvenirs from Maynard and Shirley from their trip to the USSR - 1989; A prayer book given ...

  14. Anne Frank Exhibit fonds

    Fonds consists of textual and photographic records, including a docent training kit, research notes, notes on artifacts used in exhibit, student and reflections on the exhibit.

  15. Hillel Ottawa fonds

    Fonds consists of textal and photographic records such as a scrap book and 21 photos.

  16. Irving and Ruth Aaron fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • I0108
    • English
    • 1969-1989
    • 1 file textual records; 7 photographs : b&w Individuals Boxes

    Fonds consists of photographs of Ruth Aaron and Irving Aaron as well as a small amount of material relating to the Chanukah Ball in 1989 and the gala (18th) birthday party for Beth Shalom which was held on April 21, 1974. An invitation to Benjamin Feinstein's (Ruth Aaron's father) 100th birthday party is also included. In October 2010, Ruth Aaron celebrated 25 years as the co-ordinator in Ottawa of events for visiting Jewish war veterans. A speech that she made is included along with OJB article about the event. Article regarding marriage of Carol Irving to Gordon Sussman. Invitation to CHW...

  17. MS St. Louis

    Fonds consists of one folder containing a metal pin commemorating the MS St. Louis (November 7, 2018) and an invitation to a live broadcast of the government’s statement of apology for the MS St. Louis incident, written in French and English

  18. Anna Zofia Prasalek fonds

    Fonds consists of an article: “Would engrave symbol on survivors’ stones - June 19, 1987, an Ottawa Jewish Historical Society receipt for books and documents received from Zofia Prasalek, three books, a a copy of a certificate describing rescue work of Kozimizsh, April 25, 1961 from the Jewish Historical Institute (Zydowski Instytut Historyczny)

  19. Nathan and Sarah Greenberg fonds

    Fonds consists of 1 B&W photograph of Nathan and Sarah Greenberg married at Billings Bridge Town Hall, March 20, 1920, and 1 audio reel with written precis.

  20. Mervin Mirsky fonds

    1 photograph of Lt. Col. Mervin Mirsky and assistant at the destroyed sit of the Midget Submarine base in Emden, Germany.