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User-generated content: terms of use

EHRI offers users the opportunity to contribute to the content provided by EHRI through enriching and annotating data. To participate in this process of producing user-generated content, users must agree to the Terms of Use listed below.

By signing-in/creating an account you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge having read our Data Policy (including cookie use).

Terms of Use:

  1. Users producing content agree not to add comments which are inappropriate.
  2. Users producing content agree not to infringe the GDPR, the UAVG, or the personal data protection act of the country in which they are located when adding content. This implies that users producing content will not disclose information in violation of personal data protection rights.
  3. Users producing content agree that EHRI will review the user-generated content before publication, implying that personal data needed for that purpose will be shared with the reviewer(s).
  4. The information is made available to users and can be reused, though acknowledgment of the author has to be given when the information is published elsewhere. For this purpose, the author of the user-generated content will be clearly stated.

Copyright EHRI Consortium 2024

The use, re-use and/or reproduction of the information published on this website is free, though conditional on the copyright holder and the EHRI consortium being clearly acknowledged and reference being made to the source: EHRI https://www.ehri-project.eu. This does not apply to material for which the copyright is not held by the EHRI consortium but by a third party. The user must respect any copyrights and/or database rights relating to material published on the website or in datasets, in particular when distributing or publishing datasets. If necessary, the user must contact the holder of the dataset rights. All the content of this website only reflects the views of the author(s)and/or EHRI, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.