1. Kancelária prezidenta Slovenskej republiky

    • The Office of the President of Slovak Republic

    The archival fond contains various materials related to the activities of Jozef Tiso as the president of the Slovak Republic (1939-1945). This includes various drafts of legislation, correspondence with different state bodies of the Slovak Republic as well as bodies of the ruling Hlinka Slovak People´s Party regime. The Office dealt with very wide range of matters, from personnel matters of the President, through matters of appointment of various state employees, state policies, international relations, andmilitary matters. The Office ceased to exist in Spring 1945 and its documents were pa...

  2. Ministerstvo vnútra

    • Ministry of Interior

    The fonds contains documents of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic from years 1939 and 1945, including some of the most important documents relating to the Holocaust in the Slovak territory. This includes various types of registers of Jews created by the state bodies in 1939-1945. Among others there are Sheets of the Census of Jews from 1942 , 1943, 1944 covering most of Slovak districts of those days. In addition, the fonds contains documents on different anti-Jewish persecution measures of state administrative bodies and security (police) forces. Fond also contains transport ...

  3. Ministerstvo zahraničných vecí

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • MZV

    The fond contains documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic from the years 1939 and1945. In addition to the records of the Ministry, it contains documents of Slovak diplomatic missions, including political and economic reports sent to Slovakia by its diplomats. The fond contains reports reflecting the persecution of Jews in Slovakia and abroad (eg. In Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Romania, Bulgaria).

  4. Alexander Bachnár

    • Alexander Bachnár

    The fond contains mainly copies of documents on the Holocaust in Slovakia, which were collected by Alexander Bachnár during his research in various archives, as well as the study of press and gathering of testimonies. It includes original versions of his personal materials and correspondence, as well as his own works. The copies or transcripts include Anti-Jewish regulations, copies of decisions, regulations of the Ministry of Interior, the State Council and Jewish Center; the Jewish Census from before the concentration of Jews and transports in 1942; the Census of Jewish Property (and docu...

  5. Nyilaskeresztes Párt, 1932–1945

    • Arrow Cross Party, 1932–1945

    The first part of the collection (Boxes1-3) contains the survived records of the Hungarian National Socialist Party and its successor, the Arrow Cross Party, mostly from the war years. The material includes the documents of party administration (registered as well as unregistered fragments), cashier’s and registry books, regulations, orders, circulars and other internal correspondence, an undated brief history of the party, programs and flyers of the Hungarian National Socialist Party and various extreme right wing splinter groups, speeches, studies and other publications of party leader Fe...

  6. Budapesti Nemzeti Bizottság iratai. A náci és nyilas rémtettek kivizsgálására alakult bizottság iratai

    • Budapest National Committee. The Committee for the Investigation of Nazi and Arrow Cross Atrocities

    The Records of the Committee for the Investigation of Nazi and Arrow Cross Atrocities are incorporated into the Records of the Budapest National Committee. The survived records include the documents related to the establishment of the Committee (fasc.9.), further documents related to the activities of the Committee including its correspondence with the Hungarian institutions of justice and investigation, photographs, documents on the burial of dead bodies that were lying in the territory of the ghetto, the protocols the Committee recorded or received in its official capacity, police protoco...

  7. Žydų istorijos dokumentai

    • Jewish history documents

    There are 40-50 items (documents, personal artifacts and photos) related to the Jewish history and the Holocaust in the collection of the museum.

  8. Žydų istorijos dokumentai

    • Jewish History Documents

    There are several items (documents, personal artifacts and photos) related to the Jewish history and the Holocaust in the collection of the museum.

  9. Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster & Bornholm

    • Provincial archives of Sealand, Provincial archives of Sealand, Lolland-Falster & Bornholm
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Landsarkivet...
    • English
    • records and files from...

    Landsarkivet for Sjælland collected and stored mainly archival material from local government authorities (e.g., police, courts and ecclesiastical authorities), but some collections also passed from the Zealand estates and from private individuals. In the archive database Daisy one can find tables of contents of the files that are found in provincial archives of Zealand's collection. The collection filled 50,000 linear metres in 2008.

  10. Flygtningedatabasen 1933-1945

    • Refugee Database 1933-1945
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Flygtningeda...
    • English
    • 1933-1945
    • files of 8.160 refugees

    Database has files of 8.160 refugees: 1) political and Jewish refugees, some of which stayed for a shorter or a longer period of time in Denmark, 2) refugees who have been rejected at the border, 3) person who sought asylum in vain either from abroad or from family and friends.

  11. Udlændingesager 1926-1983

    • UDL
    • Files of Foreigners
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Udlændingesa...
    • English
    • 1926-1983
    • Original, documentatio...

    Personal files of foreigners coming to Denmark during 1926-1983.

  12. Државна комисија за утврђивање злочина окупатора и њихових помагача

    • State Commission for Investigation on Crimes Occupiers and their Accomplices
    • Državna komisija za utvrđivanje zločina okuaptora I njihovih pomagača

    Commission created by Yugoslav Partisan Government during WWII in 1943.for collection all data about Crimes committed by Occupiers and their Accomplices. The fund consists primarily of statements of survivors and their relatives, decisions for War Criminals, partly by original documents or copies of documents. There are comprehensive lists of War Criminals. Part of documentation published by Commission in 93 Saopštenja (Comunique) and in some other publications.

  13. Емигрантска влада Краљевине Југославије

    • Royal Yugoslav Government-in-exile
    • Emigrantska vlada Kraljevine Jugoslavije

    Documents of Yugoslav Government-in-exile during WWII. Original documentsabout activities of dfiferent ministries, among others humanitarian work for Yugoslav POW, refugees, Jews, propaganda regarding War Crimes in Yugoslavia, activities with other Ally governments.

  14. Земаљска комисија за утврђивање злочина окупатора и њихових помагача

    • Provincial Commission for Investigation on Crimes Occupiers and their Accomplices
    • Zemaljska komisija za utvrđivanje zločina okuaptora I njihovih pomagača

    One of provincial Yugoslav War Crimes Commissions was for territory of Serbia. The fund consists primarily of statements of survivors and their relatives, decisions for War Criminals, partly by original documents or copies of documents.

  15. Abuzuri comise impotriva evreilor; Restrictii de circulatie si emiterea unor documente de calatorie; Documente privind viata politica, sociala si economica a evreilor.

    • Abuses committed against the Jews; Restrictions of circulations issuance of traveling authorizations; Documents concerning the social, political and economic life of the Jews.
  16. Republican Board of the Moldovan SSR to promote the activity of the emergency state commission for the Investigation of crimes committed by German-Fascist invaders

    • Реcпубликанская Комиссия Молдавской ССР по содействию в работе чрезвычайной государственной Комисии по установлению и расследованию злодеяний немецко-фашистских захватчиков
    • Respublikanskaya Komissiya Moldovskoi SSR po sodeistviju v rabote chrezycainoi gosudarstvennoj Komisii po ustanovleniju i rassledovaniju zlodeyanij nemetski-fashistskih zahbatchikov

    Materials about prejudices and crimes committed by Germans and Romanians in Bessarabia. Commission report on the investigation of crimes and prejudices committed against the population of Bălți county during Romanian administration.

  17. Районні управи Херсонщини (Об'єднаний архівний фонд)

    • District Boards of Kherson Region (Joint Archival Fund)

    Selected files may contain information about occupation policy of population and the Holocaust: Berislav district board. File 1. Data about population in rural areas; information about the movement of goods, payroll and financial aid. 1941-1942. 93 pages. File 2. Information on the registration of the population. 1941-1942. 30 pages. File 9. Lists of village elders, police officers and their families, farm managerial stuff, former kulaks, who returned to farms. 1944. 14 pages. Genichesk district board. File 13. Correspondence between Rykivsk village board and the heads of rural communities ...

  18. Bureau of Stocktaking of the Simferopol City Council

    • Инвентаризационное бюро Симферопольского городского управления
    • Inventory Bureau at the Simferopol City Council

    Reports on the work of the bureau. Acts and inventory of the property of missed individuals, industrial facilities, institutions and organizations of the city. Floor - plans of streets and settlements. For information on apartments and property of persons of German nationality. Files dated from November 1941 to February 1943. Most of the files are dated by January-August 1942. Files 1-80. Acts and inventories of belongings of the evacuated citizens. January 1942 onward. File 81. Instruction for inspection of a district. February 1942. Files 100, 112, 114. The same. 1941-42. File 151. Index ...

  19. Agricultural management of the Crimean district (WiKo Krim)

    • Областное сельскохозяйственное управление Крыма (ВИКО Крыма)

    Information related to the occupation politics and the Holocaust can be found in the following files: Inventory 1. File 8. Policy directives and circulars of the German chief of land management, beverage industry control of Crimea and special headquarters of the agricultural management. 1.05.1942-21.08.1943 File 9. Circulars and guidelines from Special Staff of the agricultural management. 1.05.1942-14.07.1943 File 10. Orders for the regulation of wages and working conditions for local residents working at German institutions, and tariff rates. 1942 File 19. Minutes of meetings at the Regio...

  20. Претура Біляївського району, с. Білявка Біляївського р-ну Одеської області.

    • District Pretura, Beliaevka District, Village of Beliaevka (Ovidiopol’ County)

    The fonds’ inventories are systematized according to the structural-chronological principle. Included are directives, instructions, and orders of the Romanian civilian and military authorities on restrictive measures regarding Jews located in the territory of Transnistria. A significant number of documents concern Jews located in ghettos and labor camps. Documents of the Romanian authorities regarding the conscription of Jews into forced labor include copies of orders of the governor and official correspondence with prefectures and preturas on procedures for the payment of Jewish labor (f. ...