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  1. Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale di Mantova e Provincia

    • Mantua and District Area National Liberation Committee

    This fonds contains acts of the Committee created after the liberation of Italy from Nazi-fascism, on July 25th, 1945. The Mantua Committee had previously worked secretly, since July, 1944. The National Liberation Committee watched over public order, waiting for democratic election. Local committees depended on District Committee, which in turn was subordinated to the Regional one. In the fonds there are also pictures testifying atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis against Italian soldiers, in September 1943.

  2. Confederazione Nazionale Sindacati fascisti Professionisti ed Artisti Comitato Provinciale di Mantova

    • Unione Provinciale Professionisti e Artisti (UPPA)
    • Mantua District Union of Professional people and Artists (National Confederation of Fascist Syndicates)

    During the fascist period, trade-unions freedom had been abolished: only corporative syndicates (protecting a specific workers’ category) were allowed to operate (law n° 563, issued in 1926). This kind of syndicates were legally responsible for all the workers, even though they were not formally enrolled in. Italian government could watch over syndicates’ leaders, and also remove them. This fonds contains acts of the Mantua District Union of Professional people and Artists, that was part of the National Confederation of Fascist Syndicates.

  3. Corte straordinaria d'assise. Sezione di Mantova

    • Extraordinary Court of Assizes. Mantua Section

    This fonds contains the acts of the Extraordinary Court of Assizes, established in April, 1945 in Mantua (as in all the chief towns of Italy) in order to judge collaborationist crimes committed between September 8th, 1943 and April 25th, 1945.

  4. Direzione didattica I circolo di Mantova

    • Educational Direction of the First Circle of Mantua Schools

    This fonds contains documents of the schools of Mantua that are part of the first Educational Circle: personal files of the teachers, personal files of the school workers, school registers, school reports and the like. This fonds is very useful for the reconstruction of the career of Jewish students or teachers before and after anti-Semitic laws (1938).

  5. Administration of the 5th district of Kharkiv

    • Управа 5-го району м. Харкова
    • Uprava 5-ho raionu Kharkova

    Collection includes: Note from November 14, 1941 by the head of the Kharkiv City Council about the arrest of 50 Communists and Jews as hostages (inventory 2, file 7, p. 9).

  6. Collection of the photodocuments on the history of Kharkiv Communist party organization

    • Колекція фотодокументів з історії Харківської обласної партійної організації
    • Kolektsiia fotodokumentiv z istorii Kharkivskoi oblasnoi partiinoi orhanizatsii

    Collection contains photos of the old Bolsheviks, partisans and underground fighters, leading figures of industry, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Socialist Labor, photos of various events, including German occupation, photo albums (mostly positives). Collection includes photos of barracks on the territory of the Kharkov tractor plant, where thousands of Jewish civilians were destroyed by the German invaders in the city of Kharkiv (inventory 1, file 402, pp. 1, 2).

  7. Kharkiv regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine

    • Харківський обласний комітет Комуністичної партії України
    • Kharkivskyi oblasnyi komitet Komunistychnoi partii Ukrainy

    Collection contains, particularly, documents of the Kharkiv Regional Commission for Assistance to the Extraordinary State Commission on Investigation of the atrocities of German Nazi invaders and their associates and damage caused to public organizations, state enterprises, Institutions of the USSR (general information on the record of atrocities and the forced removal of Soviet citizens into German slavery, general registers of damage incurred to enterprises, collective farms, state farms, museums, citizens, etc., correspondence of the commission). Documents (reports, certificates, lists) ...

  8. Administration of the 6th district of Kharkiv

    • Управа 6-го району м. Харкова

    Collection includes Circular from vice-mayor of the 6th district of Kharkiv to caretakers of residential houses on the calculation of the property in the apartments belonging to the Jews, March 1942 (inventory 1, file 7, p. 21).

  9. Administration of the 4th district of Kharkiv

    • Управа 4-го району м. Харкова
    • Uprava 4-ho raionu Kharkova

    Collection includes Instruction on registration of the population of the city of Kharkov ordering all the Jews to be registered in separate lists disregarding their faith (inventory 1, file 179, p. 79).

  10. Collection of documents about German-Fascist regime on the territory of Kharkiv region

    • Колекція документів про німецько-фашистський окупаційний режим на території Харківської області
    • Kolektsiia dokumentiv pro nimensko-fashistskyi rezhim na terytorii Kharkivskoi oblasti

    Collection includes essays (memoirs) of pupils of the IV-X grades of rural schools of different regions of Kharkiv region and of city of Kharkiv on the subject "What did I experience during the German occupation", written in 1943-1945. The following essays relate to the Holocaust: Essay by L. Ianovska (inventory 1, file 103, p. 91). Essay by R. Emets (inventory 1, file 113, pp. 6-7). Essay by L. Holovkina (inventory 1, file 118, p. 172). Essay by V. Kulia (inventory 1, file 119, p. 57). Essay by H. Zakhlivna (inventory 1, file 131, pp. 115-118). Essay by Ye. Ovdenko (inventory 1, file 134, ...

  11. Kharkiv city administration

    • Харківська міська управа
    • Kharkivska miska uprava

    Collection includes: Instruction on registration of the population of the city of Kharkiv with a note that all Jews, regardless of their faith, should be listed in separate lists, December 1941 (inventory 1, file 215, p. 13). Information from the Mayor of Kharkiv about the final results of the census in December 1941, indicating the number of Jews (inventory 1, file 232, p. 1). Results of the census run by the city administration in December 1941 containing data on various ethnic groups including the Jews (inventory 2, file 116, p. 54) Report of the head of the housing department of the 2nd...

  12. Kharkiv medico-legal mortuary of the Kharkiv city administration

    • Харківський міський судово-медичний морг Харківської міської управи
    • Kharkivskyi miskyi sudovo-medychnyi morg Kharkivskoi miskoi upravy

    Collection contains instructions of the Department of Health on the procedure for receiving patients, correspondence with city and district authorities on the restoration of lost metric statements, on the mass burial of corpses. Orders and acts of forensic medical examination. Register books. Lists of staff for obtaining rations. Files 9-15, 17-20, 22-25, 27, 28, 55, 59 contain letters of transmittal about the dead individuals of Jewish origin to the mortuary stating their names, addresses, age and reason of death (suicide, starvation, sickness and so on).

  13. Proskuriv gebiet administration

    • Проскурівська окружна управа
    • Proskurivska okruzhna uprava

    Collection contains results of the population census of Proskurov and surrounding districts for 1941, cases of crimes and offenses, property disputes documentation. Collection includes population statistics in Proskurov city for September 15, 1941, including Jews (adults and children) (Inventory 1, file 558, p. 1); population statistics in Felshtyn district from October 1, 1941, including the Jews (Inventory 1, file 558, p. 26); population statistics in locations of Volochysk district from October 15, 1941, including the Jews (Inventory 1, file 558, p. 5-8); population statistics in Chornoo...

  14. Shepetivka gebiet administration

    • Шепетівська окружна управа
    • Shepetivska okruzhna uprava

    Collection contains orders of the gebiet administration on economic and administrative issues, correspondence, lists of employees of the Shepetivka gebiet administration, applications, autobiography and questionnaires for appointment to work, lists of enterprises and institutions, their employees in the districts of the Shepetivka, accounting records inventory and materials of the Shepetivka paramedic school, description of the property of the agricultural department, materials on the granting of pensions and assistance, information on the payment of wages. Collection includes order from De...

  15. Kamianets-Podilskyi city administration

    • Кам'янець-Подільська міська управа
    • Kamianets-Podilska miska uprava

    Collection includes order by the local Ortskommandantur and city administration to the Jewish population from to resettle into the ghetto (inventory 1, file 1, p. 48); order by the same authorities to the Jews to wear "Star of Zion" (inventory 1, file 3, p. 41); prohibition by the same authorities to the Jews to purchase food beyond the ghetto area (inventory 1, file 1, p. 5); prohibition to the non-Jewish population to interact with the Jews and to stay in the ghetto (inventory 1, file 1, p. 77); prohibition to the city administration staff to use the term "citizen" regarding Jewish indivi...

  16. Ukrainian auxiliary police of Volochysk village

    • Українська допоміжна охоронна поліція, с. Волочиськ
    • Ukrainska dopomizhna ohoronna politsiia, s. Volochysk

    Collection contains weekly reports of the local police about their activities in the village. Collection includes weekly report of policeman in Kupil village from August 1942 particularly mentioning exploitation of the Jews in the village (file 1, page 54).

  17. Kamianets-Podilskyi regional commission to assist Extraordinary State Commission for investigation German-Fascist Crimes

    • Кам'янець-Подільська обласна комісія сприяння Надзвичайній Державній комісії по встановленню злочинів німецько-фашистських загарбників
    • Kamianets-Podilska oblasna komisiia spryiannia Nadzvychainii Derzhavhii komisii

    Collection includes statement of the Commission from May 10, 1941 about murder of the Soviet POWs, Soviet activists and the Jews in Shepetivka town and surrounding locations, as well as exhumation materials (inventory 1, file 2, pp. 316-331); statement of the Commission from May 10, 1941 about murder of the Soviet POWs, Soviet activists and the Jews in Kamianets-Podilskyi city and surrounding locations, as well as exhumation materials (inventory 1, file 2, pp. 341-354); statement of the Commission from June 8, 1941 about murder of the Soviet activists and "innocent civilians" in the town of...

  18. Nyzhne village administration in Derazhnia district

    • Нижнянська сільська управа Деражнянського району
    • Nyzhnianska silska uprava Derazhnianskoho raiony

    Collection contains correspondence with district institutions on various issues, personal data of taxpayers, population lists for 1943. Collection includes order from 20 January 1943 by the head of Derazhnia district administration to the elder of Nyzhne village to send next day 5 men equipped with axes to demolish former Jewish houses (file 2, page 38).

  19. Vasilkivtsy village administration in Mikhalpiltsy district of Iarmolyntsy gebiet

    • Васильківська сільська управа, с. Васильківці, Михалпільського району
    • Vasylkivska silska uprava, s. Vasylkivtsy Mykhalpilskoho raionu Iarmolynetskoho okruhu

    Directives and orders of district administrations, reports of agricultural councils, receipts on the delivery of state taxes and insurance, tax and procurement documents, lists of persons obtained insurance for buildings and inventory. Collection includes regulations about organization of Jewish workshops in Iarmolyntsy gebiet to serve the local non-Jewish population (file 3, p. 123).

  20. Shepetivka Gebietskommissariat

    • Шепетівський гебітскомісаріат
    • Shepetivskyi gebietskomisariat

    Collection includes population census (with divisions on age) in various localities of Shepetivka district as of 20 January 1942, particularly Jewish population (inventory 1, file 21, p. 36); information about ghetto in Dunaivtsy (inventory 1, file 62, p. 83); information about taxes imposed on the Jewish ghettos and sums obtained from them in Sudylkiv, Shepetivka, Berezdiv, Slavuta and Hannopil in February-March 1942 (inventory 1, file 184, p. 52); regulations about organization of Jewish workshops in Shepetivka gebiet to serve the local non-Jewish population (inventory 1, file 192, p. 18).