Archival Descriptions

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  1. Swiatlowski-Koronczyk family. Collection

    This collection contains photocopies of : Berek Swiatlowski's Polish military booklet ; Berek Swiatlowski and Pesa Koronczyk's Polish passport ; a postcard thrown from the Transport X by Berek Swiatlowski on 13 September 1942 ; administrative documents of the Swiatlowski-Koronczyk family ; war-time work permits of Abram Swiatlowski ; pre-war photos of Swiatlowski and Koronczyk family members in Poland and in Belgium.

  2. Georgette (José) Hofman. Collection

    This collection contains numerous editions of underground press and post-war press edited by armed partisan groups, trade unions and the Belgian Communist Party, section Mechelen-Willebroek, collected by Georgette José Hofman. Among the compiled titles are : De Strijd, De Vrijheidsklok, De Eendracht, Radio Moskou, De Propagandist, Persdienst, De Boer and De Rode Vaan. The collection also contains several photocopies of post-war documents regarding the resistance activities of Georgette José Hofman and her husband Valentijn Vereecken.

  3. Elisabeth Thalheim. Collection

    This collection contains digitised copies of 7 postcards and a letter sent by Elisabeth Thalheim to her mother Karola Kohn and her daughter Nelly Klein via Elisabeth’s Belgian, non-Jewish friend Lina Govaerts, while interned at the Dossin barracks from February until April 1943 ; a digital copy of an essay in English, written by Elisabeth Thalheim while taking an English course in preparation of her migration to China.

  4. Feldberg-Konig family. Collection

    This collection contains five pre-war and post-war photos of several members of the Feldberg family.

  5. Hollander-Götz family. Collection

    This collection contains two photos : portrait of Vigdor Getsel (Victor) Hollander and a pre-war photo of Esther Pschetizki with her sons Abraham, Isaak, Eliezer and Israel Helfgott.

  6. Ilzycer-Dembrowska family. Collection

    This collection consists of one postcard sent by Icchok Ilzycer, during his internment at the Dossin barracks in April 1943, to the catholic priest Roger Dereymaeker. The text contains an encoded reference to Icchok Ilzycer youngest daughter Jenny, whom was in hiding.

  7. Ferdinand Topper. Collection

    This collection contains : two photos of Ferdinand Topper; Ferdinand Topper's Belgian army ID booklet, two pre-war documents issued by the Belgian army regarding the new address of Ferdinand Topper, Ferdinand Topper's call for civil duty in March 1940 and a post-war declaration of the death of Ferdinand Topper.

  8. Feldinger family. Collection

    This collection contains four photos of deported members of the Feldinger family, including a photo of the marriage of Moses Chaim Katz and Golda Dychtwald in 1936.

  9. Liliane Steinfeld. Collection

    This collection contains : several documents regarding members of the Steinfeld/Stainfeld family during the war, two photos of deported Steinfeld family members, a Gestapo pin and a scrapbook containing a collection of wartime cartoons published in British and American newspapers, gathered by Liliane Steinfeld.

  10. Steinhardt-Safier family. Collection

    The Steinhardt-Safier family collection contains 28 photos showing the prewar Steinhardt and Safier family life : pictures taken on boat rides during vacations, wedding photos taken at a synagogue in Berlin, baby pictures of Harry Henri Steinhardt, family parties and Passover celebrations, and the Safier family at their bakery in Berlin. The collection also contains a post-war letter from the Belgian Ministry of Public Affairs confirming the deportation of the Steinhardt-Safier family and two family trees clarifying the ties between the Steinhardt and Safier families.

  11. Report by Service MARC. Collection

    Report drafted by a member of the Belgian espionage network Service MARC and sent to London. The document contains a remark regarding the seven Romanian Jews who complied with the Nazi order for repatriation to Romania.

  12. Leonid Edelstein. Collection

    This collection contains : seven photos of Leonid Edelstein, including two on the beach and two while performing as a musician ; a thank you note by Leonid Edelstein to Pierre André.

  13. Kaufman-Rottenberg family. Collection

    This collection contains a photo of the deported siblings of the donor, Marcel and Charlotte Kaufman ; a portrait of the donor’s deported maternal grandmother Rywka Hass ; a photo of the unidentified Belgian family (Nieuwland?) that hid the donor’s mother, Metel Leia (Mathilde) Rottenberg.

  14. Chojnacki-Mozelsio family. Collection

    This collection consists of two photos : a portrait of Chana Chojnacki and a portrait of Joseph Mozelsio.

  15. Cipa Wajncwajg. Collection

    This collection consists of two postcards sent by Cipa Wajncwajg to her husband Moszek Klainer and their children Bernard and Annie, while interned at the Dossin barracks in September 1942.

  16. Izaak Schachter. Collection

    This collection contains : two photos of Izaak Schachter ; a photo of his non-Jewish wife Annie Deneu ; a photo of his non-Jewish stepdaughter Jeanne Somers with her children Raymond and Lucienne Naudt ; a postcard sent by Izaak Schachter to his wife Annie Deneu in Amsterdam, while internet at the Dossin barracks in 1943.

  17. Hans Lichtmehs. Collection

    Digitised copy of a postcard describing the worries of dr. Hans Lichtmehs, detained at the Saint-Cyprien camp in France, to his uncle Richard Wolf living in New York, USA.

  18. Elias Stainfeld. Collection

    This collection contains : three war-time letters from Charlotte Stainfeld to her brother Elias Stainfeld living in France ; documents and three letters with news about acquaintances written by Elias Stainfeld’s (unidentified) friend Blajwajs or Blejwas who was interned at the Le Vernet camp ; a post-war letter sent by survivor Elias Stainfeld from the Monowitz labour camp to the address of his deported sister Charlotte Stainfeld in Antwerp ; three post-war letters delivering the news of his sister and niece’s deportation to Elias Stainfeld ; a letter and a telegram involving Elias Stainfel...

  19. Registries of Jewish retirement home Scheut. Collection

    This collection contains digital copies of two registries used to monitor the number of residents at the Jewish retirement home Scheut in Anderlecht. The institution housed 490 Jewish elderly men and women from September 1943 until December 1944. Each page contains four names and bibliographical information : name, date of birth, place of birth, profession, nationality, information on the spouse, date of arrival at Scheut and date of departure. The registries sometimes also refer to the way of arrival or departure of a person.

  20. Mordka Najman. Collection

    This collection contains a pre-war Polish passport of Mordja Najman and his Belgian war-time ID, issued by the municipality of Charleroi.