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  1. Records of the Mayor of Gyöngyös

    • Gyöngyös város polgármesterének iratai

    The collection holds the records of the Mayor, the head of the administration of the town of Eger between 1884 and 1957. Records related to the Holocaust include, but not limited to the following topics: cases of trade licences and permits, citizenship and naturalization cases, disenfranchisement of Jewish citizens, petitions for granting the right to vote, records concerning the implementation of the anti-Jewish laws as well as instances of bureaucratic and illegal antisemitic measures, building permits, cases of military care for the family members of Jewish labour servicemen, registratio...

  2. Records of the Chief Constable of the Tiszafüred District, 1893-1944

    • Tiszafüredi járás főszolgabírájának iratai, 1893-1944

    The majority of the records of the Tiszafüred administrative district from the period 1938-1945 were lost or destroyed. The relevant parts that remained include the fragments of presidential and mobilization records that hold information on administrative measures against non-resident aliens and foreigners, internment and custody, registration, expulsion of Jews, supervision of Jewish organizations and institutions, military labour service, citizenship cases, implementation of anti-Jewish laws and decrees, the supervision and activities of extreme right-wing political parties and organizati...

  3. Records of the Chief Constable of the Gyöngyös District, 1884-1951

    • Gyöngyösi járás főszolgabírájának iratai, 1884-1951

    The majority of the records of the Gyöngyös administrative district from the period 1938-1945 were lost or destroyed. The relevant parts that remained include administrative records of 1938-1944, including documents on the supervision and activities of extreme right-wing political parties and organizations in the localities of the district, nationalization and distribution of Jewish landholdings, as well as registries and lists of permits of tradesmen and merchants in alphabetical order of localities and persons between 1884-1951.

  4. Records of the Chief Constable of the Eger District, 1895-1955

    • Egri járás főszolgabírájának iratai, 1895-1955

    The majority of the records of the Eger administrative district from the period 1938-1945 were lost or destroyed. The relevant parts that remained include mobilization records of 1939-1944, holding documents on Jewish military labour service, registration and internment of Jews, utilization of Jewish apartments for military purposes (1939-1944), records on the social support and aid of returning deportees (1947), records of military care (post-1945) as well as registries and lists of permits of tradesmen and merchants in alphabetical order of localities and persons between 1895-1955.

  5. Records of the Subprefect of Heves County, 1867-1950

    • Heves vármegye alispánjának iratai, 1867-1950

    The fond of the records of the Subprefect is one of the key collections pertaining to the history of the Jewish communities and the Holocaust in Heves County. The most relevant parts are the following: IV. 404.a. Administrative records, 1876-1944 The material from the years 1938-1943 (boxes 492-748), include records concerning the implementation of the anti-Jewish laws and instances of bureaucratic and illegal antisemitic measures, including the withdrawal of trade licences and permits, quitting rental agreements of Jews, exclusion of Jews from the municipal committees and social organizati...

  6. Советское информационное бюро (Совинформбюро) при Государственном Комитете по культурным связям с зарубежными странами при Совете министров СССР

    • Soviet Information Bureau

    Materials related to the Holocaust could be found mostly in Opis 1 and 2. There is a card index of personalities for Opis 1. Schorthands reports of the workers of meetings with Losovsky made by workers of the Sovinformbureau, reports about the work of the Sovinformbureau and its branches (1941-1946, 1948-1955, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961), Orders (1946, 1947-1954, 1959, 1960). Correspondence between Soviet Anti-Fascist committees and international organizations, report about the activity of the Soviet women committee (1942-1943), (1943-1944), Kewish Anti-Fascist Committee (1941-1943), and with A...

  7. Krajský súd v Nitre I

    • County Court in Nitra I

    The fonds contains various documents pertaining to the life of Jews before the Holocaust, but also during the Holocaust and the period after the World War II. The fonds covers various fields including the judicial property- related matters as well as penal matters. Thus it is possible to study documents on tradesmen and craftsmen or industry before the Holocaust, but also the topic of Aryanization of Jewish property, expropriation of the financial assets of Jews (blocked accounts), or files pertaining to the arrests of Jews and robbery of Jewish households after the deportation of owners in...

  8. Ministerstvo národnej obrany Slovenskej republiky 1939-1945, Spisy dôverné 1940-1945

    • Ministry of National Defense of the Slovak Republic 1939-1945, Confidential files 1940-1945

    The fonds contains the confidential files of the Ministry of National Defense of the Slovak Republic (1939-1945). These include files pertaining the anti-Jewish measures in Slovakia such as applications of Jews serving in Slovak Army for exemptions or files pertaining to the transfer to labour units. The fonds contains documents pertaining to Jewish real estate property and its usage by the army or applications of soldiers asking for the permission to buy such property. Other documents pertain to the employment of Jews in enterprises considered to be "essential for the defense of the state".

  9. Западный штаб партизанского движения

    • Western staff of partisan movement

    Orders, instructions, directives of the Central headquarters of the partisan movement. Journals of military operations, reports, stories of partisan detachments and units. Documents about the occupation regime. Newspapers published during the occupation: "New life". Reports of the units "Thirteen", "Batya", "Granddad", brigades named after Parkhomenko, Voroshilov, Andreev, 1st, 2nd, 3d Vadinkaya, 5 Vorgovskaya, Kletnyanskaya, regiment named after Laso named after Laso, under command of Zhabo and Amelichev named after XXIV Red Army University, detached units "Northern Bear", "Patriot of the ...

  10. Štátny policajný úrad v Žiline

    • State Police Bureau in Žilina

    The fonds contains many files pertaining to the persecution of Jews at the territory of competence of the State Police Bureau in Žilina. These include various reports on Jews, reports on house searches of Jewish owners, various applications of Jews such as those asking for the permission to use public spaces after 10:00 PM or those asking for the exception from the obligation to wear the compulsory marking of Jews. The fonds contains documents on confiscation of Jewish movable property as well as documents pertaining the auctions of Jewish property. Various documents pertaining to the print...

  11. Смоленская областная чрезвычайная комиссия по установлению и расследованию злодеяний немецко-фашистских захватчиков и их сообщников и причиненного ими ущерба гражданам, колхозам, общественным организациям, государственным предприятиям и учреждениям

    • Smolensk Oblast Extraordinary Commission for ascertaining and investigating crimes perpetrated by the German–Fascist invaders and their accomplices

    Orders and directives of the commission, reports, and information about the Commission's activity. Statements on the state of the districts after liberation from occupation. Acts of investigation of atrocities and estimation of damage caused to citizens and the national economy of the region during the war. General statistics on the estimation of atrocities and damage by village councils, districts, regions. Information about the victims of the Nazi regime. Lists of persons displaced to Germany. Lists of concentration camps and other places of forced detention of prisoners of war and civili...


    • Local Administration - MALKO TURNOVO (1913 - 1944)

    Окръжни, писма и др. с указания за спазване на обществения ред, начина на издаване на визи и паспарти, наблюденията на граждани и политически партии, разузнавателната дейност, въдворяването на лица, следене движението на евреите и др. (1914 - 1944), заповеди от Дирекция на полицията - София, Областно полицейско управление, Околийско управление и др. за спазване на обществения ред, провеждането на избори, охраната на гарничния район, проява на предпазливост при контакт с чужди граждани, спазване правилата за носене на оръжие, борбата с нелегалните и др. (1913 - 1944), писма за административн...

  13. Еврейска община Дупница

    • Jewish Community Dupnitsa
    • Evreiska obshtina Dupnitsa

    В средата на XVI век испанските евреи, наричани сеферадим, се заселват в Дупница и през 1578 г. имат вече своя синагога (харва). Самите местни евреи се наричали шпаньоли и говорели на развален испански език. От наличните архивни документи във фонда на Еврейската община - Дупница, не може да се установи кога точно е създадена. Вероятно това е станало веднага след заселването на евреите в Дупница. Основните функции на общината са административно-социални. Тя се занимавала с поминъка на еврейското население, просветата, подпомагане на бедни и недъгави, религия и други всестранни грижи. Най-ран...

  14. Секционен инженер по корекция на реките Канаклийка, Хасковска, Сутлийка и Азмака-Хасково (1942-1944)

    • Sectional engineer for correction of Kanakliyka, Haskovska, Sutliyka and Azmaka-Haskovo rivers (1942-1944)

    Списъци на политическите затворници в Хасковския затвор и на евреите работили на реката край с. Динево (1943). Отчети за извършената работа, сведения за атмосферните промени (1942, 1944); преписки с Хасковския затвор за извършената работа от политическите затворници и убийството на надзиратели в лагера (1943). Раздавателни списъци за надниците на работниците (1942–1944).

  15. Okresný úrad v Ilave I

    • District Office in Ilava I

    The fonds contains documents of the District Office in Ilava which was the regional state administration body. The fonds is quite well preserved. It contains files pertaining to the so-called Aryanization, temporary administration of Jewish households, files pertaining to the forced labor of Jews and to the creation of the labor camps. Besides those there are also documents pertaining to activities of the branch of the Jewish Center (Ústredňa Židov) in district Ilava. Some documents pertain to the expulsion of Jews from the center of the town of Ilava in 1942, to deportations of Jews from I...

  16. Главно управление на народното здраве

    • Glavno upravleniye na narodnoto zdrave
    • Main Office of Public Health

    Contains drafts and correspondence regarding medical services, mobilization of Jewish dentists, and payments for confiscated dental equipment of Jewish dentists. Includes name lists of doctors sent to Thrace and Macedonia and lists of people mobilized to the health services (including mobilized Jewish doctors).

  17. Независими работнически професионални съюзи (НРПС)

    • Nezavisimi rabotnicheski profesionalni suyuzi (NRPS)
    • Independent Workers Trade Unions

    Contains appeals against military preparations, military fascist government, and increasing government spending for military preparations.

  18. Министерство на вътрешните работи и народното здраве (МВРНЗ) - Дирекция на общините и обществените грижи

    • Ministerstvo na vutreshnite raboti i narodnoto zdraviye (MVRNZ) - Direktsiya na obshtinite i obshtestvenite grizhi
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Health - Municipalities and Social Services Directorate

    The collection contains correspondence, decrees, and memoranda relating to the location of German troops, tax, financial, and property regulations, replacement of Jewish workers in the city of Vidin, Bulgaria, and memoranda regarding decorations, bonuses for the killing of partisans, and financial compensation for Allied bombardment.

  19. Български зъболекарски съюз

    • Bulgarski zubolekarski suyuz
    • Association of Bulgarian Dentists

    Contains correspondence and list of members of the Association of Bulgarian Dentists. Includes correspondence relating to the confiscation of telephones from Jewish offices and prohibition of dental practices by Jews.