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Holding Institution: University of Southampton
  1. Zangwill papers (Harry S. Ward Library)

    Correspondence of Israel Zangwill with his lecture agent, Gerald Christy, 1895-1906 Copies of Israel Zangwill's papers, 1886 onwards, including correspondence with Dr Moses Gaster, 1886-1914, and with his literary agent, 1893-1901; copies of personal papers relating to Zangwill's early life and his schooling; copies of birth, marriage and death certificates; obituaries of Louis Zangwill; photographs, portraits and caricatures; cuttings and articles relating to Israel Zangwill's novels and to plays and theatre productions; papers relating to exhibitions; articles relating to Zangwill; papers...

  2. Papers of V.D. Lipman

    General correspondence and papers, 1943-90 (12 files); two series of research materials, including papers relating to Jewish buildings and ritual baths, on Hebrew scholarship in the sixteenth century, and Jewish labour; papers relating to the New West End Synagogue, London, 1887-1979; ritual murder, and Jews in British urban society, 1880-1914 (23 files) Papers relating to his publications, 1981-9 (6 files) Papers relating to teaching and academic institutions, including papers for his course at University College, London, 1981-90 (9 files) Papers on the national heritage, architectural con...

  3. Papers of Diana Silberstein

    Official documents, with correspondence, c.1936-46.

  4. Papers of M. M. Fidler

    Papers relating to clothing manufacture, 1943-56; Federation of British Clothing Manufacturers, 1943; British Rainwear Manufacturers' Association, 1960-2; H. and L.Fidler Ltd., c.1947-53, 1970 Papers relating to politics, local government and local organisations, including Prestwich council, 1951-69; the Bury and Radcliffe Conservative Association, 1974-82; Bury Easterly By-pass, 1970-2; Council of Manchester and Salford Jews, 1957-69 (3 files); Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region, 1975-86; Lancashire Education Committee, Division 19 (Prestwich, Radcliffe and Whit...

  5. Archives of the Union of Jewish Women

    Minutes of the general committee, 1902-18; executive committee, 1902-72; annual general meetings, 1960-71; council, 1963-70; general welfare sub-committee, 1946-59; Helen Lucas House committee, 1968-76; Delissa Joseph Memorial Fund, 1938- 64; case sub-committee, 1913-16, 1943-62; reconstruction scheme sub-committee, 1917-19; homes association sub- committee, 1927-37; and the loan funds sub-committee, 1933-5, 1943-59. Reports of meetings, 1902-25. Attendance registers for committees, 1958-71. Annual reports, 1903-61. Report of the Union of Jewish Women of Great Britain to the International C...

  6. Family papers of Leo Wolff

    Papers of Heyman Wolfsohn: six letters from the Judische Gemeinde and Thalmud Thora Verein about appointments in Berlin, 1866-87; two documents from the Berlin police about a residence permit, 1865; draft of emoluments, c.1837; letter from the District Council, Ostrow, about a post as teacher of religion, 1857; a testimonial of Wolfsohn's competence as mohel from the Raszkow community; contracts, 1841 and 1844; birth certificate and naturalisation certificate; mohel book; correspondence; testimonials; account of the illness of two daughters; list of children's birthdays; patriotic writings ...

  7. Photographs of Judaica

    Two albums of black and white photographs of Judaica.

  8. Papers relating to the Jewish War Memorial

    Letter from R.Waley-Cohen, F.C.Stern and Lord Swaythling about the Jewish War Memorial, with a reply, 5 and 6 May 1919; 'An exposition of the aims of the Jewish War Memorial', 1920; memoranda and articles of the association of the council of the Jewish War Memorial; and 'A tribute to Sir Robert Waley-Cohen, 1877-1952' produced by the Jewish Memorial Council.

  9. Papers of the Federation of Jewish Relief Organisations

    Files relating to the donations and the supply of food, clothing and other items to Israel and European countries, 1945-54.

  10. Papers of the International Military Tribunal and the Nuremberg Military Tribunals

    The documentation is divided up to reflect the twelve cases: Case 1 (Medical): charged twenty-four defendants with performing medical experiments on concentration camp inmates and other living human subjects Case 2 (Milch): charged Erhard Milch with the exploitation of slave labour and carrying out medical experiments on concentration camp inmates Case 3 (Justice): charged sixteen defendants with war crimes and crimes against humanity through abuse of the judicial process and the administration of justice Case 4 (Pohl): charged eighteen defendants with running concentration camps or economi...

  11. Papers of C.C. Aronsfeld on Spanish Jewry

    Research materials collected by Aronsfeld relating to Spanish Jewry, twentieth century (8 files)

  12. Papers of I.M. Greenberg

    Jewish Chronicle Birmingham Jewish Recorder Jewish Chronicle Correspondence and papers relating to the , 1935-46; papers dealing with refugees, resettlement, on Palestine, Israel Aliya, United Zionist Revisionists and general Zionist matters, 1939-49; material relating to Shelach, Arab refugees, 1948-9, to Irgun and to Herut. General correspondence and notes, together with correspondence and material dealing with Jewish defence, anti-Semitism and associated subjects; army correspondence chiefly with M. Gollop and L. Rabinowitz; correspondence with M. Trau, Lord Nathan, Neville J. Laski, Leo...

  13. Archives of the JEWISH CHRONICLE newspaper

    Company records of JEWISH CHRONICLE Group companies, 1941 91 Central administrative files for the JEWISH CHRONICLE: colour magazine, 1968 76; JEWISH CHRONICLE Association Football Trophy Competition, 1957 75; JEWISH CHRONICLE-H.H.Wingate Literary Awards, 1976 83; readership and circulation, 1958 79; staff, including `J.C.' NEWS LETTER, 1941 5; supplements, 1963 79; syndication, 1963 82; LIVERPOOL JEWISH GAZETTE, 1965 6 (87 files) Papers of directors of the JEWISH CHRONICLE and associated companies, including the papers of David F.Kessler, with material relating to the Minority Rights Group,...

  14. Laski family papers

    Papers of Nathan Laski (1863-1941): certificate of Grand Lodge of England, 1889; naturalisation certificate, 1901, letters, press cuttings and photographs, sermons and memorial services, a menu and the citation for his honorary degree at Manchester University, 1933; papers, 1887- 1950. Papers of Sarah Laski: letters, invitations, press cuttings, memorial orders of service and a funeral address, election manifestos and a biographical note, 1889-1963 Papers of Neville Laski, 1942-63, relating to his career: letters, speeches and telegrams; papers relating to the 750th anniversary of the chart...

  15. Papers of Harold Levy

    Reports of visits across the country, 1951-76; annual and conference reports, 1951-74, and statistical information, including questionnaires on the number of children attending classes in specified age ranges, 1959-67. Reports for Aberdeen, Amersham, Ayr, Basildon, Bedford, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bognor Regis, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chatham, Cheltenham, Chester, Clacton, Colchester, Colwyn Bay, Coventry, Darlington, Derby, Doncaster, Dundee, Eastbourne, Edinburgh, Exeter, Gateshead (Training College), Glasgow (general, Calderwood L...

  16. Papers of A.Z. Steinberg

    Personal papers and correspondence with family members, 1897-1972 Working papers and typescripts, 1923-77, including papers and publications on philosophy (largely in Russian), with works by Andrei Bely; copies of articles and chapters from works by Steinberg, especially his works on Dostoevsky, and the Aaron Steinberg memorial volume THE PHILOSOPHICAL ASPECTS OF HISTORY, UNIVERSAL AND JEWISH: SELECTED ESSAYS (1910-1970) World Jewish Congress papers, 1943-69; Unesco papers, 1948-62; and papers of Mrs Assi Klausner, Steinberg's assistant.

  17. Papers of the Jewish Deaf and Dumb Children's Home, London

    Minute books, 1865-1975 (11 vols.); visitors' book, 1868-1905 (1 vol.); and receipt, expenditure and donations book, 1927-34 (1 vol.).

  18. Papers of Rabbi Bruno Italiener

    News-cuttings from the German and English press, c.1933-56; sermons, articles and addresses by Italiener, including 'Baeck and Buber', 'Rembrants Gemalde', 'Frauengestalten der Bibel', 'Thoughts of a Jew on Dante's Divine Comedy' and 'Unity and Development'; papers for a course led by Dr Italiener in 1928; typescript article 'Jonathan Balter, 1928-49' and a memorandum, in German, to Presidium and Rabbinate of the Association of Temples by Hans Bloch, 24 May 1933. Correspondence including family letters, 1939; correspondence with Dr Hamburger, 1936; two letters on Dr Leo Baeck's book, 1951, ...

  19. Uhlman family

    Copies of papers including a transcript of two documents, with translation, granting certain rights and privileges to David Uhlman, Hofaktor of the Duke of Wrttemberg, 6 Jul 1747; a letter, in German, in Hebrew script, from H.Uhlman to his children Simon and Lehna, 5 Oct 1867, together with a transcription; discharge of Simon Uhlman from the American army, 1863; photographs of Fred Uhlman and friends, in military uniform, 1920-1; a portrait of Isak Elsas, the great grandfather of Fred Uhlman; transcript of gravestone inscriptions of Isak and Rosle Elsas, Jewish cemetery, Hochberg; `A man an...

  20. Papers of the Home and Hospital for Jewish Incurables, Tottenham

    Minute books, 1889-1989 (22 vols.); annual reports, 1896-1995 (incomplete series); legal and financial papers, including deeds for High Road, Tottenham, 1897-1914; correspondence, photograph albums and loose photographs, including albums for Berthons House, Walthamstow, c.1899, and one for the Home, Tottenham, 1906 Minute book of the trustees of the British Tay-Sachs Foundation, 1966-74 (1 vol.)