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  1. Anysz family. Collection

    Picture of the Anysz family in Warsaw, Poland. Left to right : Joseph Anysz, unidentified grandparent, Isy (Isaac) Anysz, Jacob Anysz and his wife Sophia Lindner.

  2. Johannes Brans and Bertha Mertens. Collection.

    This collection contains a copy of the speeches regarding the rescue activities of Johannes Brans and Bertha Mertens (and of the following Belgian rescuers who were honored on the same day : Charles and Alida Pontus, Marie Suymens, Anne-Marie Suymens, Jean-François and Florentine Suymens, Philippe and Marie-Thérèse Culot); copies of five certificates signed by the Belgian state regarding the resistance activities of Johannes Brans and his wife Bertha Mertens; proclamation of recognition by the embassy of Israel and Yad Vashem.

  3. Suzanne Moons and Andrée Geulen. Collection

    KD_00030_0001 : Personal diary of Andrée Geulen in which she wrote down the name, age and hiding place of 1,079 jewish children whom she and (presumably) colleagues Brigitte Moons or Ida Sterno accompanied to their hiding place by order of the Jewish Defence Committee. The booklet is only accessible at the Kazerne Dossin research centre. KD_00030_0002 : Expense claims filed by the children's ward of the Jewish Defence Committee and delivered to Suzanne Moons (Madame Brigitte). These documents are only accessible at the Kazerne Dossin research centre. KD_00030_0003 : Photos of staff members ...

  4. Jette (Brussels). Documents regarding the implementation of anti-Jewish measures, selected from the municipal archives. Collection

    KD_00031_0001: Folder "Instructions pour Israelites", containing copies of several Verordnungsblatter, circular letters issued by the province and notes regarding the implementation of the anti-Jewish measures in Jette (Brussels). KD_00031_0002: Folder "Documents service interne", containing correspondence with federal authorities, circular letters, lists of Jews whom bought the yellow star (star of David), notes on Jewish children whom turned 15 regarding their registration in the municipal Jewish register, letters regarding the nationality of Jewish inhabitants of Jette, documents regardi...

  5. Nat Neujean. Collection.

    Pictures of the artist Nat Neujean while sculpting ; some of Nat Neujean's early works of art (statues and bronze sculptures); pictures of family members and friends of Nat Neujean, some of whom were members of the armed resistance.

  6. Henrotte-Balay family. Collection

    This collection contains : a declaration signed by Emile Dernivoy regarding the resistance activities of Hubert Henrotte and Emma Balay ; certificates of civil resistance awarded to Hubert Henrotte and Emma Balay by the Kingdom of Belgium ; a class picture of the fourth grade at the Bressoux communal school in 1936-1937, with among the pupils Louise Henrotte and five identified Jewish girls, including Estera Chana (Anna) Szlamowicz.

  7. Maison de la Miséricorde orphanage, Heverlee. Collection

    Digitised postcards of indoor and outdoor spaces at the House of Mercy (Maison de la Miséricorde/Huis der Barmhartigheid), an orphanage in Heverlee, where over 70 Jewish children were hidden by catholic nuns during the Second World War.

  8. Manelewitsh-Zarwanitzer family. Collection

    Marriage booklet ("Familienstammbuch") of Nuta Manelewitsh and Chana Zarwanitzer ; German passport ("Fremdenpass") of Chana Zarwanitzer ; three prisoner ID plaques, worn by the detainees at the Dossin barracks, for transport XXIIA and XXVII ; two certificates of release from the Dossin barracks for Nuta Manelewitsh and Chana Zarnawitzer, signed on 5 September 1944 ; postwar political prisoner beneficiary IDs for Nochem alias Norbert Manelewitsh and Chana Zarwanitzer ; postwar membership card of the Association of former prisoners of the Dossin barracks (L'Association des Anciens Détenus de ...

  9. Zomersztajn-Burgman family. Collection

    A Polish ID, handed out by the municipality of Czestochowa, including a portrait of Liber Zomersztajn ; a migration document of Liber Zomersztajn ; a Polish passport with visa for Bajla Burgman.

  10. Jesode Hatora and Beth Jacob school, Antwerp. Collection

    This collection contains prewar, wartime and postwar parts of the administrative archive of the Jesode Hatora and Beth Jacob school in Antwerp. KD_00037_0001 : General documents regarding expenses and teaching staff, letters with blessings by Isaac Herzog, chief rabbi of Israel, and Eliezer Silver, rabbi of Ohio, promotional leaflets, speeches and magazines of the parent association and the pupils. KD_00037_0002 : Attendance lists of the teachers, 1934-1966 KD_00037_0003 : Attendance lists of the pupils, 1941-1983 KD_00037_0004 : Student count based on the municipal register, 1936-1960 KD_0...

  11. Sephiha-Eskenazi family. Collection

    Testimony of Germaine Sephiha on the role played by the Turkish government and the Turkish consul regarding the persecution of the Jews in Belgium, and on the exchange of Turkish detainees at Ravensbrück for German prisoners of war ; two booklets containing wartime and postwar song lyrics and poems related to the Second World War and life in concentration camps ; two postwar Turkish passports of Esther Eskenazi ; the marriage booklet of Nessim David Sephiha and Esther Eskenazi, signed in Levallois-Perret in 1914 ; two postwar political prisoner IDs of Esther Eskenazi ; sheet music of the so...

  12. Isbert Adam and Martin Bendheim. Collection

    This collection contains a notarial deed from Danzig, regarding a power of attorney attributed to the Aronsohn and Barnass families ; financial deeds regarding shipping company "Havana importer S.A." and the debt suffered by associate Martin Bendheim ; a list summing up the content of a business or a house, probably the abolished office of "Havana Importer S.A." branch led by Martin Bendheim ; a Dutch death certificate of Martha Sara Barschall, mother of Isbert Adam ; correspondence and forms regarding the shipping of several valuable paintings among which a canvas by Pieter-Paul Rubens ; t...

  13. Alexandre Stein. Collection

    This collection contains correspondence between Alexandre Stein, the Anglo-Palestine Bank in Tel Aviv and the Barclays Bank in London regarding deposits and bank accounts ; three shares of the Erez Israel (Palestine) Foundation Fund ; a share in the Palestine Theater in Tel Aviv.

  14. Johannes Frank. Collection

    The collection contains pages from the Frank family photo album ; pictures of the Frank family showing family life before, during and after the war ; pictures of Johannes Frank, Dossin barracks camp commander, in SS uniform, in Belgium and France ; pictures of Johannes Frank as a policeman ; newspaper articles regarding the Holocaust commemoration work done by Achim Frank.

  15. Chemd-Baum family. Collection

    This collection contains six photos and two documents of Maurice Baum, of violonist Isaac Salomon Chamd and of the Chemd-Baum family.

  16. Sadowski-Brawerman family. Collection

    This collection contains a photo of Joseph Sadowski and Ida Brawerman, parents of the donor ; a postwar testimony from a fellow prisoner of Ida Brawerman regarding her last sighting in the Beendorf concentration camp ; an administrative document regarding German postwar payments to the Sadowski family ; a letter from Anna Sadowski to “Sinterklaas”, asking for specific gifts at the traditional children's feast on 6 December, written on paper with the letterhead of her parents’ company ; photocopies of documents regarding the deportation of Joseph Sadowski and Ida Brawerman, the originals sto...

  17. Testimony of Mathilda "Mami" Pfaff, Manoesj (Sinti). Collection

    Testimony of Manousj (Sinti) woman Mathilda Pfaff, published in magazine "Wereldwijd" in 1988 ; notes provided by her relative Hendrik Bohets (only available at the Kazerne Dossin documentation center).

  18. Tolkowsky family. Collection

    This collection consists of 13 files : KD_00045_0001: Miscellaneous photographs of the Tolkowsky family from Antwerp, including Charles Tolkowsky as an officer in the Belgian Army during the First World War, André Tolkowsky, son of Charles Tolkowsky, member of the Belgian resistance during the Second World War, Alexander de Vries and his wife Denise Tolkowsky, photos of vacation colony villa Altol, pictures taken during holidays at the Belgian coast and at the Francorchamps race track. KD_00045_0002: Documents concerning Denise Tolkowsky and Alexander de Vries, including poems, drawings, sc...

  19. Research by David Inowlocki on hidden children and their rescuers in Belgium. Collection

    This collection consists of 57 research files. Every file was carefully composed by David Inowlocki during his presidency of the Hidden Children Association Belgium (L’Enfant Caché). The files revolve around a hidden child or a rescuer, and contain photocopied documents and proposals in order to request Yad Vashem to award a rescuer the title of Righteous among the Nations.

  20. Nathan Goldman and Jenta Niechcicki. Collection

    Group picture of the children attending school at the catholic institute run by the Sisters of Mercy in Heverlee, where Nathan Goldman was hidden.