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  1. Chemd-Baum family. Collection

    This collection contains six photos and two documents of Maurice Baum, of violonist Isaac Salomon Chamd and of the Chemd-Baum family.

  2. Van Velzen-Viskoper family. Collection

    This collection contains: a pre-war photograph of Barend and Rebecca van Velzen-Viskoper ; a postcard from the brothers Louis, Benjamin and Salomon van Velzen sent from camp Jawischowitz to the Papegaai family in Antwerp in 1943 ; a postcard from A. van Wien to Mathilda Randolfi sent from camp Westerbork ; a photograph of Benjamin van Velzen taken just after his repatriation in 1945 ; documents concerning the war damage suffered by the van Velzen family, including statements about the emptying of their house ; documents concerning Benjamin van Velzen's application for recognition as a polit...

  3. De Ceulaer-Margulies family. Collection

    This collection consists of two photos of the four De Ceulaer-Margulies family members, posing in group in their living room and in the garden.

  4. Drawings from the Yad Vashem Art Museum. Collection

    This collection contains work copies of 32 drawings, mostly created in French internment camps, by Jewish artists Osias Hofstatter and Josef Nassy. The originals are part of the Yad Vashem Art Museum collection. Kazerne Dossin has not obtained permission to use the images in this collection.

  5. Samoszul family. Collection

    This collection contains eight photos including two portraits of the deported Gabrielle Samoszul, five photos of post-war commemorations at the he former SS-Sammellager Mecheln (Dossin barracks) and one photo of a celebration by members of the Union des Déportés Juifs et Ayants Droit de Belgique [Belgian Association of Jewish Deportees and their Proprietors].

  6. Herta Frucht. Collection

    This collection contains two group photos of girls spending their summer at the Diesterweg children’s colony in Heide-Kalmthout in 1939. Among those depicted are Herta Frucht and her friend Maria De Roy.

  7. Alice Spruyt. Collection

    This collection consists of : a Megillah Esther, the scroll containing the book of Esther which is read twice during the Purim fest and which was rescued by Marcel Bracke from a Jewish home near the Antwerp city park in 1942 ; a copy of Marcel Bracke’s post-war forced labourer recognition card.

  8. De Metz family. Collection

    This collection contains a pre-war photo of the complete De Metz family, a photo of middle son Henri De Metz wearing the yellow badge in 1942 and a request for food and clothes sent by the De Metz family members detained at the Dossin barracks to their son and brother Benjamin De Metz in Antwerp.

  9. Passport of Heyman Roet and Catharina Freso. Item

    A Dutch passport issued in October 1940 by the Vice-consul for the Netherlands in Toulouse, France, to Heyman Roet and his wife Catharina Freso. The document contains a photo of both spouses and visa for Spain and Portugal as well as for the United Kingdom

  10. Testimony of Mathilda "Mami" Pfaff, Manoesj (Sinti). Item

    Testimony of Manousj (Sinti) woman Mathilda Pfaff, published in magazine "Wereldwijd" in 1988 ; notes provided by her relative Hendrik Bohets (only available at the Kazerne Dossin documentation center).

  11. Lucy Sara Mandelbaum-Lipiner. Interview

    This collection contains an interview with Lucy Sara Mandelbaum-Lipiner. During the interview Lucy recounts her journey from the DP camp to the orphanage in Antwerp and the arrival there. She also describes the atmosphere and facilities at the home, the staff members and other children, the food and religious holidays, activities such as lectures on Zionism and the bi-weekly Shabbat celebration at the home of her aunt Lotti Mandelbaum, the language challenge, the visits from the women’s committee, Lucy’s visits to the movie theatre with her sister to watch movies with Steward Granger, the t...

  12. Rachel Souritz. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war photos of the Souritz-Grabowetzki family, including photos of the deported Abraham Echiel Souritz and his children Willy and Paulette ; pre-war photos of the family of Mozes alias Max Blumberg, second husband of Jeanne Grabowetzki, widow of Abraham Echiel Souritz ; war-time photos of Rachel Souritz' son Albert Souritz, taken while the child was in hiding in Mechelen ; post-war photos of Max Blumberg and Jeanne Grabowetzki ; a wartime school report of Paulette Souritz ; documents on the deportation of Abraham Echiel, Willy and Paulette Souritz and on the rep...

  13. Karwasser-Higierowicz family. Collection.

    This collection contains Srul Karwasser and Chaja Higierowicz's membership cards of "Association des Anciens Detenus de Malines" (Association of former detainees of the Dossin barracks) ; two postwar ID cards with portraits of Srul Karwasser and his wife Chaja Higierowicz ; two pictures of an unidentified child, presumably their daughter Ida Zylvia Karwasser.

  14. Brunner-Hollander family. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war photos of Menasche alias Maximilian Brunner, his wife Esther Hollander, their children Dora and Henri Brunner, and the extended Brunner family ; wartime photos of the Brunner family while in hiding at Genval with the Balzat family ; a photo of Menasche alias Maximilian Brunner being reunited with his wife Esther Hollander and their son Henri at the Royal Circus in Brussels in 1945 ; war-time Red Cross membership card and ID card of Rosa Brunner ; advertisement stamp of Pension Brunner located in Heide ; Menasche alias Maximilian Brunner's Hungarian military...

  15. Geiger-Kohn family. Collection

    This collection contains photocopies of : the marriage certificate of Joseph Geiger and Juliana Kohn, the birth certificate of Juliana Kohn and her daughter Gerda Geiger, the music teacher diploma of Juliana Kohn, the prolongation for Juliana Kohn’s American visa and Polish statements confirming the good conduct of Juliana Kohn and Joseph Geiger.

  16. Johannes Brans and Bertha Mertens. Collection.

    This collection contains a copy of the speeches regarding the rescue activities of Johannes Brans and Bertha Mertens (and of the following Belgian rescuers who were honored on the same day : Charles and Alida Pontus, Marie Suymens, Anne-Marie Suymens, Jean-François and Florentine Suymens, Philippe and Marie-Thérèse Culot); copies of five certificates signed by the Belgian state regarding the resistance activities of Johannes Brans and his wife Bertha Mertens; proclamation of recognition by the embassy of Israel and Yad Vashem.

  17. Liliane Steinfeld. Collection

    This collection contains : several documents regarding members of the Steinfeld/Stainfeld family during the war, two photos of deported Steinfeld family members, a Gestapo pin and a scrapbook containing a collection of wartime cartoons published in British and American newspapers, gathered by Liliane Steinfeld.

  18. Miscellaneous photos collected to create the Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance. Collection

    This collection consists of work copies of miscellaneous photos on the Holocaust in general and the Belgian case in particular, stored in dozens of institutes worldwide. The copies were entrusted to the Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance in 1994-1996, in order to create its permanent exhibition.

  19. Sternefeld-Hemelrijk-Mok testimony. Collection

    This collection consists of an interview of Mirjam Hemelrijk who survived the war in an orphanage in the Netherlands, Eva Sternefeld who survived the war in Suriname and Rachel Mok who survived the war in the United Kingdom ; photos of Samuel Lisser and Rachel Keyser, adoptive parents of Mirjam Hemelrijk.

  20. Meisel-Goldstein family. Collection

    This collection consists of: photos of Leon Meisel, his wife Rachel Goldstein and their children Catherine alias Katja and Philippe Meisel who were all deported and murdered ; a photo of family friend Florence Ciparisse who tried to rescue Philippe Meisel ; a photo of Sacha Goldstein, cousin of Rachel Goldstein, who visited Namur in the 1960s to look for traces of his deported relatives ; a business card of one of the Meisel-Goldstein family friends who assisted Sacha Goldstein in his search ; three letters from Sacha Goldstein to the Ciparisse sisters commemorating the deportation of his r...