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  1. Koen Pyl. Collection

    This collection contains two small paintings which have been signed by a certain H. Hofbauer. One painting contains a pear, the other one contains cherries. Also in this collection is the wedding book of Petrus Pyl.

  2. Illustrated report of memories of the deported men and boys of Diepenbeekstraat by the occupying forces in Antwerp. Collection

    The collection features an illustrated report titled "Geïllustreerde reportage: Herinneringen aan onze Weggevoerden der Van Diepenbeekstraat te Antwerpen" ("Illustrated Report: Memories of Our Deported from Van Diepenbeekstraat in Antwerp"). This report sheds light on a significant historical event during the Nazi occupation, wherein work refusers were gathered in the Van Diepenbeekstraat and subsequently deported to Germany. The seven-page report includes four compelling photographs depicting the building used by the Germans for this purpose. Accompanying the visuals is a detailed narrativ...

  3. Anna Teitelbaum. Collection

    This collection contains: copies of three photos taken in 1941 right before public parks in Antwerp became non-accessible for Jews, showing the girls attending fifth grade at the local primary school (Stedelijk Onderwijsgesticht voor meisjes nr. 1) at Lange Leemstraat in Antwerp, including Anna Teitelbaum, her best friend Eliane Russinger and their Jewish class mates Ruth Wenger (not deported), Eveline Kohn (deported), Annette Grossfeld (deported), Felicie Gruszow (not deported), Suzanne Spingarn (not deported) and Paulette Liliane Buschel (deported) ; a copy of three pages from Anna Teitel...

  4. Kentone Radio company and Jewish employee Jacques Zussmann. Collection

    The collection comprises various documents primarily related to the professional activities and wartime experiences of individuals and businesses during World War II in the Belgian occupation period. The items in this collection shed light on the complex interplay between work, coercion, and survival during this tumultuous period. Of particular significance is a postcard written by Jacques Zussman on October 10, 1942, addressed to his employer Albert Kennis. This poignant artifact was composed by Zussman while en route to Auschwitz aboard Transport XII from the Dossin Barracks. Additionally...

  5. Goldfischer-Wyszegrodzka family. Collection

    This collection contains a Polish passport issued to Marjem Wyszegrodzka in 1937. Marjem Wyszegrodzka, born on 20 August 1908 in Łęczyca, Poland, moved to Belgium and married Leibisch Goldfischer. She had been in Belgium since 22 August 1927, working at a clothing shop in Brussels. On 7 October 1942, both Marjem and Leibisch were registered at the Dossin Barracks for deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau on Transport XIII, which departed on 10 October 1942. Upon arrival, Marjem did not survive the deportation. Her husband, Leibisch, was selected for forced labour and survived the war, being rep...

  6. Advertising leaflet of fur business H. Mittler, hotel Au Tigre Royal and Antwerp cinemas. Collection

    The collection comprises a single leaflet designed for promotional purposes in Antwerp. Featured establishments include the fur conservation business H. Mittler, the esteemed hotel Au Tigre Royal, and a list with a diverse selection of cinemas throughout Antwerp.

  7. Emergency Deutsche Marken overprinted with NSDAP anti-Semitic election slogans. Collection

    This collection consists of 15 emergency Deutsche Marken banknotes overprinted with NSDAP anti-Semitic propaganda slogans. These banknotes were originally issued in 1922 during the hyperinflation crisis of post-World War I Germany. Overprinted with election slogans in the early 1930’s accusing Jews of financial misconduct and advocating for their removal from positions of power, these banknotes serve as artifacts of Nazi propaganda tactics during their rise to power.

  8. Goldberg-Goldberg family. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war and wartime pictures of Sarah Goldberg’s family, and a group photo of repatriated female Auschwitz survivors ; a testimony written post-war by Sarah Goldberg, documenting her experiences in the concentration camps ; documents regarding the wartime and post-war life of the family of Jacques Goldberg, future husband of Sarah Goldberg, in hiding as the Goffin family, including several fake Belgian IDs ; propaganda leaflets ; three worn yellow stars ; photocopy of a letter sent by Sarah Goldberg and her fiancée Henri Wajnberg after their arrest to Henri’s famil...

  9. Sara Weis-ova. Collection

    This collection contains two photographs showing Sara Weis-ova and young Gilbert Furcage outside in a park in Antwerp in 1941.

  10. Mémorial national aux Martyrs juifs de Belgique – Nationaal Gedenkteken aan de Joodse Martelaren van België. Collection

    KD_00947_01: Extracts from the Belgisch Staatsblad – Moniteur belge [Belgian Official Journal] regarding the statutes and composition of the (Fondation) Mémorial national aux Martyrs juifs de Belgique – (Stichting) Nationaal Gedenkteken aan de Joodse Martelaren van België [National Memorial (Foundation) to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium], 1965-1985 KD_00947_02: File regarding the composition of the national committee, the Brussels committee and the Antwerp committee, including lists of board members and documents regarding the death of co-president Bernard Tarnowski, 1965-1987 KD_00947_03: M...

  11. Commemorative medal awarded to Fernande De Smet. Collection

    An honorary commemorative medal for distinctive services to the Jewish people of Belgium awarded to Fernande De Smet on 12 October 1980 by the Comité Hommage aux sauveurs - Comité Huldebetoon aan de redders, subsection of the Comité d’Hommage des Juifs de Belgique à leurs Héros et Sauveurs (1940-1945) - Huldecomité van de Joden van België aan hun Helden en Redders (1940-1945) for Fernande’s envolvement in the hiding and rescue of six Jewish children at Fernande’s orphanage, the ‘Sweet Consolation for the Deprived’ institution (Instituut Troost der Bedrukten), in Geraardsbergen. The group of...

  12. Jeanne Glibert. Collection

    This collection consists of an interview with Jeanne Glibert. In her testimony Jeanne talks about her youth, the beginning of the war as she fled with friends, living under occupation in Antwerp, traitors who snitched on Jews, Jewish youth friends Betti Van Hamberg, Claudine Van Hamberg and Irène Brandes, and about Jewish links after the war.

  13. Kluizen - Coffres-forts. Collection

    This collection consists of the bank vaults which were not claimed by their original owners post-war. The owners were both Jewish and non-Jewish war victims or refugees who did not return to Belgium. The vaults do not contain any valuables, but documents including securities and personal documents, family photos, and objects such as cutlery, photo cameras and tableware. This collection is not accessible to third parties. Relatives who might be entitled to the content of one of the vaults are requested to contact

  14. Information bulletin regarding non-Belgian residents of the Zonhoven municipality. Collection

    12 information bulletins on 18 Jews and 1 French national, expelled from Antwerp to the Zonhoven municipality in the Limburg province in January-February 1941 ; one postwar letter addressed by Isaac Hausner to the Zonhoven municipality, requesting a copy of his information bulletin. Each form contains : surname, first names, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, date and location of marriage, names of the parents, legal address abroad, date of arrival in Belgium, subsequent addresses in Belgium, legal documents and financial situation.

  15. Schmidt-Kolinski family. Collection

    Letters and postcards sent by nuns of the Institut Enfant Jésus in Ciney to Rosa Kolinski, the mother of hidden children Armand Schmidt and Rachel Schmidt. Pictures of Armand Schmidt as a hidden child at the Institut Enfant Jésus, photos of the nuns and the monastery, and of Armand Schmidt with family members on vacation after the war.

  16. Josef Blitz. Collection

    This collection contains digitised copies of birth certificates, xerox of documents provided by the Auschwitz State Museum concerning Josef Blitz, certificates of repatriation (with pictures of Josef Blitz) and class pictures taken at Jesode Hatorah in Antwerp.

  17. Series of drawings "Life at the Dossin barracks". Collection

    This collection contains, in colour and black-and-white, six sketches, one painting and 11 ‘educational’ caricature drawings informing the Jewish staff at the Dossin barracks about daily life and procedures at the camp. This art was created by the Jewish artist inmates of the 'Malerstube' (painters workshop), among whom Gyorgy Bekeffi, Irene Spicker-Awret, August (Alexandre) Polak and Kopel Simelovitz.

  18. Schiff and Fischler families. Collection.

    This collection contains digital copies of portraits of Mojzesz Schiff and his wife Rywa Templer; Wolf Fischler and Schenka Fischler (parents of Sonia (Sosia) Fischler, wife of Tobias Schiff); birth and death certificates; a Schiff family tree (pedigree).

  19. Royaume de Belgique - Album photographique de Membres des services de Police allemands et de suspects de Crimes de Guerre. Collection

    This item contains lists and portraits, when available, of German staff members and Belgian collaborators working for the Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienst (Sipo-SD) and the Geheime Feldpolizei (GFP) in Brussels. The lists consist of the name and place and/or date of birth of a suspect, and his or her position in the organisation.