Country: Belgium
  1. Kluizen - Coffres-forts. Collection Bank vaults which were not claimed after the war. Collection

    This collection consists of the bank vaults which were not claimed by their original owners post-war. The owners were both Jewish and non-Jewish war victims or refugees who did not return to Belgium. The vaults do not contain any valuables, but documents including securities and personal documents, family photos, and objects such as cutlery, photo cameras and tableware. This collection is not accessible to third parties. Relatives who might be entitled to the content of one of the vaults are requested to contact

  2. Isaak Singer and Rosalie Rosenzweig. Collection

    Collection of documents regarding visa and migration (in Polish), birth certificates, a wedding announcement, documents regarding Isaak Singer's work (in Berlin), insurances, confirmation of the Palestinian office regarding the candidacy for migration to Palestine, Belgian foreigners IDs, German passports, support letter from the Belgian municipality in Hoeselt (Limburg).

  3. Information bulletin regarding non-Belgian residents of the Zonhoven municipality. Collection

    12 information bulletins on 18 Jews and 1 French national, expelled from Antwerp to the Zonhoven municipality in the Limburg province in January-February 1941 ; one postwar letter addressed by Isaac Hausner to the Zonhoven municipality, requesting a copy of his information bulletin. Each form contains : surname, first names, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, date and location of marriage, names of the parents, legal address abroad, date of arrival in Belgium, subsequent addresses in Belgium, legal documents and financial situation.

  4. Schmidt-Kolinski family. Collection

    Letters and postcards sent by nuns of the Institut Enfant Jésus in Ciney to Rosa Kolinski, the mother of hidden children Armand Schmidt and Rachel Schmidt. Pictures of Armand Schmidt as a hidden child at the Institut Enfant Jésus, photos of the nuns and the monastery, and of Armand Schmidt with family members on vacation after the war.

  5. Josef Blitz. Collection

    This collection contains digitised copies of birth certificates, xerox of documents provided by the Auschwitz State Museum concerning Josef Blitz, certificates of repatriation (with pictures of Josef Blitz) and class pictures taken at Jesode Hatorah in Antwerp.

  6. Series of drawings "Life at the Dossin barracks". Collection

    This collection contains, in colour and black-and-white, six sketches, one painting and 11 ‘educational’ caricature drawings informing the Jewish staff at the Dossin barracks about daily life and procedures at the camp. This art was created by the Jewish artist inmates of the 'Malerstube' (painters workshop), among whom Gyorgy Bekeffi, Irene Spicker-Awret, August (Alexandre) Polak and Kopel Simelovitz.

  7. Schiff and Fischler families. Collection.

    This collection contains digital copies of portraits of Mojzesz Schiff and his wife Rywa Templer; Wolf Fischler and Schenka Fischler (parents of Sonia (Sosia) Fischler, wife of Tobias Schiff); birth and death certificates; a Schiff family tree (pedigree).

  8. Royaume de Belgique - Album photographique de Membres des services de Police allemands et de suspects de Crimes de Guerre. Item Kingdom of Belgium - Photo album with pictures of members of the German police services (Sipo-SD) and persons suspected of having committed war crimes

    This item contains lists and portraits, when available, of German staff members and Belgian collaborators working for the Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienst (Sipo-SD) and the Geheime Feldpolizei (GFP) in Brussels. The lists consist of the name and place and/or date of birth of a suspect, and his or her position in the organisation.

  9. Karwasser-Higierowicz family. Collection.

    This collection contains Srul Karwasser and Chaja Higierowicz's membership cards of "Association des Anciens Detenus de Malines" (Association of former detainees of the Dossin barracks) ; two postwar ID cards with portraits of Srul Karwasser and his wife Chaja Higierowicz ; two pictures of an unidentified child, presumably their daughter Ida Zylvia Karwasser.

  10. Anysz family. Item

    Picture of the Anysz family in Warsaw, Poland. Left to right : Joseph Anysz, unidentified grandparent, Isy (Isaac) Anysz, Jacob Anysz and his wife Sophia Lindner.

  11. Johannes Brans and Bertha Mertens. Collection.

    This collection contains a copy of the speeches regarding the rescue activities of Johannes Brans and Bertha Mertens (and of the following Belgian rescuers who were honored on the same day : Charles and Alida Pontus, Marie Suymens, Anne-Marie Suymens, Jean-François and Florentine Suymens, Philippe and Marie-Thérèse Culot); copies of five certificates signed by the Belgian state regarding the resistance activities of Johannes Brans and his wife Bertha Mertens; proclamation of recognition by the embassy of Israel and Yad Vashem.

  12. Suzanne Moons and Andrée Geulen. Collection

    KD_00030_0001 : Personal diary of Andrée Geulen in which she wrote down the name, age and hiding place of 1,079 jewish children whom she and (presumably) colleagues Brigitte Moons or Ida Sterno accompanied to their hiding place by order of the Jewish Defence Committee. KD_00030_0002 : Expense claims filed by the children's ward of the JDC and delivered to Suzanne Moons (Madame Brigitte). KD_00030_0003 : Photos of members of the JDC, including portraits of Suzanne Moons and Ida Sterno. KD_00030_0004 : Postwar thank you letters from children hidden by the JDC to Suzanne Moons. KD_00030_0005 :...

  13. Jette (Brussels). Documents regarding the implementation of anti-Jewish measures, selected from the municipal archives. Collection

    KD_00031_0001: Folder "Instructions pour Israelites", containing copies of several Verordnungsblatter, circular letters issued by the province and notes regarding the implementation of the anti-Jewish measures in Jette (Brussels). KD_00031_0002: Folder "Documents service interne", containing correspondence with federal authorities, circular letters, lists of Jews whom bought the yellow star (star of David), notes on Jewish children whom turned 15 regarding their registration in the municipal Jewish register, letters regarding the nationality of Jewish inhabitants of Jette, documents regardi...

  14. Nat Neujean. Collection.

    Pictures of the artist Nat Neujean while sculpting ; some of Nat Neujean's early works of art (statues and bronze sculptures); pictures of family members and friends of Nat Neujean, some of whom were members of the armed resistance.

  15. Henrotte-Balay family. Collection

    This collection contains : a declaration signed by Emile Dernivoy regarding the resistance activities of Hubert Henrotte and Emma Balay ; certificates of civil resistance awarded to Hubert Henrotte and Emma Balay by the Kingdom of Belgium ; a class picture of the fourth grade at the Bressoux communal school in 1936-1937, with among the pupils Louise Henrotte and five identified Jewish girls, including Estera Chana (Anna) Szlamowicz.

  16. Maison de la Miséricorde orphanage, Heverlee. Collection

    Digitised postcards of indoor and outdoor spaces at the House of Mercy (Maison de la Miséricorde/Huis der Barmhartigheid), an orphanage in Heverlee, where over 70 Jewish children were hidden by catholic nuns during the Second World War.

  17. Manelewitsh-Zarwanitzer family. Collection

    Marriage booklet ("Familienstammbuch") of Nuta Manelewitsh and Chana Zarwanitzer ; German passport ("Fremdenpass") of Chana Zarwanitzer ; three prisoner ID plaques, worn by the detainees at the Dossin barracks, for transport XXII A and XXVII ; two certificates of release from the Dossin barracks for Nuta Manelewitsh and Chana Zarnawitzer, signed on 5 September 1944 ; postwar political prisoner beneficiary ID for Nochem (Norbert) Manelewitsh ; postwar membership card of the Association of former prisoners of the Dossin barracks (L'Association des Anciens Détenus de la Caserne Dossin de Malin...

  18. Zomersztajn-Burgman family. Collection

    A Polish ID, handed out by the municipality of Czestochowa, including a portrait of Liber Zomersztajn ; a migration document of Liber Zomersztajn ; a Polish passport with visa for Bajla Burgman.

  19. Jesode Hatora and Beth Jacob school, Antwerp. Collection

    This collection contains prewar, wartime and postwar parts of the administrative archive of the Jesode Hatora and Beth Jacob school in Antwerp. KD_00037_0001 : General documents regarding expenses and teaching staff, letters with blessings by Isaac Herzog, chief rabbi of Israel, and Eliezer Silver, rabbi of Ohio, promotional leaflets, speeches and magazines of the parent association and the pupils. KD_00037_0002 : Attendance lists of the teachers, 1934-1966 KD_00037_0003 : Attendance lists of the pupils, 1941-1983 KD_00037_0004 : Student count based on the municipal register, 1936-1960 KD_0...