Country: Moldova
  1. Directorate of Internal Affairs of Bessarabia

    • Directoratul afacerilor interne ai Basarabiei
    • Директорат внутренних дел Бессарабии
    • Direktorat vnutrennikh del Bessarabii

    Files on the issuing the permit to the resident of Marculesti, Ioffe Mendel, to open a cinema theater. Correspondence with the police prefectures regarding people deported for their anti‐Romanian propaganda. Identity cards of the agents of Siguranta [secret police] from Chisinau. The requests for being accepted to work for Siguranta. Information about publishing houses from Chisinau and their owners. Information about the teachers from Soroca district. Information about the functionaries of prefectures and subprefectures of Bessarabia. The lists of teachers from Soroca girls’ and boys’ tech...

  2. Verification-filtration point (camp) of the NKVD MSSR

    • Проверочно-фильтрационный пункт НКВД МССР
    • Proverochno-fil'tratsionnyy punkt NKVD MSSR

    Orders of the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR, circulars and instructions of the main quartermaster of the USSR Armed Forces and quartermaster of the Odessa military district on administrative issues for 1943-1946; documents on the issuance of travel allowance to repatriates sent from the Chișinău VFP to the place of residence for December 1944 and 1945; front-line notes on the presence and movement of the contingent in the Chisinau VFP and its branch for 1945-1946 (on the back of each note there is data on citizens of the USSR who were forcibly taken to Germany and other...

  3. Jewish Central Office in Romania (Centrala Evreilor)

    • Centrala Evreilor din România
    • Управление по делам евреев Румынии
    • Upravleniye po delam yevreyev Rumynii

    Requests from persons of Jewish origin to register according to the law of 1941; checklists and registration books of 69 individuals

  4. Jewish Pedagogical Courses in Chișinău city

    • Cursuri pedagogice evreieşti din Chişinǎu
    • Еврейские педагогические курсы в городе Кишиневе
    • Yevreyskiye pedagogicheskiye kursy v gorode Kishineve

    Statements for the payment of salaries to employees of pedagogical courses for the 1921-1922 academic year; students' petitions for exemption from tuition fees and teachers’ petitions for granting them vacation days

  5. Akkerman district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and city halls

    • Аккерманская уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии
    • Akkermanskaya uyezdnaya prefektura i podchinennyye yey pretury i primarii
    • Judeţul Akkerman: prefecturile judeţene, subprefecturile plaselor/preturilor şi comunele subordinate

    Orders of the pretura of Volontiri district. Minutes of meetings of the committees coordinating the work of city (town) halls. Orders of the Bessarabian governor on administrative matters. Correspondence on administrative issues, on the number and composition of the population, on agriculture. Minutes of meetings of commune’s councils. Minutes of meetings of the magistrates. Information on issues of education and cults, on sanitation, on road construction. Requests from residents to issue various certificates. Documents on the requisition of food, cattle and horse-drawn transport from the p...

  6. Бессерабский директориат народного образования

    • Bessarabian National Education Directorate
    • Directoratul Ȋnvaţǎmîntului şi Cultelor şi instituţiile subordinate
    • Besserabskiy direktoriat narodnogo obrazovaniya

    Документы о работе гимназий, прогимназий. Статистические сведения о численности и составе учащихся в гимназиях. Ведомости успеваемости учащихся. Свидетельства об образовании. Удостоверения об окончании гимназий.

  7. Bălți district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and city/commune town halls

    • Бельцкая уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии
    • Bel'tskaya uyezdnaya prefektura i podchinennyye yey pretury i primarii
    • Județul Bălți: prefecturile judeţene, subprefecturile plaselor/preturilor şi comunele subordinate

    Files on the issue of permit residents for foreign citizens to stay in Bălți. Correspondence with the sub-prefectures on the work of schools and churches. Lists of schools opened in county Bălți, 1920-1921. Lists of residents of villages: Fălești, Limbeni, Logofeni, Albineț, Catranîc, Năvîrneț, Obreja Veche, Obreja Nouă. Certificates that allow Jews to leave the country starting from 1932 until 1940. Files of Prefecture fight against speculation in food insdustry and other essential goods, 1940. The list of residents of county Bălți, where is indicated their residence and profession in 1928...

  8. Republican Board of the Moldovan SSR to promote the activity of the emergency state commission for the Investigation of crimes committed by German-Fascist invaders

    • Реcпубликанская Комиссия Молдавской ССР по содействию в работе чрезвычайной государственной Комисии по установлению и расследованию злодеяний немецко-фашистских захватчиков
    • Respublikanskaya Komissiya Moldovskoi SSR po sodeistviju v rabote chrezycainoi gosudarstvennoj Komisii po ustanovleniju i rassledovaniju zlodeyanij nemetski-fashistskih zahbatchikov

    Materials about prejudices and crimes committed by Germans and Romanians in Bessarabia. Commission report on the investigation of crimes and prejudices committed against the population of Bălți county during Romanian administration.

  9. Chișinău City Hall

    • Кишиневская городская примария

    The list: of voters from Chișinău; Chișinău residents who received Romanian citizenship in 1927; shops in Chișinău that sold kerosene in 1920-1921, indicating the sold quantity; public kiosks and boutiques rent by traders, and households and streets of Chișinău. Materials on the work of the Municipal Council for 1935-1937. Files on the investigation of Jewish traders accused of speculation. Materials on inventory and evaluation of real estate in hospitals, charitable institutions, curative and others from the Ministry of health and social care. Plans of buildings. Materials on inventory and...

  10. Criuleni Police from Orhei county

    • Полиция местечка Криуляны Оргеевского уезда

    Orders and instructions for the police to check passports of suspected people and marking them with conditional signs. The order about the return of Jews from ghettos, prohibiting trade and export of rice, wheat and manufactures. Orders of detaining persons suspected of espionage. Lists of those who entered and emerged from Transnistria on the Bridge "Adolf Hitler". Order on taking appropriate measures to prevent the escape of Jews from the ghettos. Materials about people who were suspected and accused of violating laws.

  11. Rezina Police Station

    • Резинский Комиссариат Полиции

    Notes of the guards about the Jews who were deported to the Soviet Union and those suspected of communist activity. Personal files of accused Jews of loyalty to the Soviet state who stayed in Bessarabia during the Soviet occupation. Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate orders about surveillance of foreigners, lists of people with foreign citizenship in Rezina. Copies of orders of Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate about the decisions taken to solve the Jewish problem. Informative report about moral and political attitudes of the population in the county Rezina. Correspondence with...

  12. Rezina Police Station

    • Резинский Комиссариат Полиции

    Correspondence with Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate about national education of police. Information about seized items from suspected Jews. Correspondence with Rezina City Hall about closing the restaurants in 1942. The list of persons who received the residence permit in the war zone. The certificate that confirms that Gonciar Ilie and Nicolae are of Romanian nationality.

  13. Bălți City Hall

    • Бельцкая городская примария

    The list residents from Bălți who refused to submit documents to obtain Romanian citizenship between 1924-1937. Lists of Bălți residents and their family members who had Romanian citizenship in 1924. Correspondence with municipal police regarding financial matters. Correspondence with police headquarters from Bălți regarding town's inhabitants.

  14. Bălți City Hall

    • Бельцкая городская примария

    Lists of military personal from Bălți recruited in 1919, 1920, 1921 and 1934. Minutes of the Municipal Council in 1936. Materials on renting kiosk in Bălți by Kleiman Boruh.

  15. Bălți City Hall

    • Бельцкая городская примария

    Minutes of the Provisional Council of the City Hall. Lists of factories, workers and owners of printing houses in Bălți. Municipality statement toward the city's population to contribute to get out of the crisis in 1929. The status of Jewish community in Bălți. The personal file of the architect, Etti-Rosa Stfer and the civil servant, Tishler Moishe. Lists of financial agents, owners of bakeries and agricultural land with grape-vine from Bălți.

  16. Bălți City Hall

    • Бельцкая городская примария

    Materials for the construction of the vegetable oil factory owned by brothers Tsepeman. Granted permission to businessmen Ghersh and Sendl for building a house. House plan.

  17. Financial administration of Lăpușna district

    • Лапушнянская уездная финансовая администрация

    Materials on taxation of Jews who had opened a small business in Chișinău (alcohol factories, restaurants, private medical offices, shops, farm animals). Lists of owners of commercial and industrial enterprises in the county Lăpuşna. Information about social support offered to orphans. Lists of homeowners in Chișinău, 1927. Certificates for the right to sell alcohol in different counties of Bessarabia. Lists of alcohol factory owners in Bessarabia. Materials on activity of credit cooperatives of traders and producers in Chișinău. Certificates on private corporate's income of Chișinău reside...

  18. Statistical Department of Bessarabia

    • Статистическое управление Бессарабии

    Register of the rural population of villages Năvîrneț and Petrești, county Bălți.

  19. Statistical Department of Bessarabia

    • Статистическое управление Бессарабии

    Informative report on population movements in Bessarabia in 1924.

  20. Jewish community from Soroca

    • Сорокская еврейская община

    Register of synagogues maintained by tailors in Soroca. The list of Jews who received Romanian citizenship. The file of 32 young people from Zgurița, who initiated summer school - Zionist Organization - in Soroca. Minutes of the community council meetings, where they discussed the situation of schools, providing financial expenses for operation of the board, political issues (checking voter lists to ensure that all Jewish citizens are included). Ballot papers for community council records. Correspondence with Soroca prefecture on administrative matters. Correspondence with military institut...