Archival Descriptions

Holding Institution: Lietuvos Centrinis Valstybės Archyvas close
  1. Ašmenos kalėjimas

    • Ašmena Prison

    Various documentation: correspondence, orders of the chief of the prisons, reports, lists of the prison's staff; statistics on prisoners, personal cards of the prisoners (1942-1943).

  2. Kauno karo komendantūra

    • Litauische Kommandantur in Kaunas
    • Military Commandant in Kaunas

    Reports of the Military Commandant in Kaunas; various instructions for staff of the commandant; documentation concerning activities of local Auxiliary police; orders concerning forced labour for prisoners of war; lists of members of Auxiliary police; restrictions imposed on Jews; documentation about establishment of the Kaunas (Kovno) ghetto in Vilijampolė and forcing people to move into the ghetto.

  3. Švenčionių apskrities viršininkas

    • Chief of Švenčionys District

    The files concern anti-semitic posters from April 1942 ("Jews are your deadly enemy"); confiscation of Jewish property and adaptation for such property for public use (for example: the synagogue was adapted for police purposes); the report of the chief of the county concerning registration by doctors Aryan origins all cases of deaths of Jews in August 1942; the main instructions for how settlements in the county were to deal with Jews, how they were to forced Jews to work, how they were to confiscate and register private property of Jews from September 1941.

  4. Saugumo policijos ir SD vadas Lietuvoje

    • Der Kommandeur der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD Litauen
    • Chief of the Security Police and SD of the Lithuanian General Region

    "The most important documents of the collection are monthly reports by the chief of the security police and SD in Lithuania sent to the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA) in Berlin concerning the political and economic situation and popular sentiment in the General Region of Lithuania. In the reports mentioned there are special paragraphs dealing with the activities of the partisans, the resistance movement and the Jews" (Galina Žirikova, Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai : holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis (The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Resea...

  5. Durpių pramonės centras ir apylinkių durpynų direkcijos

    • Directorate of the Centre for the State Peat Industry

    Documents related to the forced labour camps for Jews in Vilnius district (1942-1943); lists of Jewish workers.

  6. Vilniaus žydų muziejaus dokumentų kolekcija

    • The Collection of the Documents of the Vilnius Jewish Museum

    The fonds contains with Vilnius ghetto documents (forced labour for Jews, FPO (ghetto partisants' organization) documentation, register of Jews workers); list of Ukmergė Jews who perished between August-September 1941; plan of Švenčionys ghetto, documents about mass killings in small towns of the Vilnius region; registration cards of Jews, records of the Kovno Jewish ghetto administration and police; documentation about activities of the Vilnius Jewish Museum which was re-established by survivors in autumn 1944. Memoirs of prisoners of the ghettos, photos of people who rescued Jews, photos ...

  7. Šiaulių apskrities viršininkas

    • Der Kreishauptmann von Schaulen
    • Chief of Šiauliai District

    "The collections of the heads of the counties contain important documents concerning the Holocaust in the Lithuanian provinces" (Galina Žirikova, Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai: holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis /The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Research on the Holocaust in Lithuania), Vilnius: Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono žydų muziejus, Vilnius, 2011, p. 12). Circulars and decrees of the Nazis authorities and the chiefs of the local municipalities, decrees, protocols of inquiries of local residents, documents concerning Jewish property, infor...

  8. Palestinos žydų fondams - Pamatinio Palestinos fondo (Karen Hajesod) ir Žydų tautinio fondo (Karen Kajemet Lejisroel) - remti draugija

    • Associciation for Support of Jewish Palestine (Karen Hayesod), Lithuanian Branch, 1920‒1940

    "This collection consists of records and correspondence files with local branches of the Karen Hayesod across Lithuania from 1920 to 1940, concerning the registration of local organizations and fundraising activities for the Jewish settlements in Palestine before World War II. The collection also includes minute meetings; correspondence with Zionist organizations worldwide, local banks, and Lithuanian government authorities; bylaws; donor lists; cashier books; and financial reports" (From: USHMM finding aid).

  9. Vilniaus vaivadijos valdyba

    • Wileński Urząd Wojewódzki
    • The Board of Vilnius Provice (Poland)

    Various documents related to the administration of the region with 8 districts and Vilnius town (orders and reports, lists of the residents, lists of the staff members, applications of the residents to get personal documents, documents according cultural, social, and religion life, documents of the communities and ect). Files with personal documents of residents of Vilnius and surrounding areas (a significant number of the Jewish residents included were killed in Paneriai (Ponary) ).

  10. Trakų apskrities viršininko fondas

    • Chief of Trakai County

    The collection of the chief of Trakai (Troki) county contains important documents concerning activities of the Jewish community and Jewish organizations before the Second World War. There are also documents about establishing ghettos in the district, confiscation of Jewish private property, and annihilation of Jews in the province of Lithuania.

  11. Lietuvos žydų sporto ir gimnastikos sąjungos „Makabi“ skyriai

    • Lithuanian Jewish Sports and Gymnastics Organization Maccabi

    Documents of the activities of Maccabi organizations in towns of Šiauliai (Shavl) and Žagarė (Zhager) (activities, various events, competitions, lists of teachers and students, correspondence, courses for teachers, financial and annual reports, circulars of the Board of Organization; lists of readers in the library, lists of members of organization, personal cards, etc.).

  12. Vilniaus miesto ir vaivadijos žydų nekilnojamo turto savininkų sąjunga

    • Związek wlaścicieli nieruchomości żydów miasta Wilna i województwa Wileńskiego
    • Records of the Association of Real Estate Owners in Vilnius and Vilnius province

    Documents concerning activities of the Association of Real Estate Owners (documentation of the Board, lists of members, meeting protocols, petitions and memoranda; various agreements (between owners and tenants, between sellers and buyers; applications of owners to renovate their houses, to obtain credits, to reduces tax payments, etc.).

  13. Dokumentų kopijų kolekcija

    • Collection of Document Copies
    • Lietuvos Centrinis Valstybės Archyvas
    • F. 1742
    • English, Lithuanian
    • 1916-1947
    • 2 subfonds and 47 files. Parts of the documents are handwritten. Some files are microfilmed and some consist of photographs, maps, drawings.

    USHMM: "material on resistance and rescue in Lithuania". Copies of documents concerning the annihilation of Jews in town of Vilnius and region, Nazi propaganda, anti-Nazi movement, position of the Catholic Church during WWII; documentation and correspondence between embassies (interwar period); copies of agreements between USSR and Germany; documentation regarding diplomatic relations; copies (microfilmed) of the monographs and studies by M. Jaloveckis "Lenkijos sodybos. Kaimo sodybų architektūra ir statiniai" ("Dwor Polski. Architekci į budowniczowie siedzib wiejskich") and "Lenkijos Respu...

  14. Kauno miesto žydų tikybinės bendruomenės taryba

    • Council of the Jewish Religious Community of Kaunas

    This collection consists of records of the Council of the Kaunas Jewish community in Lithuania. It reflects different aspects of the activities of the Jewish community of Kaunas during the interwar period and the beginning of the Second World War. Items include correspondence between the Jewish communities of the district; metrics and registration books of the Jewish communities of Gargždai, Ylakiai, Jurbarkas, Kėdainiai, Kybartai, Krekenava, and Plungė; documentation concerning education, social welfare, charity, financial activities, protocols of meetings of the community members, documen...

  15. Iš Vokietijos gautų dokumentų kolekcija

    • Captured German Records Returned by the USSR to Lithuania in 1953

    Includes: Polizeipraesident zu Berlin, Polizeidirektion Tilsit, SS Totenkofp Sturmbahn Konzentrationslager Lublin, SS und Polizei fuehrer Ausbildungslager Travniki, RSHA Gestapo Berlin, Heeresgruppenkommando I, Gestapo Stapostelle Zichenau, etc. USHMM: "Information collected by the German security services regarding the local population, the Red Army, Communists, anti-German movements in the Baltic, and "deserters" [Lithuanian Central State Archives, Fonds 1173/1, 2, 4, and 7; 2000." Files of: prisoners of war, prisoners and guards of concentration camps, policemen of the Lithuanian Auxilia...

  16. Lietuvos žydų visuomeninės organizacijos

    • Jewish Trade Unions and Other Associations in Lithuania

    Documents deal with the activities of: Jewish society "Švietimas ir darbas" (Engl. Education&Work) in Alytus; Central workers 'cooperation of the production (Lith. Centralinis darbininkų gaminamasis kooperatyvas "Kūjis") "Hammer"; "ORT" in Lithuania; "Kultur Lyga" in Kaunas; Kaunas employees union (for all staff members of the industrial and trade companies); Trade union of the craftsmen of clothes, bedding and hats; Lithuanian Jews craftsmen society; Lithuanian Jews craftsmen society Telšiai (Telsh) department; Lithuanian Jewish teachers society "Hamore"; Telšiai (Telsh) Jewish craftsm...

  17. Ministry of Domestic Affairs of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (Vilnius)

    This fonds contains official orders, decrees, proclamations, and announcements from the occupying authorities. Proclamation by the Liberation propaganda headquarters in Lithuania: proclamation urging people to fight the "Jewish constitution" and demeaning Jews. Appeal to fight Soviet rule; appeal to fight the Jews. The Jews accused of deporting Lithuanians. Proclamation of the information bureau of Lithuania in Berlin (part 4 is addressed to Jews: they are advised to "get out of Lithuania to avoid becoming unnecessary victims"). Call to expropriate Jews' property.

  18. Ukmergės kalėjimas

    • Ukmergė Prison

    Many files of people who were arrested and interrogated at the prison; files of political and criminal prisoners and POW's; personal files of Jews who were imprisoned there from the end of June 1941 until September 1941, as well as documents about prison activities.

  19. Lietuvių saugumo policijos Vilniaus apygarda

    • Litauische Sicherheitspolizei Bezirk Wilna
    • Lithuanian Security Police of Vilnius District

    This collection contains "reports by the security police about arrested and wanted Jews, reports by agents of the security police about Jews in hiding and Christians who help them" (Žirikova Galina, Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai: holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis (The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Research on the Holocaust in Lithuania), Vilnius, Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Muziejus, 2011, p. 12. Information about communists, related to Communist party or suspected to be communists; list of the Lithuanian policemen who were accomodated ...

  20. Vilniaus sunkiųjų darbų kalėjimas (Vilniaus Lukiškių kalėjimas)

    • Das Lukischki-Gefängnis in Wilna
    • The Hard-Labour Prison in Vilnius (Lukiškės Prison) of the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice

    This collection contains "documents concerning the handing over of the Jewish inmates to the Special Squad that exterminated Jews in Paneriai" (Galina Žirikova, Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai: holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis (The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Research on the Holocaust in Lithuania), Vilnius: Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono Žydų Muziejus, p. 12. Subfonds 1 and 3-5 include: alphabetical personal files of the prisoners; lists of arrested people (most of whom were Jews); list of arrested Jews who were handed over to the SS; labour ...