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Holding Institution: Lietuvos Mokslų Akademijos Vrublevskių Biblioteka - Rankraščių skyrius
  1. ELTA informacija. Buržuazinių nacionalistų kovos veiksmų aprašymas traukiantis Raudonajai armijai Vilniuje ir Trakuose

    • Information from News Agency ELTA (Electronic Lithuanian Telegrams Agency). Descriptions of the Fighting Between the Red Army and Local Nationalists in the First Days of Second World War (When the Red Army Was Retreating) in Vilnius and Trakai

    Information about activities (including correspondence, notes, letters, writings) of units of the white arm-banded local partisans who were fighting against communists and Jews.

  2. ELTA informacija. Bolševikų bėgimas iš Ukmergės

    • Information from news agency ELTA (Electronic Lithuanian Telegrams Agency). Escape of the Bolsheviks from Ukmergė

    Correspondence, notes, writings send to ELTA (Electronic Lithuanian Telegrams Agency) about the first days of WWII in Ukmergė, including information about people (most of whom were Jews) arrested by local activists.

  3. Žydų padėties nuostatai

    • The Regulations on the Status of the Jews

    The "Regulations on the Status of the Jews" were declared by the Provisional Government and regulated the lives of the Jews in Lithuania. Under these regulations the Jews of Lithuania were deprived of all human and civil rights and were obliged to wear special marking.

  4. Rukšėnas K. Hitlerininkų politika Lietuvoje 1941-1944 metais (Istorijos mokslų kandidato disertacija)

    • Nazi Policy in Lithuania 1941-1944 (K. Rukšėnas, PhD Dissertation)

    This work contains information about Nazi attitudes toward Jews, about forced labour camps for Jews, and about Jewish prisoners in Lithuanian jails.

  5. Hitlerininkų piktadarybėms tirti respublikinės komisijos aktai

    • Documents of the State Commissions for Investigation of Nazi Crimes

    The fonds consists of the documents of the Extraordinary Commission on the crimes of the Nazis and local collaborators. Files include information about crimes in almost every region of Lithuania (except Jurbarkas, Švenčionėliai, Varėna, and Vilkaviškis). Other items inlude documents compiled by the Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys towns' and districts' commissions about the crimes, testimonies of witnesses, testimonies about the camp for evacuated people in Alytus; testimonies about people killed or deported to do forced labour in the Germany; various kinds of the documentation regardin...