Country: Romania
  1. Daily bulletins

    bulletins and contrainformative reports at the 3-rd army, from April 1, 1942.

  2. The army of occupation.

    Orders and instructions for guarding of the territory. Redeployment of the 3-rd Army: details and distribution of troops. “General Instructions Nr. 8575” with 10 annexes. Instructions for organizing the operation of the telecommunication equipment. Instructions for the collaboration between Romanian troops of occupation and the German authorities.

  3. Instructions

    for the guarding of the territory, given to the military Units responsible for various portions of the territory. The massacre in Jassy on 28/29 June was provoked by “ soviet agents and the judeo-communist population” as signed by the chief of the Romanian General Staff General Ioanitiu, in a letter criticizing the reaction of the Romanian military. Instructions for the administration of the province Transnistria. A booklet of the Soviet army, titled “Means of warfare of the Soviet partisan units” was translated and distributed for information. Accord between the German and Romanian authori...

  4. Orders and instructions

    for evacuation of Jews from Odessa. Horror stories about the Jews evacuated in district Balta, reported by a Romanian officer.

  5. Various measures

    against the Jews: confiscation of devices for telecommunication, telephones, telegraphic equipment, radio receivers. Reports on the attitude of the Ukrainian population. Reports on the mood in the army.

  6. Evacuation of the Jews

    from Bessarabia to various camps. Ordonanta Nr. 23 - Deportation of Jews to Transnistria. The fate of the Jews in Tiraspol.

  7. Misc. notes, reports and counter-informative bulletins

    received from Gendarmes Units, police etc. in period 23 June - 25 August 1941.

  8. Contra-informative reports.

    (Note: some pages missing, being taken out by security services; most of the remaining pages hardly legible).

  9. Monthly contra-informative reports.

    Informative Bulletin for Transnistria. Follow reports for every month up to January 1942.

  10. Chiffered symbols and signatures.

    Measures are indicated to maintain secrecy as required; real names not to be used in telecommunications. Lists of signatures for telegraphic and telephonic communications. Lists for the symbols of various Units and Services.

  11. Army Engineering Corps requests

    permission to use Jews in communication services and other special positions. Jewish women to be also mobilized; to be used for hospitals or other institutions and should not be put to heavy manual work.

  12. Campaign against Hungary.

    Activity of the propaganda groups. Distribution to the troops of materials received from the Soviet Union. Preparations for a military gazette. Atrocities committed by the Hungarian army.

  13. Jews.

    Problems related to use of Jewish hospitals and workers, Various requests from Jewish communities and individuals, mostly related to forced labor. Lists of Jews provided with certificate of dispensation from forced labor.

  14. Orders and requests.

    Orders of permanent nature, for military personnel and organization. Colonization of Bessarabia. Request to settle there, from a number of NC officers. Officers’ wives requested to perform duties at social services. Instructions regulating the duties of Jews in the working brigades. Order from Antonescu to limit the body weight of the officers to 75 Kg. Obligatory physical exercises are instituted. Casa Ostirii (Army Club): description, history, functions.

  15. Misc. - territory - etapes.

    Instructions for organizing the secretarial service. Territorial distribution of military commands in Transnistria.

  16. Plan

    of operations and maps regarding measures to protect main objectives against parachutists and partisans.

  17. Protection

    against parachutists, airborne troops and partisans.

  18. Orders

    with regard to measures taken to warrant internal peace and security. Lists of military units in charge of guarding main objectives.

  19. Ordinances in Romanian, German and Russian regarding the administration of Transnistria.

    Ordinances in Romanian, German and Russian regarding the administration of Transnistria. Measures for organizing the life of the Jews in Transnistria. Ordinance of the military commandment. Various other ordinances regarding the life and activities in Transnistria.

  20. Requests

    for maps indicating zones of fraudulent crossing of the Bug or Dniester, of partisans, of parachutists launching, communist nests etc.