Archival Descriptions

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Holding Institution: Војни архив
  1. German Occupying Forces 1941-1945

    The fund of German Occupying Forces has in total 315 boxes of the materials of a war period from 1941-1945, arranged and processed in archival manner. The aforementioned archival material applies mainly to combat operations of the German units on Yugoslav territories, various combat reports, checklists of units staffing and documentation of German military and civilian authorities. The fund of German Occupying Forces also has 51 boxes of disorganized archival materials with the reports on operational section work, promotional material and German card files manuscripts. The fund of German Oc...

  2. Serbian Government of Milan Nedic 1941-1945

    • Nediceva arhiva

    The archive of Serbian Government of Milan Nedic from 1941 to 1945 is arranged and processed to the level of internal lists of boxes and folders and has 263 boxes of the archival materials. In the aforementioned archival materials, there are dispatches (46 boxes) on the box numbers from 187 to 232. The fund has card files of Chetnik, Ljotic and Nedic’s units in Serbia in 1941 and card files of the geographic objects in Serbia in 1941. The fund also has a theme inventory book of the basic documents on the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia, Nedic’s institutions, Crime Investigation Commi...

  3. Збирка микрофилмова

    • Collection of microfilms
    • Zbirka mikrofilmova

    Copies of documents issued by various German central authorities and occupational forces in Yugoslavia and Serbia. Among them are documents of German Foreign ministry, German plenipotentiary for the economy in Serbia and the others.