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  1. Borowski-Wajuryk family. Collection

    This collection contains eight photos including a pre-war photo of Zima Herman Borowski with friends Eva Kupferstein and Malvine Reisenfeld, a pre-war photo of Nathalie Borowski's friend Pinkus (Paul) Fremder, a war-time photo of Zima Herman Borowski wearing the yellow Star of David, a photo from Nathalie Borowski's cheder (Hebrew and religious school) in Seraing when celebrating Hanukah in 1941, a wartime photo of Zima Herman Borowski wearing a priest's clothes while in hiding at a Jesuit monastery, and three post-war photos of the leftist Zionist youth movement Dror in Seraing and Liège.

  2. Deed of sale with stipulation of non-Jewish decent. Item

    Digitised copy of a notarial deed stipulating the sale of a plot of land to the Jolémont family, including a remark that a possible Jewish descent was verified and dismissed.

  3. Registries of Jewish retirement home Scheut. Collection

    This collection contains digital copies of two registries used to monitor the number of residents at the Jewish retirement home Scheut in Anderlecht. The institution housed 490 Jewish elderly men and women from September 1943 until December 1944. Each page contains four names and bibliographical information : name, date of birth, place of birth, profession, nationality, information on the spouse, date of arrival at Scheut and date of departure. The registries sometimes also refer to the way of arrival or departure of a person.

  4. Lewkowicz family. Collection

    This collection contains: the IDs of siblings Jakob Lewkowicz and Perla Lewkowicz; six photos of the Lewkowicz family including photos of the Lewkowicz family at the time of their migration to Belgium, photos of youngest daughter Rosine Regine Lewkowicz and photos of the Lewkowicz children with friends.

  5. Fanny Biber. Collection

    This collection contains one photograph and three photocopied documents : picture of Fanny Biber and her husband Abraham Max Lipschutz wearing the yellow badge ; a "Schutzbrief" from the Swiss embassy in Berlin certifying Fanny Biber's British nationality ; a displaced person card ; a declaration from the staff at the Vittel camp proving that Fanny Biber received the certificate from the Suisse embassy.

  6. Morgen-Duchesne family. Collection

    This collection contains 14 photocopies of documents : regarding the interment of Moszek Morgen in the Saint-Gilles prison and the Fort of Breendonk, regarding the trial against Suzanne Duchesne who tried to bribe a Sicherheitspolizei-Sicherheitsdienst member to liberate her Jewish husband Moszek Morgen and a prewar work permit for Moszek Morgen. The collection also contains three photos of Moszek Morgen, including one with an unidentified woman, presumably his wife Suzanne Duchesne.

  7. Report by Service MARC. Item

    Report drafted by a member of the Belgian espionage network Service MARC and sent to London. The document contains a remark regarding the seven Romanian Jews who complied with the Nazi order for repatriation to Romania.

  8. Robert Lambert. Collection

    The collection consists of: two diplomas issued to Lambert Robert by the Institut des Arts et Métiers [Institute for the Arts and Professions] in Brussels (1940 and 1942) ; a diploma of rescuer issued in 1980 to Robert Lambert and his parents Jules and Caroline Lambert by the Comité d'Hommage des Juifs de Belgique 1940-1945 [Honorary Committee of the Jews of Belgium 1940-1945] ; a photocopy of a diploma of Righteous among the Nations issued to Robert Lambert and his parents Jules and Caroline Lambert by Yad Vashem in 1995 for helping the Kuniecpol family while they were in hiding.

  9. Dutkiewicz-Wagner family. Collection

    This collection contains: the envelope created by the Dossin barracks administration to contain the documents of Laja Wagner, confiscated from her upon her arrival at the SS-Sammellager ; the false ID card of Laja Wagner which was stored in the Dossin barracks envelope ; the wedding photo of Gdalja Dutkiewicz and Laja Wagner.

  10. Sokolski-Gruszka family. Collection

    This collection consists of photos of Adolphe Sokolski, his wife Sosia Gruszka and their three daughters Jacqueline, Arlette and Francine, as well as newspaper clippings regarding the 70th anniversary of the anti-Jewish raid in Douai and Lens, France (11 September 1942), during which the family was arrested.

  11. Birencwaig-Cyngler family. Collection

    This collection contains nine pre-war photos of the Birencwaig-Cyngler family : group photos of Abe Birencwaig and Zysla Cyngler with their children, a photo of oldest daughter Esther Birencwaig with fiancee Jean Cyngler and a photo of Abe Birencwaig and his parents.

  12. Springer-Chasman family. Collection

    This collection contains: several pre-war Ketubah from the Springer-Chasman extended family ; immigration documents for the Chasman family ; documents regarding parcels sent by Adela Chasman to her future husband Jacques Springer, detained in Auschwitz ; a telegram sent by Nathan (Nico) Engelsman asking when Jacques Springer will join him in Sweden ; post-war documents regarding the health of Jacques Springer, regarding his recognition as a resistance fighter and regarding his war pension ; post-war documents regarding the death of Adela Chasman's sister Helena Chasman ; post-war documents ...

  13. Figowitz-Hoch family. Collection

    This collection contains sixteen photos of the extended Figowitz-Hoch family, including photos of Hermann Figowitz and his wife Etta Hoch as well as their children Anna, Ignaz and Manfred ; photos of Ignaz Figowitz alias Glen Ferell with his family after the war ; a letter from an unidentified family member, probably Regina Figowitz-Pinchewski, the mother of Hermann Figowitz.

  14. Lupu-Sigal family. Collection

    This collection contains a letter thrown out of deportation transport XXII A by Ernestine alias Esther Lupu and three pre-war photos of Bella, Arlette and Ernestine (Esther) Lupu and their mother Adela Sigal.

  15. Transcripts of interrogations of Adolf Eichmann in preparation of his trial. Item

    This item consists of six volumes containing the transcriptions of the interrogations of Adolf Eichmann by investigator Avner Werner Less, conducted between 29 May 1960 and 15 January 1961.

  16. Kanner-Schnitzer family. Collection

    This collection consists of a newspaper article regarding rescue work by Betty Jakobovits or Jakubowicz, and twelve photos of Schnitzer family members, including vacation photos, passport photos and studio portraits.

  17. Wouthuijsen-Ricardo family. Collection

    This collection contains two letters and a postcard sent by Willem Wouthuijsen and his wife Ester Ricardo, while detained at the Dossin barracks in August 1942, to their daughter Elisabeth Wouthuijsen and her husband Károly Faragó.

  18. Scrap book on the Adolf Eichmann trial. Item

    This scrap book contains hundreds of clippings from presumably French, Belgian and Italian newspapers on the trial of Adolf Eichmann.

  19. Kluizen - Coffres-forts. Collection Bank vaults which were not claimed after the war. Collection

    This collection consists of the bank vaults which were not claimed by their original owners post-war. The owners were both Jewish and non-Jewish war victims or refugees who did not return to Belgium. The vaults do not contain any valuables, but documents including securities and personal documents, family photos, and objects such as cutlery, photo cameras and tableware. This collection is not accessible to third parties. Relatives who might be entitled to the content of one of the vaults are requested to contact