1. Misc. Propaganda. Juridic.

    Instructions for the Propaganda units. Instructions for the Services of propaganda and counter-propaganda in the Army.

  2. The Jews and their evacuation.

    Letter of Horia Sima. Relax attitude vs. the “Jidani”.

  3. Dispositions

    regarding the creation of a new Zionist organization, for the Jews from Romania. Information bulletin of the Pretorate in Odessa. 247 Jews in Shmerinca are taken over by German authorities. A German lieutenant is found to be a Jew from Cernauti.

  4. Problems related to Jews.

    Proposal to evacuate Jews ages 15 - 50 from towns in operation zones of the Army. On 30/6 Antonescu orders a curfew for Jews and placing them in guarded places during the night hours. Also hostages will be taken from Jews, communists, to be shot at the first signs of rebellion. The problem of transferring masses of Jews East of the Dniester and the Germans turning them back on the West banc. The Jews already in Transnistria will stay there until taken over by the Germans with whom a convention in this matter was signed. (Tiraspol, Oct.11, 1941). Orders to prevent contacts between Jews and t...

  5. Rose Henriques Archive.

    Apart from general documents such as minutes of meetings, statistical documents, leaflets and articles, correspondence, various reports, … this fonds contains a couple of files specifically regarding the Jewish population in Belgium. First of all, some files contain reports on Belgium (written by the Research Department or by individuals) – see nr. 52/10 (two reports on Belgium, resp. 1946-1947 and 1948) and 52/45 (two reports on Belgium, s.d. and 1945). File nr. 52/32 contains information (on complaints) on requisitioning from persecuted individuals, among them the case of [E.K.] regarding...

  6. Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) Records, Part III: Post-War Administrative Files and Anti-Discrimination Department Files.

    The series “General Files”, contains correspondence, flyers, reports, memos, documentation, … on a wide variety of topics, individuals, events, Jewish and other organisations. We point out the following files: “Belgium” (box 122, folders nrs. 40, 41 and 42; for the years 1957-1968), “Child Adoption Program: Belgium” (box 124, nrs. 35-37; years 1956-1964), “Child Adoption Program: Belgium – Lists” (box 124, nrs. 38-39; years 1957-1964), “Reparations: Belgium” (box 160, nr. 32; years 1961-1962) and “Soviet Jewry: Brussels Conference” (box 168, nrs. 20-21; years 1971, 1975-1976). The “Series V...

  7. Jewish Labor Committee Records, Part II: Holocaust Era Files.

    In “Series III: Foreign Countries” of this fonds, we find several files containing “mixed materials” on Belgium, for the period 1948-1956. See box 80, folders nrs. 25-32 and box 81, folders nrs. 1-2. These numbers correspond with microfilm reels nrs. 237-238. In “Subseries IV:C: Child Adoption Program: Correspondence files” of “Series IV: Immigration, Resettlement and Refugee Aid” we note the following files: “Belgium: General & Lists” (box 114, folder nr. 29), “Belgium: Mila Alter” (box 114, nrs. 30-31) and “Belgium: Poale Zion” (box 114, nr. 32). These files mostly contain corresponde...

  8. Jewish Labor Committee Records, Part I: Holocaust Era Files.

    In “Series III: Foreign Countries” we find a series of files containing “mixed materials” on Belgium. See box 29, folders 9-15, corresponding to microfilm reels nrs. 77 and 78. The files are dated ca. 1940-1947. “Subseries V:C: Addendum” also holds a file on Belgium (1946) – see box 53B, folder nr. 6 (microfilm reel 167).

  9. Rescue Children, Inc. Collection.

    Several files in this collection concern the activities of Rescue Children in Belgium. Box 13, folder 1 contains an undated list of adopted and non-adopted children in the home in “St. Marianberg” [Sint Mariaburg]. In box 15, folder 1 we note an undated report (including photographs) from the Comité central Israélite addressed to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. In “Series III: Photographs”, we find two folders with photographs relevant to Belgium. Box 14A, folder 9 contains i.a. photos of Rescue Children, Inc.’s Belgium Committee, children in Antwerp and a Belgian ...

  10. Vaad Hatzala Collection.

    Apart from the usual general series of correspondence, reports, press releases, notes, newspaper clippings etc. this fonds contains several files with explicit reference to Belgium. In the series of correspondence concerning immigration and rehabilitation, we find a list of refugees in Italy and Belgium (box 18 folder 107), dating back to 1946. The series of correspondence with Vaad Hatzala representatives in foreign countries contains several interesting files. Box 27 folder 50 holds letters from yeshivot in France and Belgium (year 1949) and box 40 folder 187 contains general corresponden...

  11. Records of the Central Relief Committee, Volume II.

    In this fonds, we firstly note box 105 folder 1 (years 1920-1940), containing an account book which lists appropriations to yeshivot and Talmud Torahs in several European countries, including Belgium. The series of correspondence with Europe, the Far East and Palestine/Israel contains two files relevant to Belgium. Box 224 folder 15 contains questionnaires and lists concerning Belgium, Lithuania and Romania (1938-1939). In box 225 folder 4 we find correspondence and receipts with regards to Yeshiva Etz Hayim in Heide (Antwerp), for the year 1939. Lastly, we point out that the inventory desc...

  12. United Czenstochower Relief Committee.

    In this fonds we note, in box 3, a folder entitled “9.h. France / Belgium”, containing correspondence (ca. 1946-1950) with individuals asking for information on missing relatives, on how to contact family members in the United States, requests for sending parcels with food and supplies, etc.

  13. ORT Photograph collection.

    The “ORT Photograph collection”, a part of the larger American ORT records collection, contains several folders with photographs depicting ORT activities in Belgium. We note the following folders, often holding several pictures: nr. 1004 “Offices of the Committee for Assistance to Jewish Refugees” (Brussels, pre-1940), nr. 1005 “Feeding refugees at the Committee for Assistance to Jewish Refugees” (Brussels, pre-1940), nr. 1006 “Shabbos in Joint Distribution Committee-supported home” (1947), nr. 1007 “Students at work in trade school” (Antwerp, post-1945), nr. 1008 “Children’s home maintaine...

  14. American ORT Federation. Records.

    Firstly, general information on ORT activities in Belgium can be found in the series of general records, reports, brochures, correspondence etc. We note for instance the series of “WOU Weekly Summaries”, containing weekly reports on ORT work in various countries. These summaries are arranged by country. The series “Archive materials” contains reports and publications on several countries, i.a. Belgium – see folder nr. 304 (ca. 1930-1945). Series “Historical Educational” contains a file “Historical Educational Belgium” (nr. 334; period 1946-1949). It consists of statistical material on the n...

  15. Records of the American Jewish Committee Paris Office (FAD-41) Files.

    The “Series I: Geographic Files” contains interesting material on the Belgian Jewish community. Firstly we point out the reports on visits to Belgium and the situation of the Jews there (1947-1950, 1955); see box 5, folder nr. 41. Box 5, folders nrs. 37, 39, 42 and 43 contain monthly reports and correspondence by AJC correspondents (i.a. Regine Orfinger-Karlin and Joseph Lehrer) in Belgium, resp. for 1956-1957, 1945-1951, 1946-1948 and 1949-1951. Correspondence, various reports, press clippings etc. on general subjects (the Jewish population, refugees, anti-Semitism, contacts with Jewish co...

  16. American Jewish Committee. Foreign Affairs Dept (FAD-1).

    This fonds contains five relevant files with regards to AJC activities in Belgium. The folder list contains the following (brief) descriptions: “Belgium. AJC correspondents (reports)”, “Belgium. Jewish Agencies”, “Belgium. Jewish community”, “Belgium. Refugees (Mermelstein orphans)” and “Belgium. Visits”.

  17. American Jewish Committee. Morris Waldman Files.

    This fonds contains documents from Morris Waldman, Secretary (1928-1943) and Executive Vice-President (1943-1944) of the AJC. The following files are relevant to this guide: “Belgium, 1939” (box 4), “Gottschalk, Max 1937-1939” (box 16), “Van Zeeland – see US. Government/Coordinator of information” (box 41) and “War and Peace 1920-1945 Belgium decrees (before and after war) 1940-1945” (box 44).

  18. AJDC Photographs.

    This part of the records of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee consists of pictures of the activities of this organisations all around the world. The fonds should contain pictures on JDC work in Belgium. At the time of writing, the relevant folder appeared to be missing.

  19. Records of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Landsmanshaftn Department.

    In subseries 4 (“correspondence about countries and with the regional JDC offices”), we find a file on “JDC Belgium” (years 1947-1948) - see box 18, folder nr. 534.

  20. Max Gottschalk Papers.

    The Max Gottschalk Papers almost exclusively consist of correspondence of Gottschalk with various individuals and organisations. We note: correspondence concerning Gottschalk’s relations with Belgian Free Masons living in the USA (folder XXXI-1; period 1941); correspondence with various individuals (folder XXXI-2; 1942); letters of thanks and various invitations (folder XXXI-32; 1942-1944); correspondence of Gottschalk concerning his son Robert i.a. regarding his admission into university, bar mitzvah, summer camp performances etc. (folder XXXI-4; 1942-1943); correspondence with regards to ...