Archival Descriptions

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Holding Institution: Ιστορικό Αρχείο Μακεδονίας
  1. Εκθέσεις φορολογικού ελέγχου επιχειρήσεων

    • Reports of tax audit on companies
    • Ektheseis forologikou elegchou epixeiriseon

    During the German occupation (1941-1944) the Greek authorities conducted a tax audit on Jewish companies in Thessaloniki.

  2. Ελληνικός Ερυθρός Σταυρός

    • Greek Red Cross
    • Ellinikos Erythros Stavros

    Food distribution to the Jewish Community and other Salonikan Jewish institutions (Saul Modiano Residential Home, Allatini Orphanage, Jewish Mental Hospital) in 1942-1943.

  3. Αρχείο Ειδικού Δικαστηρίου Δωσιλόγων

    • Archive of the Special Court of Collaborators
    • Archeio Eidikou Dikastiriou Dosilogon

    The material is indictments, case files, judicial decisions regarding the Collaborators of the Nazis in Greece.

  4. Αρχείο Πρωτοδικείου Θεσσαλονίκης - Κατοχικές Αποφάσεις

    • Archive of the Court of First Instance in Thessaloniki - Decisions for the Period of Occupation
    • Archeio Protodikeiou Thessalonikis - Katohikes Apofaseis

    Proceedings and decisions. During the German occupation (1941-1944) people were forced to sell their property. The Court was asked to re-examine the transactions.

  5. Πρακτικά συνεδριάσεων του Δικαστηρίου του εν Θεσσαλονίκη Πρωτοδικείου

    • Proceedings of Minutes of the First Instance Court in Thessaloniki
    • Praktika synedriaseon tou Dikastiriou tou en Thessaloniki Protodikeiou

    Holocaust Survivors claimed property for losses suffered during the Nazi Occupation. The archive contains the Judge rapporteurships and the proceedings.

  6. Αρχείο Πρωτοδικείου Θεσσαλονίκης - Ναζιστικές αποφάσεις

    • Archive of the Court of First Instance in Thessaloniki - Decisions for the Nazi era
    • Archeio Protodikeiou Thessalonikis - Nazistikes apofaseis

    Applications, proceedings, decisions according to the Law 4781/1961 "Agreement between Greece and Germany on the compensation of individuals who suffered damages from National-socialism".

  7. Συλλογή Ασσέο Ι. - Χαμπούρη Α.

    • Collection Asseo I. - Chabouri A.
    • Syllogi Asseo I - Chambouri A