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Holding Institution: Державний архів Вінницької області
  1. Барська районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації), м. Бар.

    Ukrainian language leaflets/orders printed by Germans or of German origin: November 1941 order from Reich Commissar and Higher SS and Police Leader of Southern Russia about necessary documents for travel within Ukraine. August 1942 'Instructions to the people of Bar and Yaltischkova' from the Ukrainian heads of administration and of fire safety. Order No. 8 from the Ukrainian Administration of Bar, dated 11 September 1941. Persons who occupy empty apartments and take furniture must in 3 days leave apartment and give furniture etc. to the administration. Order of Bar administration from 10 J...

  2. Вінницький міський касаційний суд при Вінницькому окружному комісарі

    • Vinnytsa city appeal court at Vinnytsa gebietskommissariat
    • Vinnytskyi miskyi kasatsiynyi sud pry Vinnytskomu okruzhnomy komisari

    Inventory 1, files 18, 24, 28, 43, 45, 90, 91, 102, 139, etc. - uniformed sets of documents, representing criminal and civil cases, produced by cassation courts at the district commissariat. These include, in particular, the complaints of Jews: the alienation of houses, robbery of property, etc. The cases cover the circumstances in which the damage was occurred. The group of civil cases testifies about fining of Jews who did not leave their homes in time and did not move to areas determined by the occupation authorities, or did not contribute their share into the indemnity imposed by the au...

  3. Самгородоцька районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації), м. Самгородок

    • Samhorodok district administration
    • Samhorodotska raionna uprava

    Inventory 1, file 2. Statement of the Commission of Samhorodok district administration from June 9-10, 1942 about evaluation of the property confiscated from the Jews and transfer it to stock. Inventory of the property is included.

  4. Вінницька обласна управа

    • Vinnytsa regional administration
    • Vinnytska oblasna uprava

    Inv. 1, file 8. Order of occupation authority on supply of meat by population, including requirements for Jews and orders regarding animals belonging to Jews. Inv. 1, file 9, 17, 23, 270, 274, 278, 283, 286 - information on the socio-economic directions of the persecution of Jews. Inv. 1, file 9, 17, 23; file 236, p. 7; file 237, p. 21; file 238, p. 11; file 240, p. 4-5; file 246, p. 17; file 247, p. 74-76 - contain correspondence with subordinate district councils on "Jewish question". Inv. 1, file 1-4, 7, 8, 16 - correspondence from Sidor Bernard, head of the administration, with the Germ...

  5. Фільтраційні, архівно-слідчі і спостережні справи, трофейні документи, передані з відомчого архіву обласного управління СБУ

    • Filtration files, archival-criminal files and trophy documents transferred from regional SBU archives

    Collection consists of several types of documents. 1. Filtering cases (51531 files). The filtration file is a set of documents about an individual deported from Germany: interrogation protocols, questionnaires, correspondence for obtaining information about the life and activities of the deportee. Among those deported to forced labor in Germany were Jews - teenagers, boys and girls, who with the help of counterfeit documents, under other names saved themselves from the actions of the destruction of the Jewish population and entered the territory of the Reich. 38 filtration cases of Jews wer...

  6. Брацлавська районна управа, м. Брацлав

    • Bratslav district administration
    • Bratslavska raionna uprava

    File 6. Most part of the file contains lists and inventories of goods confiscated from the Jews of Bratslav.

  7. Немирівська міська комендатура, м. Немирів

    • Nemyriv ortskommandantur
    • Nemyrivska miska komendatura

    File 1 contains orders of the town commandant of Nemyriv, particularly about resettlement of the Jewish craftsmen and their families.

  8. Архівна колекція документів з історії краю (Вінницька область)

    • Archival collection on the history of Vinnitsa region

    In some files, there are documents on the persecution and mass destruction of the Jewish population during the German-Romanian occupation, photocopies of documents on the preparations for resettlement of Jews into ghettos, announcements of the German and Romanian occupation authorities on taxes and indemnities imposed on the Jewish population of cities of Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Haysyn, Mogiliv-Podilsky, a photo of the exhumation of the killed Jewish population of Khmilnyk [inventory 1, file 141, pp. 1, 12, 19, 32]. Copies of chronological informations on the Nazi occupation of locations of V...

  9. Бершадська районна управа, м. Бершадь

    • Bershad district administration
    • Bershadska raionna uprava

    Information on aid provided to the Jewish prisoners of the Transnistrian ghettos by the international organization "Joint" and the Romanian Jewish Center in Bucharest from May 1942 to December 1943 [inventory 1, file 1; inventory 2, files 3-10]: receipts for payments to the Jews resettled into Bershad, advance reports on expenditures from the governor's fund [inventory 2, file 2].

  10. Жмеринська районна управа

    • Zhmerynska raionna uprava
    • Zhmerynka district administration

    Documents of the medical department of the Zhmerinka ghetto on prevention the epidemic of typhoid fever [inventory 1, file 9, pp. 2-3]

  11. Томашпільська районна управа

    • Tomashpil district administration
    • Tomashpilska raionna uprava

    Circulars prohibiting correspondence between the Jews of Transnistria and Romania, 1942 (inventory 7, file 38).

  12. Станіславчицька районна управа

    • Stanislavchyk district administration

    Order by pretura of Stanislavchyk district prohibiting to purchase goods from the Jews and to exchange things with them (inventory 1, file 1).

  13. Могилів-Подільська міська управа

    • Mohyliv-Podilska miska uprava
    • Mohyliv-Podilskyi city administration

    Information on salaries to workers of workshops, studios and other enterprises owned by individuals of Jewish nationality [inventory 1, file 485]. Documents on the organizational and economic activities of Jewish communities in the ghetto: permission for shoemaking, tailoring and pottery workshops, opening barbershops, sofas, bakeries, buffets and grocery stores, production of sausage wares, fur trade, small-scale trade [inventory 1, files 150-158, 167, 169-171, 173-177, 417]. Orders and decrees by Mohyliv-Podilsky city administration, documents on the provision of the Jews with housing, co...

  14. Підпільні організації, партизанські загони періоду Великої Вітчизняної війни на Вінниччині (1941–1944 рр.)

    • Underground organizations, partisan units of the period of Great Patriotic War

    The participation of Jews in the anti-Nazi underground was reflected in various categories of documents, starting with the list of Communists left in the rear of the enemy by the party organs, the NKVD organs of the Ukrainian SSR, and the state security organs of the UkrSSR to establish underground activities. According to these documents, out of the 150 people left in the region, 12 were Jews [inventory 1, file 42, pp. 3-21]. The same can be seen also in the list of persons left by the local security authorities in Vinnytsia region in the enemy rear with the tasks of individual sabotage an...

  15. Балківський жандармський пост Могилівського жандармського легіону

    • Gendarmerie station of Mohyliv Gendarmerie Legion

    File 1 at Inventory 1 contains, among other statements of those who applied to get permission to enter Mohyliv-Podilskyi, also statements from the Jews who escaped from the German occupation area.

  16. Колекція спогадiв та свiдчень колишнiх в'язнiв гетто й концтаборiв, остарбайтерів

    • Collection of memoirs and testimonies of the prisoners of ghettos and camps, Ostarbeiters

    The collection began to be created in 1997 as a complex of documents of oral history. It exists in form of paper, photo, audio and video documents. Approximately 500 interviews were conducted with former prisoners of Jewish ghettos and concentration camps. A separate block of documents - lists of former ghetto prisoners and labor camps, lists of burial places of the destruction of the Jewish population verified by the local government, photographs of victims, descriptions of monuments. There is a complex of documents on issues of popular art in Jewish ghettos and concentration camps (poetry...

  17. Вінницька обласна комісія сприяння роботі Надзвичайної державній комісїї по встановленню і розслідуванню злочинів німецько-фашистських загарбників

    • Vinnytsa regional Commission for assisting to the work of the Extraordinary State Commission on Investigation of the German-Fascist Crimes

    Inventory 1 contains resolutions of the SNK of the USSR, of the Ukrainian SSR, and instructions on the activities of the Commission (hereafter ChGK). It also includes decisions and instructions from local authorities; instructional materials by ChGK USSR and that of the USSR; summaries of records, registers, acts, lists of crimes and damage caused by the German-Romanian occupants and their accomplices to citizens, organizations, enterprises, and collective farms; reports, notes on the work of regional, district, city committees of the ChGK sent to the republican ChGK and Moscow’s ChGK. Inve...

  18. Балківська районна управа, с. Балки Барського району

    • Balkivska raionna uprava
    • District administration of Balky village, Bar district

    Statements from Jews asking permission to open buffets and stores [inventory 1, file 54]. Acts of sanitary inspection of the ghetto [inventory 1, file 225]. Lists of ghetto prisoners in the Balky district, with separate list of deported Jews with the indication of the locality from which they were deported [inventory 2, file 5, pp. 26-45, 46-52]. The order of the praetor about the prohibition for the Jews, under threat of execution, to leave territory of the ghetto without a permit [inventory 4, file 17, p. 14].

  19. Шпиківська районна управа (періоду німецько-фашистської окупації)

    • Shpykivska raionna uprava
    • Shpykiv district administration

    Some cases contain information about anti-Jewish actions: Inventory 3, file 1, p. 332. Orders of Prefect concerning the resettlement of the Jews into ghettos of Tulchyn, Bratslav, Shpykiv, Ladyzhin. Inventory 3, file 1, pp. 104-108, 447-461, 466-494. Information about the prisoners of ghettos located on the territory of Tulchyn district - lists of inhabitants of Shpykiv and Pechersk ghettos. Inventory 3, file 25, pp. 779-780. The correspondence of the Prefect of Tulchin district with the praetor of Shpikov in 1943, contains information on the life of Jews in the county (the creation of Jewi...

  20. Крижопільська районна управа

    • Kryzhopilska raionna uprava
    • Kryzhopil district administration

    The minutes of the meeting of the Kryzhopol district administration contains, in particular, the requirements to wear Jewish marking signs on clothes, to provide the Jews with bread made of flour of second quality [inventory 2, file 5, p. 9], prohibiting Jewish children from attending school [inventory 3, file 15, p. 34], and prohibition to all Jews to walk in the central streets of small towns, and so on. Documents on the organizational and economic activity of Jewish communities in the ghetto: permission for shoe, tailoring and pottery workshops, the opening of barbershops, sofas, bakerie...