Holding Institution: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  1. Belgium.

    The “Belgium” record group consists of several subcollections of microfilmed and/or digitised documents, of which the originals are preserved in Belgian archival and Jewish institutions. At the time of writing, there were 22 subcollections (see RG-65.001M to RG-65.024), exclusively consisting of (microfilm or digital) copies of archival material. In most cases, only a selection of documents and not the entire archival fonds/collection was copied. From the collections of the General State Archives (Archives Générales du Royaume / Algemeen Rijksarchief) and its local sections, we note general...

  2. Oral History.

    This collection contains thousands of interviews with survivors, rescuers and other witnesses of the Shoah and the Second World War. The interviews were not only conducted by the USHMM, but also by a multitude of other research institutions (most importantly, the USC Shoah Foundation) and private research initiatives. Almost 3800 interviews are streamable online. A simple search on geographical keywords such as Belgium, Brussels, Antwerp, … already yields more than 1170 interviews of persons who lived in Belgium before, during or after the war, or who passed through the country at some point.

  3. Survivor testimonies.

    This collection consists of memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. The documents contain information on their life in Nazi-Germany and occupied Europe, emigration and living in exile, deportation, experiences in the ghetto’s and concentration camps, the liberation, etc. Some of the files also contain personal documents, correspondence, newspapers clipping and the like. At the time of writing, 7 memoirs (dating from 1988, 1994-1995) were tagged with the keyword ‘Belgium’.

  4. Photograph collection.

    The Photograph collection of the USHMM is of great interest to this guide. Searching on keywords such as “Belgium”, “Belgique”, “Brussels”, “Antwerp” … yields more than 3500 results. Among the photographs we find images of political organisations (i.a. the Bund, Poale Zion, other Zionist organisations), youth movements (i.a. Gordonia, Hashomer Hatzair) and religious organisations (i.a. Brit Kanaim); of synagogues and other religious buildings; of Jewish schools, teachers and students; of the ‘refugee question’ in Belgium (i.a. the MS St. Louis, the refugee camp in Marneffe); of Jewish child...

  5. Fela and Chaïm Perelman collection.

    This collection contains archival material produced by both Fela and Chaïm Perelman. We firstly note series of personal documents such as identity cards, diploma’s, various certificates, calling cards, passports, day planners, documents concerning post-war honors and decorations, obituaries, … Furthermore, we find fairly large series of correspondence – with a range of family members, individuals and organisations (such as the École Ganenou, Conseil des Associations juives de Bruxelles, Ofipresse, Comité d’Action pour Israël, Jewish Agency Assembly, Keren Hayesod, Council of Jewish Federati...

  6. Ministry of Health (Fond 372)

    Contains drafts and correspondence regarding medical services, mobilization of Jewish dentists, and payments for confiscated dental equipment of Jewish dentists. Includes name lists of doctors sent to Thrace and Macedonia and lists of people mobilized to the health services (including mobilized Jewish doctors).

  7. Records of the Trieste Court of Appeals

    This collection contains various records concerning the legal discrimination against and expulsion of Jews from various professions in Trieste and the Adriatic coast during the war. It also contains postwar court records concerning the restitution of expropriated Jewish property.

  8. Selected records from the Prefettura di Trieste

    This collection contains documents on Italy’s fascist racial laws and their implementation in the city and region of Trieste; a registry of Jews in 1938; lists of Jews deported from Trieste and Adriatic region; and lists of Jewish refugees to Palestine. Documents mention the Risiera di San Sabba transit camp, part of Operationszone Adriatisches Küstenland (OZAK), a German-occupied enclave on the Adriatic coast. The records also concern Jewish communities in the coastal provinces of Fiume, Gorizia, Pola, Trieste, and Zara.

  9. Archivio della Nunziatura Apostolica in Vienna

    • Archive of the Apostolic Nuncio in Vienna

    Contains a telegram, letters and posters sent to Gaetano Cicognani, Apostolic Nuncio in Vienna (1935-1938) and to Pope XI, from Josef Moses Krumer, as well includes Krumer's three published books in Hebrew relating to his predictions of catastrophe for the Jewish people.

  10. Selected records from the Vatican Archives

    Contains records of the Munich nunciature 1865-1959, the nunciature of both Pacelli and Alberto Vasallo-Torregrossa (Indice 1096 A: Archivio della Nunziatura apostolica in Monaco); documents relating to Anti-Semitism and the persecution of Jews (Segreteria di Stato - Sezione per i rapporti con gli Stati Archivio Storico, Indice Affare Ecclesiastici straordinari Baviera, 1922-1939 ("Quarto Periodo"); records of the Berlin nunciature (Indice 1196 Archivio della Nunziatura apostolica in Berlino) exclusively of the nunciature of Pacelli; the Vatican administration (Segreteria di Stato - Sezione...

  11. Archivio della Nunziatura Apostolica in Parigi

    • Archive of the Apostolic Nuncio in Parigi

    Contains records of the Apostolic Nuncio in Paris relating to foreign political affairs. Includes hanwritten notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings and other materials of Mons. Valerio Valeri, Apostolic Nuncio to France in Paris.

  12. Selected records from the State Regional Archive in Bratislava

    The bulk of these records are trial records of cases of the Ludovy Sud [People’s Court] for the Bratislava area after the fall of the Tiso regime. The cases selected for microfilming mostly concern Jews and/or members of the local Hlinkova Guarda [Hlinka Guard: Tiso paramilitary organization] who persecuted Jews.

  13. Selected records of trials of the National Court of Slovakia, including the Jozef Tiso trial

    Contains selected documents created of the postwar court trials of Jozef Tiso, members of the wartime administration of Jozef Tiso, and others accused of crimes against Slovakia.

  14. War crimes investigation and trial records from the Republic of Moldova

    Contains electrostatic copies of documents related to criminal investigations into war crimes and enemy collaboration in Moldova and Transnistria.

  15. Selected records from the Perugia Regional State Archive

    Contains records from the Prefettura and Questura di Perugia, 1938-46 relating to the racial laws of 1938 and their implementation in Perugia, the deportation of the Jews of Perugia and their efforts after 1945 to reclaim their property and rebuild their community. Also included are 200 files containing personal materials on individuals. The collection also contains records from the province of Perugia and include records from smaller cities, such as Assisi documenting their reaction to the racial laws.

  16. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Lozère

    Contains documents pertaining to the Rieucros camp and other camps in the Lozère used to house persons including foreigners, Jews, prostitutes, refugees, and Communists. Includes internee files and information pertaining to the operation of the camps.

  17. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Maine-et-Loire

    Contains records pertaining to the systematic harassment, imprisonment, and spoliation of Jews in the Maine-et-Loire as well as records pertaining to the Jewish internment camp at Clefs and the Roma-Sinti internment camp at Montreuil-Bellay.

  18. Selected records of the Departmental Archives of Ain

    This collection contains general information about “Jewish” affairs, Freemasons, identity documents, and internment. It includes documents specifically on the sub-prefectures of Belley and Nantua, as well as a list of “fugitive” foreigners.

  19. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

    Correspondence, reports, circulars, alphabetical registration files of internees, transfer lists and medical records of internees, alphabetical lists of Jews under house arrest, related to internment camps in France, including Gurs, Saint-Cyprien and Polo-Beyris a Bayonne. Also contains records relating to financial aid of Union Générale des Israélites de France, the Red Cross, the Quakers and Aide aux Réfugés (section d'Oloron); art activities of internees; resistance correspondence; records on crime (1941-1945); prostitution (1944-1945); and some photographs of crime victims, and rel...

  20. Selected records from the Departmental Archives of the Pyrénées-Orientales

    Collection includes records from sources including the departmental committee on the liberation of the region; and the cabinet of the prefecture and the sub-prefecture at Prades. Topics include internment camps; the Rivesaltes military and internment camps; the fortress at Perpignan; correspondence, denunciations, dossiers on individuals; international brigades returning from Spain; Spanish refugees; staff of internment camps; Polish refugees in France; arrests and detentions; Jewish internees at Rivesaltes; and other internees.