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Holding Institution: Državni arhiv u Rijeci
  1. Općina Rijeka

    • Comune di Fiume -Rijeka
    • The municipality of the town of Rijeka
  2. Riječka prefektura

    • Prefettura di Fiume
    • The prefecture of Rijeka

    The collection is important for the study of the state policy/politics of the Kingdom of Italy in the area of ​​Rijeka (Kvarner province) from 1941 to 1945 and the neighboring areas annexed beginning of World War II . Most of it consists of cabinet and general files whose content is similar , with the cabinet records documenting more political , administrative and general and administrative jurisdiction of the creator. Cabinet and general files are archived from 1924 to 1945 according to three classification systems , and the names of their individual components best reflect the content of ...

  3. Općina Opatija

    • Comune di Abbazia
    • The municipality of the town of Opatija
  4. Riječka kvestura

    • Questura di Fiume
    • The Rijeka city treasury

    Contains files from the Main Cabinet; Foreigners' office; and the Public safety agents headquarters files. The Cabinet files consist of files for both private persons and public institutions; and files ranged from A1 (general information); A2 (warnings of assassinations); A3 (information on associations); A4 (surveillance of people 1924-1929, reports and information on partizan actions and legal proceedings against them; their families and accomplices; A6 (information on periodicals); A7 (information on politically subversive people from the Kvarner region); A8 and A9 (politically subversiv...