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Holding Institution: Zemský archiv v Opavě
  1. Regierungspräsident (Office of the Governing President) of Opava

    The fonds contains sources for all sections of state administration, education and economics in the government circuit Opava of the Reich’s Sudetenland Reichsgau (region) from the years 1938–1945. The political and economic situation reports and minutes from the conferences of the landrats (Land Councillor's Offices) are of particular value. Jewish history is covered by documents concerning the adoption of distinguishing names for Jews (inv. № 1794) and Jewish personal names (inv. № 1898–1899, 1910), decrees and measures concerning Jewish registers (inv. № 1912), requests of Jewish persons ...

  2. Agricultural Office of Opava

    The fonds of the Kulturamt Troppau (Agricultural Office of Opava) has survived lacunae. The fonds contains only files consisting of lists of land property, documents associated with trusteeship (in German Treuhandverwaltung) and other associated paperwork. Inter alia, there are 2 lists kept here of Jewish land property in the competence circuit of the office with data about the area of plots and names and owners and with a note about the then fate of those lands (1939).

  3. Oberfinanzpräsident (Supreme Financial President) of Opava

    The fonds contains sources concerning the organisation and structure of financial administration in the relevant administrative circuit during the period 1938–1945. The file groups O 5200–O 5400, which contain materials from 1940–1944, are fundamental for the study of Jewish history. Specifically they are the directives and decrees for the use of seized Jewish and other enemy property and for the transfer of works of art from this property to the Reich Regional Museum in Opava (inv. № 91, call number 5200, box 2077), intimations of yields of Reich Minister of Finance from 4. 11. and 9. 12. ...

  4. Reichs Archives of Opava

    The fonds documents the history of archiving in the government circuit Opava in the context of the Sudetenland Reichsgau (region) in the period 1938–1945. The fonds contains all the fundamental paperwork relating to the establishment and activities of the institution up until the end of Reich state administration in April 1945. The fonds contains several individual sources of value for the study of Jewish history. Primarily these are the results of research conducted by the archive in administrative institutions and parishes in the circuit of the Government President in Opava concerning the...

  5. Oberlandrat (Supreme District Councillor) of Olomouc

    Despite the fact that this concerns a fonds of an important administrative institution from the period of German occupation, unfortunately only fragments of its documents have been preserved. The fonds contains documents relating in particular to Aryanisation of Jewish property. This specifically concerns materials documenting records, expropriation and administration of Jewish property (card files) including various lists of Jewish enterprises, 1939–1942 (box№ 10–15, inv. №19, call № Wirtsch II).

  6. Oberlandrat (Supreme District Councillor) of Moravská Ostrava

    The fonds contains regular files from the activity of the Oberlandrat in Mährisch Ostrau (Supreme District Councillor in Moravská Ostrava). The most extensive part consists of questionnaires of citizens about the granting of citizenship from the years 1939–1943 and materials concerning Jewish history: purchase and renting of Jewish holiday chalets from the years 1940–1942 (inv. № 24), registrations of property of Jewish companies according to field of trading and areas from the year 1940 (inv. № 25–27) and primarily paperwork concerning the handling of Jewish real estate, its sale and libra...

  7. Úřad vrchního zemského rady v Moravské Ostravě

    • Oberlandrat in Mährisch Ostrau
    • Oberlandrát v Moravské Ostravě