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  1. Cantor David Aptowitzer Family fonds

    Mohel Cantor D. Aptowitzer Circumcision Register, Book 1, bris 1 to 190 - September 1965 - September 1972; Mohel Cantor D. Aptowitzer Circumcision Register, Book 2, bris 191 to 858 - April 1973 - January 1986; Mohel Cantor D. Aptowitzer Circumcision Register, Book 3, bris 859 to 1444 - January 1986 - March 2000; Mohel Cantor D. Aptowitzer Circumcision Register, Book 4, bris 1445 to 1464 - July 2000 - July 2006; Mohel Cantor D. Aptowitzer Circumcision Index Book (alphabetical); File 1 - Biographical Information, Wall, Lawrence. “Aptowitzer memoirs document lines of turmoil, survival.” The Bu...

  2. Agudath Israel Congregation fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • C0005
    • English
    • 1938-2016
    • 16 boxes, 3 scrapbooks; 28 CD's containing photographs of events, 2 scrolls A.1.6 - A.2.3 2 scrolls in OS

    Fonds consists of the administrative records of the synagogue including minutes, annual meetings, financial, bulletins and the rich programming of the Men’s Club, Sisterhood, Malca Pass Library. Files contain: Minutes of the Board 1949-1986, 1993-2007, Annual Meetings - 1949-1986, 1991-2007, General Meetings, 1953-1981, various committees, 1955-1996; Bulletins (1948- 2009 with some gaps), Agudath Israel Men’s Club, (1961-1980); Sisterhood membership, (1938-1940,1956 - 1987), minutes of meetings, (1955-1997), Newsletters, (1955- 1984), Cinderella Ball, (1962-1983), Nearly New Shop (1968-2000...

  3. Labour Zionist Council of Ottawa fonds

    Fonds consists of records of the umbrella organization, the Labour Zionist Council of Ottawa, as well as the Histadrut Centre and Histadrut Campaigns. Fonds consists of financial records including campaigns, (1941-1985); souvenir booklets, (1943-1974); minutes,(1947-1987); membership lists, (1949-1974); correspondence,(1949-1985); invitations, notices, (1943-1988); diary of Moses Slack (1952-1957) who was Executive Secretary of the Council between 1951 and 1957, a photograph of a Labour Zionist Council of Ottawa Certificate issued in recognition of the burning of the mortgage or the Histadr...

  4. Beth Shalom Congregation fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • C0008
    • English
    • 1943-2016
    • textual records, photographs, textiles. A.2.5 - A.3.1

    Fond consists of a DVD of: A 50th anniversary celebrations, 2007; A large framed colour photograph of the interior of Beth Shalom (see 4-738); A 2012/2013 (5773) Congregation of Beth Shalom Calendar; One kippa from the 50th Anniversary celebration - 2008; An envelope of photos, mostly from Beth Shalom in the 1970's. Includes photos of the Beth Shalom Choir, various events like Chanukah parties and Beth Shalom's birthday, Beth Shalom Family picnic, a ladies fashion show, several colour slides of an event from the 1970's and various others. UNSCANNED. This envelope is being stored in the phot...

  5. Phyllis (Fuzzy) Zinman Teitelbaum fonds.

    Fonds consists of five file folders: 1. Hillel Academy 1979 yearbook 2. Jewish Community Center Theatre Guild program and news clippings for "An Inspector Calls" 1962 3. Program for Hillel Academy 30th Anniversary Dinner and Memorial Service in tribute to Golda Meir 1978 held at Beth Shalom 4. Ottawa Talmud Torah Board Permanent Teacher's contract 1976 5. Song sheet (transliteration of Haleluyah) undated

  6. Ottawa Jewish Community Council = Ottawa Vaad Ha'Ir = The Jewish Federation of Ottawa fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • O0043
    • English
    • 8m 44cm of records, 524 B&W and colour photographs and other material, 1 scrapbook Young Peoples Division poster located in OS Mixed Box 12

    Fonds consist of series of administration documents, minutes of meetings, correspondence, standing committees (including United Jewish Appeal), ad hoc committees and agencies and institutions. BOX 1 - Series: Minutes Organizational Meeting Minutes - 1934: Documents pertaining to the creation of an Ottawa Vaad Ha'Ir, as favoured unanimously by the Vaad Hakashruth. Minutes - Quarterly, General, Special notices of Meetings - 1934-1949. Officers Meeting Minutes - 1952-1965 (incomplete), 1971-1985. BOX 2 - Series: Minutes Officers Notices of Meetings and Agendas - 1952-1983, 1985 BOX 3 - Series:...

  7. Vera Gara fonds

    Fonds consists of 1 video cassette produced by CPAC (Canadian Public Affairs Channel) entitled Searching for Nazi Looted Art, January, 29, 2001.

  8. Hy Bloom fonds.

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • I0101
    • English
    • 1951-1998
    • 80 audio cassettes, 28 audio reels, 6 b&w photographs and 10 folders of textual material vault

    Fonds consists of audio cassettes, audio reels, photographs and folders of programs and pamphlets relating to taped events. Inventory of Audio Cassettes: Holocaust- Dedication Holocaust Memorial, Jewish Community Centre, Ottawa, May 7, 1978 - 2 copies (audio reel) Yom Ha Shoah, Holocaust Observance Memorial Service, May 6, 1979 at the Metcalfe Rd. Cemetery. - 2 copies Holocaust Memorial observance for the six million martyrs, May 3, 1981 at the site of the Holocaust Memorial, Jewish Community Cemetery, Ottawa. Holocaust Memorial observance for the six million martyrs, May 2, 1982 at the sit...

  9. B'nai B'rith Ottawa Lodges Fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • O0005
    • English
    • Textual records, 205 B&W, 2 colour photographs, 2 framed charter documents, 6 framed panoramics, 1 small book, 1 textile uniform The Jewish Star issue located in OS Mixed Box 14; Uniform in Mixed Box 2

    -1. One sole box remains in the collection: The Covenant: The Covenant is the official newspaper of B'nai B'rith. Articles contain mentions of Emergency Fund, Board of Governors, J. Horowitz, Board Committee, Ottawa Lodge News, M. Kapinsky, Parliament Lodge, E. Cohen, New Members, Herb S. Gray - 1967-1972; Minutes - April 1924- January 1927; Book of records of B'nai B’rith's Officer's meeting activities and minutes. Book contains descriptions, invitations, and letters, from the general meetings, events, and activities performed by B'nai B'rith - 1946-1949; Executive and General Meetings Min...

  10. Ottawa Post of the Jewish War Veterans fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • O0047
    • English
    • 1999-2007
    • textual records, 23 photographs and other material. vault

    Fonds consists of documents related to the published book, "THERE I WAS... A collection of Reminiscences by members of the Ottawa Jewish Community who served in World War II." It also consists of Photographs taken by Elly Bollegraaf at various events from 2001-2012. Textual material consist of newspaper clipping (February 28, 2000); correspondence from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak (May 9, 2000), Ambassador of Israel David Sultan (May 30, 2000), and Parliamentary librarian Richard Pare (July 28, 2000); 22 typed transcripts; the book THERE I WAS...A collection of Reminiscences by members...

  11. Dr. Erwin and Edie Koranyi fonds

    • Ottawa Jewish Archives
    • I0058
    • English
    • 1944-2011
    • textual records; 1 framed document; 3 books; 3 artifacts; 1 DVD interview 1 box in OS

    Fonds consists of the following documents, photographs and items: 1 framed document entitled Schutz-Pass No. 0176, issued in July 1944 by R. Wallenberg. It is written in German and Hungarian and contains a photograph of Erwin Koranyi (see 1-969); 1 Displaced Person’s Identity Card (with photograph) from Wiesenhof, Austria DP Camp (see 1-972-02/03); 1 document written 28 Feb 1951 from the International Refugee Organization (IRO) in Dusseldorf to Mr. Erwin Koranyi (see 1-972-04); 1 document written in Hungarian, issued by the Swedish Royal Embassy which exempted Erwin Koranyi from forced labo...

  12. Elsbeth Heckers fonds

    Fonds consists of: a scrapbook of photos and Second World War / Holocaust letters outlining the family history and deportations.

  13. Kerzner Family fonds

    Fonds consists of: DVD, recording of the Kerzner Family Reunion; Ethel Kerzner's family reunion name tag; 1 newspaper clipping regarding the Kerzner family reunion; 1 Kerzner family reunion t-shirt; 1 small trophy, earned at the Jewish Community Centre Day Camp, c.1965 DVD, My name is Ethel Kerzner, holoccaust survivor testimony, recorded January 25, 2015.

  14. Nachlässe und personengeschichtliche Sammlungen

    Vorwort Nachlässe im Landesarchiv Berlin Das Landesarchiv Berlin verwahrt über 200 Nachlässe und Personenfonds. Diese Bestände vermögen die amtliche und geschäftliche Überlieferung von Berliner Behörden, Einrichtungen und Unternehmen wertvoll zu ergänzen, denn sie dokumentieren das Handeln von Einzelpersonen - von Schriftstellern, Politikern, Beamten, Erfindern, Gelehrten, Handwerkern und vielen anderen. Die Nachlässe sind im Landesarchiv Berlin der tektonischen Gruppe "E" zugeordnet. Innerhalb dieser Gruppe wurden die Nachlässe des Stadtarchivs Berlin, Staatsarchiv für die Hauptstadt d...

  15. Bestände der Berliner Standesämter

    Vorwort Durch das "Gesetz über die Beurkundung des Personenstandes und die Form der Eheschließung" vom 9. März 1874 wurde in Preußen zum 1. Oktober 1874 das staatliche Personenstandswesen eingeführt. Im Reich erfolgte dies durch das "Gesetz über die Beurkundung des Personenstandes und die Eheschließung" vom 6. Februar 1875. In Berlin nahmen damals 13 Standesämter ihre Tätigkeit auf. Laut § 14 des Reichsgesetzes waren von jeder standesamtlichen Eintragung beglaubigte Abschriften in jeweiligen Nebenregistern abzulegen, die nach Ablauf eines Kalenderjahres dem zuständigen Gericht erster Inst...