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  1. Serge Klarsfeld. Collection

    This collection contains: a photomontage of portraits of Jewish children deported from Belgium, used as a cover for the commemorative publication entitled "Mémorial de la déportation de Belgique de 25.124 Juifs et de 351 Tziganes" by Serge Klarsfeld an Maxime Steinberg ; the pages of addendum number 2 of the "Mémorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France" [Memorial of the Deportation of Jews from France] by Serge Klarsfeld, containing portraits of deported Jews, their names and different pieces of information (transport, biography) ; a published collection of various documents used during ...

  2. Jules Fleischer. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war and post-war photos of friends and relatives of Guyla alias Jules Fleischer, including photos of his wife Lenca David and their son Jozef Fleischer ; a pre-war photo of a wedding ; a pre-war photo of Jules Fleischer and his fellow diamond workers in their workshop ; a calendar to commemorate the yahrzeit of Jules Fleischer’s father Aladar Fleischer who passed away on 23 January 1941 ; post-war photos of Jules Fleischer showing a selection of diamonds to king Baudouin of Belgium, including a press cutting of the photo as published in De Nieuwe Gazet in 1969.

  3. Calixte Vandevelde. Collection

    This collection contains: two photos of Calixte Vandevelde ; a number of items recuperated from the SS-Sammellager Mecheln (Dossin barracks) in the weeks following Liberation in September 1944, including two dice, a purse belonging to Jewish secretary Benita Hirschfeld, an empty parcel box imprinted “Brunita margarine”, a children’s book entitled “De speeldoos van Langelot”, a shoe with wooden sole and 37 tin buttons fabricated in the camp workshops, the pocket watch of the deported Leon Brener with a piece of cloth with a handwritten text in Yiddish tucked inside, the necklace with pendant...

  4. Class photos of girls attending the Institut Bosquet in Antwerp. Collection

    This collection consists of two class photos taken in May 1941 of the girls attending the fifth and sixth grade at the Institut Bosquet in Antwerp. Among these girls are donor Colette Gilles de Fontenailles-Van Dooren and her Jewish classmates Eugenie Chor (who did not survive deportation from the Dossin barracks to Auschwitz-Birkenau via transport XVII), Nini Berneman (who survived the war in hiding in the Belgian Ardennes), Renée Landau (who survived the war by fleeing to Switzerland) and an unidentified Jewish girl.

  5. Gross-Limonik family

    This collection contains: a written testimony drafted by Rosette Gross-Becker entitled "Tu n'as pas souffert (You did not suffer)" on the history of the Gross-Limonik family in Belgium before, during and after the Holocaust; one audio-visual testimony of Rosette Gross-Becker and one audio-visual testimony of Denise Gross-Feibusch and Monique Gross-Banne, in which they address the life of their family before the war, the anti-Jewish decrees in Belgium, the deportation of their father Baruch alias Bernard Gross to northern France as a slave labourer for organization Todt, the hiding of their ...

  6. Research by Florence Matteazzi on the role of clergy from the Liège diocese in hiding Jews. Collection

    This collection consists of 82 files created by Florence Matteazzi while researching clergymen in the Liège diocese and their attitude towards helping Jews during the Holocaust. These files include: administrative files with correspondence with private and public archives or archival holders and witnesses, index cards with biographical notes and draft elements of the final dissertation ; bibliographical files with photocopies of literature on oral history, the psychological analyses of testimonies by hidden children, the position of the catholic church during the Second World War, conversio...

  7. Turfkruijer-Meljado family. Collection

    This collection contains: a pre-war extract from the civil registry of the Dutch city Rotterdam regarding the birth of Marcus alias Marc Turfkruijer (sometimes wrongly Turfkruyer) ; pre-war photos of Marcus alias Marc Turfkruijer and his wife Rebecca alias Bertha Meljado, including their wedding photo ; pre-war photos of their son Salomon Turfkruijer as a baby, a toddler and a child, including two class photos ; a Belgian yellow star of David worn by Salomon Turfkruijer ; wartime photos of the rescuers of the Turfkruijer-Meljado family (name unknown) ; post-war photos of Rebecca alias Berth...

  8. Jacques Raffeld. Collection

    This collection contains : a label from a can filled with the carrier of the poisonous gas Zyklon-B used in the Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chambers ; a cap which was part of a uniform worn by an unidentified concentration camp inmate ; four objects from Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka, related to the mass murder of Jews and other prisoners at both camps, recuperated by Icek Chil alias Jacques Raffeld during post-war visits to the former camp sites.

  9. Tertaas-Huijsman family. Collection

    This collection contains: photos from the album of the Tertaas-Huijsman family, including photos of Hartog Tertaas and his wife Clara Huijsman (Huysman), of their daughters Rebecca and Jacomina Tertaas, of Rebecca Tertaas's husband Francois Verachtert and of their son Jozef Verachtert ; a congratulatory letter from the city of Antwerp to Rebecca Tertaas and Francois Verachtert on the occasion of their marriage

  10. Comité de la Colonie Turque en Belgique. Collection

    This collection contains : two copies of a letter from 1943 written by the Comité de la Colonie Turque en Belgique [Committee of the Turkish Community in Belgium] in which the committee asks its more affluent members for donations to support its destitute members ; a file containing nine documents with regards to the activities of the Comité de la Colonie Turque en Belgique in 1943, including reports of meetings with members of the Sicherheitspolizei-Sicherheitsdienst to obtain protective papers for Turkish Jews in Belgium, and reports of the committee’s contacts with Turkish Jews held at t...

  11. Gizela Flachs. Collection

    This collection contains a photo of and an interview with Gizela Genia alias Gisèle Flachs. In the interview she describes : her youth in Poland, the departure of her father Naftali Flachs to France in 1938, the brutal separation from her mother Regina Knebel in 1941/1942, the different rescuers and the places where she was in hidden in Poland (including three underground locations in the woods), the work camp Koszary-Boryslav and the gruesome scenes she witnessed there, the reunion with her uncle Leon Knebel and the abuse inflicted by his wife Esther Erbsman, her reunion with her father Na...

  12. Kichelmacher-Edel family. Collection

    This collection contains: seventy-seven photos of the Edel and Kichelmacher families & friends (e.g. Peretz family), seven photos of the second pilgrimage to the Dossin Barracks, three documents from La Source in Basel, two marriage certificates of of Berthe (Bella) Edel and Moszek Icek (Isaac) Kichelmacher, one name change certificate for Isaac Kichelmacher to Isaac Kay, one prisoner repatriation card, one work permit, one identity card, one travel document, three immigration cards, one passport, two identity certificates, two citizenship certificates and one driving permit.

  13. Georges May. Collection

    This collection contains: two work permits issued to Georges May in 1942, confirming his employment by the Association of Jews in Belgium ; one document signed by the Association of Jews in Belgium allowing Georges May to freely move around Brussels while performing his job, 1943 ; two documents regarding the non-Jewish parentage of Georges May's wife Angèle Wybo, including a certificate from the Bureau des Enquêtes raciques et généalogiques, 1943

  14. Silberberg-Litmanowicz family. Collection

    This collection is highlighted by a prisoner uniform from Auschwitz, stitched together by Benjamin Silberberg, a survivor of the camp, from original fabric swatches sourced from various Auschwitz camp uniforms collected during the liberation of the camp. Notably, one of these swatches bears the prisoner number 133427, belonging to Chil Icek alias Jacques Raffeld, a deportee from the Dossin barracks who endured internment at Auschwitz and Jaworzno before being repatriated to Belgium in 1945. Also included in the collection are three prints of Benjamin Silberberg's prisoner number, 178678. Ad...

  15. Fridland-Frydland family. Collection

    This collection contains one video-interview by Arnold Fridland and two photos showing the family and rescuers of Arnold Fridland. The people shown are Zysla (Cécile) Blajwas, boyfriend of Suzanne Blajwas, Ruchla (Rachelle) Blajwas, Suzanne Blajwas, Tauba Frydland, Arnold Fridland, Catherine Frydland and Arthur Langerman. The rescuers of Arnold Fridland shown are Edmond and Emilia Houyoux-Sevrin.

  16. Rochman-Malberg family. Collection

    This collection contains: pre-war photos of Syma Tema Malberg and her children Chaim Rochman, Szaja alias Charles Rochman, Ruchla Rochman and Bernard Rochman ; pre-war photos of Chaim Rochman, his wife Brajna Mejerzon, their son Joseph Abraham Rochman and other relatives ; pre-war photos of Szaja alias Charles Rochman with comrades such as Emile Lovenvirth and Aba Arhimovici ; two pre-war albums with photos of Szaja alias Charles Rochman and his wife Laja (also Loli or Liliane) Celmanska, including holiday pictures and photos taken during outings with fiends ; pre-war photos of Laja Celmans...

  17. Mandler-Handl family. Collection

    This collection contains : a leather tool bag and a red adjustable wrench, brought by Fritz Mandler from Vienna to Belgium in 1938 and used by him while detained at the Dossin barracks where he was appointed head of the Hofarbeiter (Jewish maintenance workers) in 1943 ; fifteen photos, including a pre-war photo of Fritz Mandler participating in a motorcycle race in Austria, a photo of Fritz Mandler handling heavy machinery at the Marneffe refugee centre, photos of Heinz alias Henri Mandler with the Dehaen family which hid him in Courcelles, a photo of Fritz Mandler taken during a visit to h...

  18. Wiznitzer Family. Collection

    This collection contains: one photo of Beate Wiznitzer, who was the mother of Andy Popperwell, her brother Josef Wiznitzer, and their parents Mendel and Rachel Wiznitzer; one photo of Mendel Wiznitzer in his soldier uniform in the top left with his comrades in the Austro-Hungarian army during the First World War; one passport of Beate Wiznitzer with which she was able to enter the United Kingdom at the end of December 1938; and an envelope in which Beate's last letter to her father Mendel was returned to her in 1942.

  19. Moszkowicz-Herszman family. Collection

    This collection contains four photos, which portray the following persons: Fajga Moszkowicz, Salomon Herszman, Helene Herszman, Siegfried Herszman and Henriette Herszman. There is also the first Polish passport issued to Helene Herszman in 1948.

  20. Hauser-Ingber family. Collection

    This collection contains eleven photos of members of the Hauser and Ingber families. A first photo shows Melanie Ingber in 1920, who married Pinkus (Paul) Barber. A next one shows Rene Reinhold in 1936, son of Charlotte Ingber and Salomon Reinhold. Charlotte Ingber with son Sylvain Reinhold is visible in the third photo from 1938. On the fourth photo from 1944 Salomon Reinhold, husband of Charlotte Ingber, can be seen. The fifth photo portrays Charlotte Ingber herself in 1926. Jacob/Jukiel Ingber and Regina Neubauer, parents of Charlotte and Melanie, can be seen on the next one from 1909. T...