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  1. "Family Saga" memoir

  2. Literary archives of Natan Ilyich Zabara

  3. Anna Prager photograph collection

  4. Carl Gärtig collection

  5. Edith Millman photographs

  6. Sonja DuBois papers

  7. James E. Tate papers

  8. Goldberger family photographs

  9. Edith Rottenstein Gross photographs

  10. Paul Levie papers

  11. Charlotte Schiff collection

    Collection of armbands, Star of David badge, documents, scrip, and a drawing relating to Charlotte Schiff's (Charlotte Goldschmidt) experiences during the Holocaust in Terezin (Theresienstadt) and her registration as a displaced person.

  12. Flora Hogman family collection

    The collection consists of a book, correspondence, documents, photographs, and translations of letters from Czechoslovakia, Italy, and France relating to the experiences of Flora Hogman and her family before, during, and after World War II.

  13. Siaky family photograph collection

  14. Werner Goldsmith papers

  15. Henry K. Shor photograph collection

  16. Frank family photographs

  17. Ticket

  18. Photograph of refugees in Sweden, ca. 1945