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  1. Oral history interview with Sara Boden

  2. Ruth Fiedler papers

  3. Identification card

  4. József Katona collection

  5. Charles Rudulph collection

    The collection consists of sixteen SS patches, two crematorium tags, correspondence, documents, and photographs relating to the experiences of Lt. Charles Rudulph, United States Army, in Germany after World War II.

  6. Seeligmann family papers

  7. Identification card

  8. Helen and Joseph Matlow family collection

    The collection consists of a blanket, cooking pot, shirt, long underwear, and photograph relating to the experiences of Helen and Joseph Matlow and their family before and during the Holocaust in Poland, and afterwards in the Eggenfelden displaced persons camp in Germany.

  9. Schmelc collection

  10. Joel Kaye collection

  11. Leon Rajninger collection

  12. Selected records from Hessisches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt

  13. Letter

  14. Selected records from the former archive of the city of Westerbork

  15. Maria Klein papers

  16. Selected records of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  17. Poem

  18. Quincy-sous-Senart photographs