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  1. Oral history interview with Nadzia Goldfinger

  2. Selected records of the Slovak Armed Forces during World War II

  3. Army broadcast regarding the liberation of Dachau

  4. Hana Kovanic photographs

  5. Bulgarian Section of the League of Nations (Fond 487)

  6. Laufer family papers

  7. Robert Mendler photographs

  8. Berchtesgaden photograph

  9. Munich phone booth photograph

  10. Selected records from the Bernard Bernstein Nazi gold file

  11. Sam and Regina Spiegel photograph albums

  12. Paul Orlan photograph collection

  13. Albert David Hamburger papers

  14. Book drive stamp collection

    The collection consists of a group of book drive stamps printed in red, white and blue colors with the inscription: Give a Man a Book He Can Read (Marine, Army, Navy).

  15. Ewa Frenkel Przemyslawska photograph collection

  16. Letter

  17. Selected records of the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  18. Simon Slivka (Śliwka) collection

  19. Ruth Magid oral history transcript