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  1. Freud family papers

  2. Theresienstadt ghetto-labor camp scrip, 20 kronen note

  3. Drawing by Alexander Bogen of a partisan sitting and reading

  4. Pearl Laufer photograph collection

  5. Beatrice Muchman collection

    The Beatrice Muchman collection includes a Kippah, a tallit, a set of tefillin and two storage bags, a miniature Torah scroll, and a copy of Der Struwwelpeter as well as biographical materials, correspondence, diary and poetry books, a memoir, photographs, and a prayer book documenting the Westheimer family of Berlin, their flight to Brussels, Beatrix Westheimer’s survival in hiding in Ottignies, her parents’ deportations to Auschwitz and deaths, and her immigration to the United States to rejoin her surviving relatives.

  6. Polish cavalry

  7. Verpflichtungsschein issued to Paul Swienty

  8. Susie Greenbaum Schwarz papers

  9. Florence Hodel papers

  10. Oral history interview with William Bogus

  11. Georg Unger letter