Language of Description: English
Country: Czech Republic
  1. Státní tajemník u říšského protektora v Čechách a na Moravě, Praha

    • State Secretary by the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia, Prague
    • Staatssekretӓr beim Reichsprotektor in Böhmen und Mähren, Prag
    • ÚŘP-ST
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 1799
    • English
    • 1939-1945
    • 23 linear meters, all processed and inventoried and fully accessible.

    The documents in the fonds can be divided into several main thematic groups. There are files related to: 1) the protectoral state administrative, 2) matters of SS and wehrmacht (call-up papers of soldiers), 3) activities of Czechoslovak home and foreign resistance, 4) reports from the investigation of the Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich and worshipping his memory, 5) documents from Reich labor service (Reichsarbeitsdienst, RAD), 6) matters of Protectorate press censorship, 7) personal and family matters of K. H. Frank. There are also Jewish related documents - mostly concerning Aryanizat...

  2. Policejní ředitelství Praha II

    • Polizeipräsidium Prag II
    • Prague Police Directorate II
    • PŘ II
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 1420
    • English
    • 1914-1953
    • The fonds consists out of 4809,23 linear meters of processed and accessible documents. 4766,23 linear meters are inventoried and accessible documents. 84,34 linear meters are unprocessed and unaccessible.

    The fonds has informations about police, police authorities, criminal police, street police, passports, arms passports, national security, public safety, national security Corps, National Guard security, national security, police affairs, censorship, confiscation of print, personals, population registers and civil defense

  3. Úřad říšského protektora v Čechách a na Moravě, Praha

    • Amt des Reichsprotektors in Böhmen und Mähren, Prag
    • Office of the Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia, Prague
    • ÚŘP
    • Národní archiv
    • 1005
    • English
    • 1939-1945
    • 255, 12 linear metres of documents are processed and inventoried and accessible and 50, 52 linear metres are unprocessed and not accessible

    In the fonds, there are many jewish related documents and for studying the theme of protectorate Jews it is a fundamental fonds. There are documents related generally to the status of Jews in the Protectorate, their legal status in the freelance work or in the state administrative. Valuable documents are related to the Aryanization/Arisierung of the jewish property (jewish companies, trades, traffics, agricultural and forestry companies, timber companies) and its later redistribution, various lists of aryanizated property and lists of posted Treuhänders. There are also documents about the N...

  4. Norimberský soud, Norimberk

    • Nuremberg Trials, Nuremberg
    • NS/Nor.
    • NAD 1463
    • Národní archiv
    • 1463
    • English
    • 1946-1948
    • 71 linear metres of documents, all are processed and inventoried and accessible.

    The fonds consists of stenographic records (250 000 pages) from each of 12 subsequent trials which were as copies submitted to all national delegations participating at the Nuremberg proceedings and investigation. The fonds also consists of several folders with various documents such as hearings of witnesses or given judgements etc. The 12 subsequent trials were: the Doctors' Trial (against 23 medical doctors), the Milch Trial (against the Field Marshal Erhard Milch), the Judges' Trial (against 16 jurists and lawyers), the Pohl Trial (also known as Economics and Administrative Departments o...

  5. Photo Archive Collection

    Stored in the Photo Archive Collection of the Jewish Museum in Prague are several thousand photographs taken between the start of the 1940s and the present day. This includes negatives of various materials and dimensions (from glass plates to colour film) as well as positive prints, of which several thousand (predominantly glass plates and medium format negatives on artificial stock) document the life and activity of the war-time Jewish Community in Prague under the administration of the occupation authorities. Another major unit comprises documentation of Jewish areas in Bohemia, which has...

  6. Německé státní ministerstvo pro Čechy a Moravu, Praha

    • Deutsches Staatsministerium für Böhmen und Mähren, Prag
    • German State Ministry for Bohemia and Moravia, Prague
    • NSM, former fonds SÚ MV č. 110
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 1464
    • English
    • 1939-1945
    • 13.6 linear meters of documents, all processed and inventoried.

    Records generated by German occupational institutions (Reichsprotektorat Böhmen und Mähren) and Czech auxiliary agencies dealing with matters of internal security and racial policy, especially anti-Jewish measures. Includes the national affairs and state police catalogue of confiscated art and precious metal objects of Jewish property.

  7. Generální velitel uniformované protektorátní policie, Praha

    • General Commander of the Uniformed Protectorate Police, Prague
    • Generalkommandant der uniformierten Protektoratspolizei, Prag
    • NAD 912
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 912
    • English
    • 1942-1945
    • The collection consists out of 14,55 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents. 9,15 linear meters are unprocessed and inaccessible.

    The documents in the collection of the Generalkommandant der uniformierten Protektoratspolizei, Prag are mostly of organisational nature. During the deportation of the Jews in the Bohemian lands to the Theresienstadt Ghetto members of the Uniformed police forces supported Gestapo and SS. The Uniformed police forces also formed a special unit for guarding the prisoners in the Theresienstadt Ghetto. Also the Roma camps Lety u Písku and Hodonín u Kunštátu were guarded by Uniformed Police forces.

  8. Československý červený kříž, Londýn

    • Czechoslovak Red Cross, London
    • ČsČK-L
    • NAD 634
    • Národní archiv
    • 634
    • English
    • 1940-1945
    • The collection consists of 25 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents.

    The collection primarily consists of organisational material of the Czechoslovak Red Cross, including its main offices in London and its branches, as well as documents concerning their tasks. The annual report provides information about the medical and social care of Czechoslovak citizens in exile. The most important Holocaust-related documents in the collection of the Czechoslovak Red Cross - London include the card files and directories of Czechoslovak Jews who were interned in concentration camps erected shortly after the Reichskristallnacht in the Sudetengau, of Jews who were interned i...

  9. Matriky židovských náboženských obcí v českých krajích

    • Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Jewish Communities in the Czech Lands
    • HBMa
    • NAD 167
    • Národní archiv
    • 167
    • English
    • 1784-1949
    • The collection consists of 93,8 linear meters of documents, all processed and inventoried.

    Holocaust-related material was categorised into classes as follows: death certificates from Theresienstadt (1941-12-03 to 1943-09-05), recorded deaths in Theresienstadt (in alphabetical order by the names A - Z) and alphabetical card index lists of persons. Requests for additional entries to the registers of death in Theresienstadt were prepared on the basis of death certificates and kept in two series. The first series in alphabetic order consists of actual death records in the register of deaths of Theresienstadt. The second series is arranged numerically and consists of the applications ...

  10. Arizační spisy

    • Aryanization files
    • AS/NSMPO
    • Arizační spisy - Národní správa majetkových podstat
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 375
    • English
    • 1938-1945
    • The collection consists out of 101 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents. 3.5 linear meters are unprocessed and inaccessible.

    The collection Arizační spisy was in the 1950s divided into seven main groups by its origins: 1. "Müller": named after the "Sonderbeauftragter für Ernährungsfragen beim Reichsprotektor", Rudolf Müller. These are documents connected with Jewish food companies (70 boxes). 2. "Regierungspräsident Aussig" (Vládní president Ústí nad Labem): Documents which are connected with the Aryanization in Northern Bohemia from 1938 to 1945 under the administration of the Regierungspräsident Aussig an der Elbe (23 boxes). 3. "Landespräsident Brünn" (Zemský president Brno): Documents which are connected with...

  11. Okupační vězeňské spisy

    • Occupation prisoners files
    • OVS/KT-OVS
    • Národní archiv
    • 1077
    • English
    • 1938-1948
    • 160,8 linear metres from which 160,8 linear metres of documents are processed and inventoried and accessible and 41,8 linear metres are unprocessed and probably not accessible.

    In this collection, there are documents related to Czechoslovak citizens who were imprisoned in German jails and in the concentration camps. There are also files related to (Czechoslovak) Jews, or persons of Jewish nationality, who were gathered and then deported to the Terezín ghetto and the concentration camps. Furthermore in these files, there are information about "death marches" and about post-war repatriation.

  12. Ministerstvo sociální péče, Praha

    • Ministry of Social Welfare, Prague
    • MSP
    • Národní archiv
    • 1028
    • English
    • 1918-1951
    • 631,5 linear meters from which 566 linear meters of documents are processed and inventoried and 65,5 linear meters are unprocessed.

    The Ministry of Social Welfare was during the years of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in charge of supporting the Jewish emigration abroad. The Ministry developed guidelines for the employment of Jews in the civil service, their legal status, control of Jewish names, Aryan certificates, Employment Law for Jews, Pension payments to Jews,

  13. Ministerstvo práce a sociální péče - repatriace, Praha

    • Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare - repatriation, Prague
    • Ministerium für Arbeit und soziale Wohlfahrt - Repatriierung, Prag
    • MPSP-R
    • Národní archiv
    • 1146
    • English
    • 1938-1951
    • 441,62 linear metres from which 441,5 linear metres of documents are processed and inventoried and 0,12 linear metres are unprocessed. The fonds is partially accessible.

    The fonds contains important documents about refugees, immigration and emigration issues and about the repatriation and reemigration between 1938 and 1950/1. There are documents from each section of the Institute for the Care of Refugees (1938) (socio-medical, evacuation and financial section) i and also from the Institute for the Care of relocated people (functioning from 1940) in the fonds. The most valuable documents are deposited in boxes 16-895, there is an administrative agenda of emigration - applications for the emigration, further more applications for transports. There are card fi...

  14. Sbírka Československé školy ve Velké Británii

    • Collection of the Czechoslovak school in the United Kingdom
    • Národní archiv
    • 1578
    • English
    • 1941-1945
    • 1,3 linear metres of which 1,3 linear metres inventoried. The fonds is partially accessible.

    The collection consist of originals and copies of the various documents, such as copies of identity documents, birth certificates, writing pads, textbooks, school certificates, photographs, messages from teachers to parents (or to the legal representatives of children), memoirs, school notes, presentations and newspapers. These materials also relate to more than 670 mostly Jewish children saved by the Kindertransporte organised by Nicolas Winton and other rescuers.

  15. Úřad vrchního zemského rady v Moravské Ostravě

    • Oberlandrat in Mährisch Ostrau
    • Oberlandrát v Moravské Ostravě
  16. Svaz protifašistických bojovníků - ústřední výbor, Praha

    • The Union of Antifascist Fighters - Central Committee, Prague
    • Verband der antifaschistischen Kämpfer - Zentralkomitee, Prag
    • ÚV SPB
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 1063
    • English
    • 1951-1969
    • 27 linear metres of documents are processed from which are 27 linear metres inventoried and accessible and 0,35 linear metres are unprocessed and not accessible.

    Besides the documents from the predecessors of SPB (including the members registers), the fond contains materials describing SPB existence, tasks and goals such as documents of 4 SPB general assemblies, records of central committee meetings, proposals of honors and personal files of SPB employees. Next to it, the fond is a unique resource of history of the Czech resistance during the WWII – it contains information files of the resistance groups operating in the Czech lands (in alphabetical order). In the after war period, these documents were used as an elementary resource to prove the indi...

  17. Ministerstvo financí - Londýn

    • Ministry of Finance - London
    • MF-L
    • Národní archiv
    • 819
    • English
    • 1940-1945
    • 24,85 linear metres from which are 16,5 linear metre processed and inventoried and 8,8 linear metres are unprocessed. The fonds is partially accessible.

    The fonds consists of documents of Ministry of Finance activities - documents for preparing and compilation of the state budget, documents for payments of Czechoslovak military and civil authorities. There can be found documents from other financial matters such as checks, accounts, financial confirmations, contracts or travel expenses. Documents that refer to jewish issue can be found in several boxes. The most important one might be the box n. 131, there are registers of Czechoslovak Jews (and other citizens) deported in to the Terezín ghetto and later in to the concentration camps in occ...

  18. Ministerstvo hospodářské obnovy - Londýn

    • Ministry of Economic Recovery - London
    • MHO - L
    • Národní archiv
    • 786
    • English
    • 1941-1945
    • 8,5 linear metres of documents from which all are processed and inventoried. The fonds is accessible.

    In the fonds, there are files from government meetings about post-war economic plans and works - such as ledgers, data used for preparations of the state budget, correspondence between departments, various economic reports for the Minister or memos. There are also documents related to post-war reconstruction plans (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, UNRRA) such as documents of activities of each commissions (planning commission, industrial commission, medical commission...) and furthermore various statistics, files or newspapers. The Jewish-related documents are not we...

  19. Generální velitel četnictva, Praha

    • GVČ
    • Generalkommandant der Gendarmerie, Prag
    • NAD 1009
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 1009
    • English
    • 1918-1942
    • The collection consists out of 25 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents. 1.9 linear meters are unprocessed and inaccessible.

    The Gendarmerie in the pre-war Czechoslovak Republic was a militarily organized security force, according to the applicable legal requirements and according to the relevant state authorities to maintain public order and security throughout the territory of Czechoslovakia. It was also responsible for the border control and sent illegal emigrants from Nazi-Germany, under them also Jews, back to Germany. After the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the Gendarmerie became part of the occupation administration. Gendarmes were given functions such as auxiliary police, accom...

  20. Ministerstvo průmyslu, obchodu a živností, Praha

    • Ministry of Industry, Trade and Crafts, Prague
    • Ministerium für Industrie, Handel und Gewerbe
    • MPOŽ
    • ...
    • Národní archiv
    • 903
    • English
    • 1918-1942
    • 453,6 linear metres of documents from which 452 linear meters are processed and inventoried and 1,6 linear meters are not inventoried.

    The archival fonds contains the records of the Ministry until its dissolution in 1942. Especially important are documents relating to the divestment of the Jewish population from economic life in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.