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Country: Slovakia
  1. Alexander Bachnár

    • Alexander Bachnár

    The fond contains mainly copies of documents on the Holocaust in Slovakia, which were collected by Alexander Bachnár during his research in various archives, as well as the study of press and gathering of testimonies. It includes original versions of his personal materials and correspondence, as well as his own works. The copies or transcripts include Anti-Jewish regulations, copies of decisions, regulations of the Ministry of Interior, the State Council and Jewish Center; the Jewish Census from before the concentration of Jews and transports in 1942; the Census of Jewish Property (and docu...

  2. Bratislavská župa III

    The fonds contains documents of the Bratislava County Office which was the state administation body of the Slovak Republic established in 1940. The County Office was subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and superior to the Bratislava City Notary Office as well as District Offices at the territory of the Bratislava County. The fonds contains various Holocaust-relevant documents. These include documents on various anti-Jewish measures in Bratislava and surrounding territory, including the Aryanization of Jewish property, employment of Jews etc.

  3. Deutsche Partei. Fond 125

    The fonds contains documents of the Deutsche Partei (DP), the political party of German ethnic minority in Slovakia in 1938-1945. The DP, organized according to the Nazi principles, played a significant role in the political system of Slovakia. Deutsche Partei took an active part in anti-Jewish policy in Slovakia. The fonds, therefore, contains documents on the persecution of Jews in Slovakia. It also contains documents pertaining to the recruitment of ethnic Germans living in Slovakia into the SS and their subsequent service in various units and concentration camps.

  4. Dojč, Ľudovít, 1962 – 1995

    Fragmentary fonds contains Ľudovít Dojč´s curriculum vitae, personal documents and various correspondence with foreign institutions. The most relevant material to the Jewish history in Slovakia, including persecution during the World War II, in this collection is dedicated to the research, documentation and drafts of the publication Jewish religious Communities in Slovakia (Židovské náboženské obce na Slovensku).

  5. Dokumentácia k dejinám židovstva na Slovensku, 20. storočie

    • Documentation on the History of Jewry in Slovakia, 20th Century

    This collection consists of numerous copies of the personal documents and correspondence pertaining the life of the Jewish inhabitants in 20th century, dominantly from 1940s. Second part of the collection contains manuscripts and copies of the memories on the Holocaust.

  6. Dokumenty k dejinám židovstva na Slovensku

    • Documents on the History of the Jewry in Slovakia

    Collection contains various documents on the history of the Jews in Slovakia, mainly materials dedicated to everyday life of the community members such as contracts, legitimations, licenses, testimonies, letters and postcards, birth certificates, school reports, photographs, health certificates, etc. One of the most relevant and unique Holocaust-related document is the original manuscript of the poem Crematorium (Krematórium) by Ladislav Grosmann, author of the scenario to the Oscar-winning movie The Shop on the Main Street (Obchod na korze). Newest items in the collection are declarations ...

  7. Fond "S"

    Collection contains various documents gathered by the Czechoslovak security bodies and stored and sorted by the Studijní ústav Ministerstva vnitra (Study Institute of the Ministry of Interior) in Prague. While some documents cover activities of Jewish organization in late 1930s, and pertain to the period before 1939, others come from the period 1939-1945 and cover anti-Jewish measures of Slovak Ľudák regime. This includes lists of Jews employed in the agriculture, documents pertaining to the so called temporary administration of Jewish households in various towns as well as circular letters...

  8. Fond pre správu poľnohospodárskych majetkov

    • Agricultural Property Management Fund
    • FSPM

    The fonds contains the materials of the Agricultural Property Management Fund that was the state-funded body established within the State Land Office in order to carry out the administration of the agricultural property of the Jews deported from Slovakia.

  9. Hlavné veliteľstvo Hlinkovej gardy

    • The Main Command of the Hlinka Guard
    • F-604

    The fonds of the Main Command of the Hlinka Guard as the top tier command of this paramilitary organization contains registration documents of Hlinka Guardsmen from various districts, various lists of members of the Guard, decrees issued to the HG members. Besides that there are various orders issued by the Main Command of the Guard pertaining to different matters, including the persecution of Jews in Slovakia. The fonds contains situation reports of various commands and units, including Special Units of the Hlinka Guard (POHG). It also contains the list of aryanizers of Jewish property.

  10. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad Komárno

    • Főszolgabíroi hivatal Komárom
    • Chief Constable´s Office in Komárno

    The fonds consists of six groups of files: confidential files, mobilization files, administrative files, files concerning the misdemeanor, public procurement files, and core personnel files. In all groups of files one can find valuable documents concerning the political, economic and social status of Jews in and around Komárno. For example, the fonds contains the list of merchants and holders of licences, the list of construction material traders from 1942 etc. Besides that there are files concerning the internment of Jews, instructions and orders concerning the military labor units. Other ...

  11. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad v Košiciach

    • Főszolgabírói hivatal Kassa
    • Chief Constable´s Office in Košice

    The fonds contains various documents of the Chief Constable´s Office in Košice (Kassa) which pertain various political and economical issues of the area during the period 1939-1945. Among others, this fonds contains documents on the economic persecution of Jews in Košice and its vicinity, such as limitations of new licenses for Jews, various sanctions against Jewish tradesmen etc. The fonds also contains the list of Jewish businessmen (licence owners). There are also documents pertaining to the revision of the state citizenship of Jews as well as the documents on their concentration in the ...

  12. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad v Leviciach

    • Chief Constable´s Office in Levice
    • Főszolgabíroi hivatal Léva

    The fonds contains documents pertaining to the Jews living in villages in part of the district that was annexed to the Hungarian Kingdom. These documents include data on the dissolution of Jewish societies and the removal of the city physician in Levice from 1938. Files of 1939 then document the restrictions on the businesses of Jewish merchants after the adoption of the Second Jewish Law. The fonds also contains many appeals and rejections of requests for the return of business licenses. Besides that, there are also documents about the police surveillance of Jewish traders and the confisca...

  13. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad v Šali II.

    • Főszolgabíroi hivatal Vágsellye

    The fonds contains files of the Chief Constable´s Office in Šaľa (Vágsellye). The majority of files pertaining to the Jewish community consists of files pertaining to businesses, licenses and license-owners lists. The fonds also contains files pertaining to the revision of licenses of Jews, limitations of Jewish entrepreneurs, or files concerning the internment of Jews and the police surveillance. Some files reflect Jewish refugees from Slovakia. Another files concern the Jewish ghetto established in the town of Šaľa as files pertaining to the movable property of Jews that remained in this ...

  14. Hlavnoslúžnovský úrad v Šamoríne II.

    • Főszolgabíroi hivatal Somorja II.
    • Chief Constable´s Office in Šamorín II.

    The fonds contains documents of the Chief Constable´s Office in Šamorín (Somorja) which was a Hungarian public administration office in 1938-1945. The fonds contains files concerning the situation of Jewish population at the territory of Šamorín district. The fonds contains reports on Jews expelled from Slovakia and held in the camp in Štvrtok na Ostrove (Alžbeta Dvor). Another documents from 1939 pertain to Eruv in Veľký Meder. The fonds also contains documents on the application of the Ordinance No. 7720/1939, files on the cancellation of business licences, lists of rejected licence appli...

  15. Holokaust

    Collection consists of the documentation of the Holocaust memorials in Slovakia. It contains the list the list of the Jewish victims from the city of Prešov which was created for the planned memorial, material on the project Holocaust memorial tables which was realized in Poprad, Komárno, Nové Zámky, Košice, Bardejov, Liptovský Mikuláš and Nitra on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of deportations of Jews from Slovakia in 1942.

  16. Hospodárska úradovňa predsedníctva vlády

    • Economic Bureau of Prime Ministerʼs Office

    The fond contains documents of the Economic Bureau of Prime Minister's Office, one of the central bodies created in 1940 in relation to the so called aryanisation of Jewish property and anti-Jewish property expropriation policies in Slovakia. The fonds includes documents related to the preparation and implementation of anti-Jewish legislation regarding the private property of Jews, as well as various proposals for anti-Jewish measures. Moreover, the fonds contains lists of withdrawn/cancelled business licenses, various documents and statistics on Jewish property owners etc. The majority of ...

  17. Jelínek Yeshayahu Andrej

    Fragmentary personal fonds of prof. Jelínek contains numerous copies of his correspondence from the years 1988 – 1998. Letters are mainly dedicated to the professor´s main field of study – Slovak State (1939 – 1945) and Jewish persecution, especially on information about relevant sources and literature, as well as on the contemporary phenomenon of anti-Semitism with specific focus on the territory of Slovakia and Czech lands. Correspondence is mainly pertaining the discussions with Slovak, American and Canadian historians who are dealing with Central European History. Some of the letters ar...

  18. Kancelária prezidenta Slovenskej republiky

    • The Office of the President of Slovak Republic

    The fonds contains various materials related to the activities of Jozef Tiso as the president of the Slovak Republic (1939-1945). This includes various drafts of legislation, correspondence with different state bodies of the Slovak Republic as well as bodies of the ruling Hlinka Slovak People´s Party regime. The Office dealt with a very wide range of matters, from personnel matters of the President, through matters of appointment of various state employees, state policies, international relations, and military matters. The Office ceased to exist in Spring 1945 and its documents were partial...

  19. Komárňanská župa III.

    • Komárno County III.
  20. Korešpondencia Židov odvlečených zo Slovenska do koncentračných táborov

    • Correspondence of Jews deported from Slovakia to the concentration camps

    Collection contains documents of the Jews who were deported from Slovakia to the concentration camps in Auschwitz, Terezín, Mauthausen, Kamionka and Petržalka in the years 1942 – 1945. Beside some original documents, the collection is created by the copies of correspondence of the persecuted Jews. There is also one document from 1945 which comes not directly from the concentration camp but it refers to stay in the camp – a health certificate. Rare part of the collection is created by the manuscript of Ľudovít Dojč on the concentration camp in Petržalka and photos of the grave stones from th...