Haupttreuhandstelle Ost

  • Main Trusteeship Office East
  • HTO
Type of Entity
Corporate Body

Dates of Existence

Founded in 1939-09


Haupttreuhandstelle Ost was responsible for the confiscating of Polish government property and property belonging to Polish citizens, including Jews, living within the Reich or within territories annexed to the Reich. The HTO was established in 1939-09 by Hermann Goering as part of his implementation of the four-year plan, the goal of which was the revitalization of the German army and economy. During the war, Goering created offices such as HTO to rob occupied Poland and other countries of their property and raw materials in order to accomplish Germany’s economic goals. The HTO had its main office in Berlin, with branches throughout occupied Poland. By 1942 the HTO had repossessed over 200,000 factories, shops, workshops, and business, the personal property found in 500,000 apartments, over 290,000 plots of land, and other valuables worth billions of zlotys, in addition to 270 million Reichsmarks worth of Polish state and private property. Companies specifically established for this purpose dealt with the stolen property and materials.


  • Founded in Germany, active in Germany and Poland.


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