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Country: Moldova
  1. Orhei Town Hall

    • Primăria oraşului Orhei
    • Оргеевская городская примария
    • Orgeyevskaya gorodskaya primariya

    City Hall orders on strengthening the air defense of the city; correspondence about the repair of institutions and enterprises; correspondence about supplying the population with food; list of hospital employees; lists of air defense personnel and brigades; the case of name changing by the Orhei citizens; financial reports of enterprises of the surrounding cities, statistics on the number of population in villages; lists of families mobilized into the Romanian army, etc.

  2. Tighina Town Hall

    • Primăria oraşului Tighina
    • Тигинская городская примария
    • Tiginskaya gorodskaya primariya

    Correspondence on administrative issues and the issuing certificates of Romanian citizenship to the residents of the town of Tigina' petitions by the residents of the county to become members of the organization of the “National Revival Front”; citizenship of the residents of the town of Tigina; correspondence with the Tigina police on the provision of material assistance to the families repressed by the Soviet authorities; reports of the Tighina police about the trustworthiness of individuals; lists of persons, repressed by Soviet power; the case of the issuance of passports to the residen...

  3. Tighina Town Hall

    • Primăria oraşului Tighina
    • Тигинская городская примария
    • Tiginskaya gorodskaya primariya

    Administrative documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, of the Bessarabian governorship, of the Prefecture of Tighina district and other higher authorities on administrative and organizational issues; resolutions and orders of the City hall, minutes of meetings of the city council; documents on the preparation for elections to the Romanian parliament; statistical information on the economic and cultural situation in the city; affairs on renting out commercial premises and land plots to residents of the city; on issuing permits for the right to trade, building and renovating...

  4. Bălți district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and town halls

    • Бельцкая уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии
    • Bel'tskaya uyezdnaya prefektura i podchinennyye yey pretury i primarii
    • Județul Bălți: prefecturile judeţene, subprefecturile plaselor/preturilor şi comunele subordinate

    Files on the issue of permit residents for foreign citizens to stay in Bălți. Correspondence with the sub-prefectures on the work of schools and churches. Lists of schools opened in county Bălți, 1920-1921. Lists of residents of villages: Fălești, Limbeni, Logofeni, Albineț, Catranîc, Năvîrneț, Obreja Veche, Obreja Nouă. Certificates that allow Jews to leave the country starting from 1932 until 1940. Files of Prefecture fight against speculation in food insdustry and other essential goods, 1940. The list of residents of county Bălți, where is indicated their residence and profession in 1928...

  5. Tighina district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and town halls

    • Judeţul Tighina – prefercturile judetene, subprefecturile plaselor (preturilor) si comunelor subordinate
    • Тигинская уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии
    • Tiginskaya uyezdnaya prefektura i podchinennyye yey pretury i primarii

    Documents that enable Jewish citizens of county Tighina to leave the country between 1920-1923. Lists and status of members of the consumer society in 1921. The status of the philanthropic Jewish organization from Căușeni, "Damen ferain". Lists of manufacturers specialists who could provide the needs of the population in case of war. Materials related to the election of Members of the Commerce and Industry Chamber in Tighina in 1938. Information on the county inhabitants' affiliation to different religions and religious sects between 1938-1939. Correspondence with religious institutions in ...

  6. Tighina Town Hall

    • Primăria oraşului Tighina
    • Тигинская городская примария
    • Tiginskaya gorodskaya primariya

    Monograph 'City of Tigina' dated 1939; census of the city’s population by districts and streets; personal files and lists of employees at the city hall, correspondence about mobilization of transport; checking those employees who remained in Bessarabia under the Soviet power; inventory of property transferred to the state from departed persons, etc.

  7. Financial administration of Lăpușna district

    • Administrația financiară raională Lăpuşna
    • Лапушнянская уездная финансовая администрация

    Files on taxation of Jews owners of small business in Chișinău (alcohol factories, restaurants, private medical offices, shops, farm animals). Lists of owners of commercial and industrial enterprises in the county Lăpuşna. Information about social support offered to orphans. Lists of homeowners in Chișinău, 1927. Certificates for the right to sell alcohol in different counties of Bessarabia. Lists of alcohol factory owners in Bessarabia. Materials on activity of credit cooperatives of traders and producers in Chișinău. Certificates on private corporate's income of Chișinău residents with th...

  8. Statistical Department of Bessarabia

    • Статистическое управление Бессарабии
    • Direcția de Statistică a Basarabiei
    • Statisticheskoye upravleniye Bessarabii

    Register of the rural population of villages Năvîrneț and Petrești, county Bălți

  9. Statistical Department of Bessarabia

    • Direcția de Statistică a Basarabiei
    • Статистическое управление Бессарабии
    • Statisticheskoye upravleniye Bessarabii

    Information reports on population movement in Bessarabia in 1924

  10. Chișinău City Hall

    • Primăria Chișinău
    • Кишиневская городская примэрия
    • Kishinevskaya gorodskaya primeriya

    The list: of voters from Chișinău; Chișinău residents who received Romanian citizenship in 1927; shops in Chișinău that sold kerosene in 1920-1921, indicating the sold quantity; public kiosks and boutiques rent by traders, and households and streets of Chișinău. Materials on the work of the Municipal Council for 1935-1937. Files on the investigation of Jewish traders accused of speculation. Materials on inventory and evaluation of real estate in hospitals, charitable institutions, curative and others from the Ministry of health and social care. Plans of buildings. Materials on inventory and...

  11. Soroca Jewish Community

    • Comunitatea evreiască din or. Soroca
    • Еврейская община города Сороки
    • Yevreyskaya obshchina goroda Soroki

    Register of synagogues maintained by tailors in Soroca. The list of Jews who received Romanian citizenship. The file of 32 young people from Zgurița, who initiated summer school - Zionist Organization - in Soroca. Minutes of the community council meetings, where they discussed the situation of schools, providing financial expenses for operation of the board, political issues (checking voter lists to ensure that all Jewish citizens are included). Ballot papers for community council records. Correspondence with Soroca prefecture on administrative matters. Correspondence with military institut...

  12. Republican Board of the Moldovan SSR to promote the activity of the emergency state commission for the Investigation of crimes committed by German-Fascist invaders

    • Respublikanskaya Komissiya Moldovskoi SSR po sodeistviju v rabote chrezycainoi gosudarstvennoj Komisii po ustanovleniju i rassledovaniju zlodeyanij nemetski-fashistskih zahbatchikov
    • Реcпубликанская Комиссия Молдавской ССР по содействию в работе чрезвычайной государственной Комисии по установлению и расследованию злодеяний неметско-фашистских захватчиков

    Statistical data about people killed as a result of war crimes committed by Romanians and Germans; lists of Germans and collaborators accused of crimes committed in Chișinău; reports of the Commission of the Investigation of War Crimes committed in Chișinău; statements of witnesses of war crimes; informative reports about damages done by the Romanian government to Jews from Bessarabia.

  13. Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate. Police Headquarters Cahul

    • Inspectoratului Regional de Poliție al Basarabiei. Poliţia centrelor județene. Cahul
    • Полиция города Кагул
    • Politsiya goroda Kagul

    The fond contains documents that reflect the activity of Cahul City Police in between 1933-1944; the lists of Jews in prisons on July 22, 1941; correspondence with the Regional Police Inspectorate in Chisinau regarding the legal status of the Jews; the lists of Jews who emigrated to Palestine and those who converted to Christianity.

  14. Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate. Police Headquarters Chișinău

    • Inspectoratului Regional de Poliție al Basarabiei. Poliţia centrelor județene. Chișinău
    • Полиция города Кишинева (Кишинэу)
    • Politsiya goroda Kishineva

    Copies of the Orders signed by the military and civil authorities regarding the treatment of Jews; written materials about the Jewish labor brigades in Chisinau; report of murdered Jews by the GESTAPO; Chisinau ghetto - the execution of Jews accused of collaboration with the Bolsheviks; Security Department report on atrocities committed on October 8, 1941, when a convoy of about 2,000 Jews were evacuated; reports on the living conditions and the state of mind of the Jews in the ghetto.

  15. Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate. Police Headquarters Orhei

    • Inspectoratului Regional de Poliție al Basarabiei. Poliţia centrelor județene. Orhei
    • Полиция города Оргеева
    • Politsiya goroda Orgeeva

    Orders and circulars issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Regional Police Inspectorate in Bessarabia on the placement of Jews in camps and ghettos. Order that governs the interaction with Jews. Correspondence of Orhei Police with the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Romania, the Regional Police Inspectorate in Bessarabia, Police Qustura of Chisinau and Prefecture of Orhei about statistics and lists of Jews from the Orhei county in Bessarabia. Copies of documents related to the Jewish population in Bessarabia.

  16. Bessarabian National Education Directorate

    • Directoratul Ȋnvaţǎmîntului din Basarabia şi instituţiile subordinate
    • Бессарабский директориат народного образования
    • Bessarabskiy direktoriat narodnogo obrazovaniya

    Documents on the work of gymnasiums and pro-gymnasiums. Statistical data on the number of students in different gymnasiums. Pupil performance reports. Certificates of preschool education. High school graduation certificates.

  17. Inspectorate General of Gendarmery / Headquarters of the Romanian Armed Forces

    • Cartierul General al armatei române
    • Ставка Верховного командования румынских войск г. Бухареста
    • Stavka Verhovnogo komandovaniya rumynskih vojsk g. Buharesta

    Instructions from the Headquarters of the Romanian Armed Forces on the evacuation of the Jews from Bessarabia to the ghettoes in Transnistria and the organization of the police groups alongside the military units; orders issued by the General of the Quarter about the placement of Jews in the ghettos

  18. Bessarabian Regional Police Inspectorate. Soroca Police Station

    • Inspectoratul regional de poliţie al Basarabiei. Poliția oraşului Soroca
    • Бессарабский областной инспекторат полиции. Полиция города Сорока
    • Bessarabskoi oblastnoi inspektorat politsii. Politsia goroda Soroca

    The Jews in District Soroca; lists of Jews who were active in various Bolshevik organizations (on 11 August, 1941 all Jews were evacuated to a camp. Only 51 Jews, men and women, were left in town working for the Germans and under their control); nominal lists of Jews for year 1941 in Soroca: in the camps, working for the Germans, by occupation etc. Interrogation of Jews suspected of collaboration with the Soviets; situation of Jews in Soroca; problem of mixed marriages and conversions; situations of Jews from West of Dnjestr working in labor brigades in Bessarabia; copies of ordinances from...

  19. Police Headquarters Bălţi. Questura

    • Poliţia Bălţi. Questura
    • Бессарабский областной инспекторат полиции. Квестура полиции города Бельцы
    • Bessarabskoi oblastnoi inspektorat politsii. Kvestura politsii goroda Beltsy

    Auctioning off Jewish properties; internment of 2164 Jews; activity related to internment of Jews in camps and using them for labor by both Romanians and Germans; list of Jews in Camp Răuțel; lists of Jews by trade (all Jews from Camps in Bălți were transferred in September (?) 1941 to a Camp in Mărculești, district Soroca); documents on the 'Jewish question' (on September 1941 there are no more Jews in the district Bălți); Jews caught after that date were sent to camps in other districts; dispositions for mixed marriages, the wife having converted; order to confiscate pictures taken at the...

  20. Lăpușna district prefecture and its subordinated preturas and primarias

    • Judeţul Lăpușna – prefercturile judeţene, subprefecturile plaselor (preturilor) şi comunelor subordinate lor
    • Лапушнянская уездная префектура и подчиненные ей претуры и примарии
    • Lapushnyanskaya uyezdnaya prefektura i podchinennyye yey pretury i primarii

    Correspondence with Ministry of Internal Affairs and sub prefectures regarding passport regime and control of foreign subjects; files on the issuing of foreign passport to the locals of Lăpușna district; materials about the firing of workers who did not pass the exam of Romanian language; the list of praying houses and number of members of sects in the district in years 1923‐26; files of the permission to leave the country for the locals of Lăpușna district; documents, requests, correspondence with the Ministry of Internal affairs regarding the transfer of confiscated property to the prefec...