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  1. Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wehrwissenschaft

    Das Findbuch umfasst Teilnehmerlisten der Wehrwissenschaftlichen Arbeitsgemeinschaft, sowie Verlagsprospekte des Sanssouci-Verlages und weiterer Verlage und weitere Papiere und Dokumente der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wehrwissenschaft.

  2. Budapesti Népbíróság iratai. Büntetőperes iratok

    • People’s Court of Budapest. Criminal Trial Records. 1945-1949

    Documents of the Budapest People’s Court are one of the key sources pertaining to the interwar and wartime history of Hungary as well as the Holocaust. The materials include trials against former prime ministers Béla Imrédy, László Bárdossy, Döme Sztójay and Ferenc Szálasi, several ministers, undersecretaties of state and other protagonists of the anti-Jewish policies as well as the direct perpetrators of murders and other atrocities against labor servicemen and Jewish civilians, trials against members of the Arrow Cross, the Volksbund, gendarmerie and various other pro-Nazi organizations a...

  3. Ejnesman, Kornwaser family photograph collection

    Collection is comprised of original photographs and photo postcards of Shoshana Fidelman’s grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts and siblings, none of whom survived the Holocaust. Photographs were taken in Poland prior to the Second World War and mailed by Shoshana Fidelman’s family living in Starachowice-Wierzbnik and Bodzentyn to family members in Canada and Israel.

  4. Writing Lives Memoir Project collection

    Collection is comprised of records accumulated as a result of the participation of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in a project entitled Writing Lives: The Holocaust Survivor Memoir Project. Writing Lives was a partnership between Langara College’s English and History departments, the Azrieli Foundation and the VHEC. For the project, students at Langara College worked closely with Vancouver-based Holocaust survivors to produce their written memoirs over the course of two semesters. In the first semester, students learned the history of the Holocaust. In the second semester, student...

  5. Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre fonds

    • Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
    • RA000
    • English
    • 1981-2019
    • 596.8 cm of textual records / 5.96 m of textual records574 photographs : prints, black and white, colour545 slides : 35 mm ; black and white, colour65 photographs : negatives51 videocassettes33 audio cassettes754.1 MB of born-digital records116 CDs61 DVDs9 floppy disks16 zip drives23 posters2 banners4 flash drives3 objects2 .mp4s12 .mp3s

    Fonds consists of records generated by staff and volunteers of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in the planning and administration of exhibitions, school programs, commemorative events, symposia, communications as well as a resource centre. Fonds has been arranged into the following series: Exhibition records, Newsletters, Event programming records.

  6. Stanley Winfield fonds

    Fonds consists of photographs, publications, reports and correspondence created or collected by Stanley Winfield while he was a sergeant with the Royal Canadian Air Force, related to the time he spent at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp shortly after its liberation. Fonds consists of a copy of a scrapbook created by Winfield on the subjects of Bergen-Belsen and Ted Aplin; passports belonging to the Lichtensterns, who were a Jewish couple related to Winfield’s mother and who fled Austria for the United States in 1939; and the program for and copies of speeches delivered at the fiftieth a...

  7. René Goldman fonds

    The records in this fonds pertain mostly to René Goldman and his parents, Wolf and Mira Goldman from Poland, Luxembourg and France. Fonds consists of family photographs, travel and identity documents, disappearance reports, certificates and post-war school records from orphanages resided in by René Goldman. Records have been arranged into the following two series: Goldman family photographs series (1917–[195-?]) and Goldman family records series (1929–1965).

  8. Pollák, Deneberger, Kiss family fonds

    Fonds is comprised of correspondence, family records and photographs created and/or kept by members of the Pollák, Deneberger and Kiss family, a Jewish family living in Tápiószele, Hungary during the Second World War. Records document the family's separation, internment, hiding and well as pre- and post-war activities.

  9. Meyer family fonds

    Fonds consists of records pertaining to the life, military service and work of members of the Meyer family in Germany before 1939, records related to their attempts to leave Germany and personal objects owned by Paul Meyer in Vancouver. Records include identity and transit documents, records related to taxes and fines, diaries, photographs, publications and correspondence. The fonds has been arranged by the archivist into the following five series:Family records series (1875–1939), Correspondence series (1938–1939), Writings, publications and ephemera series (1915–1976), Photographs series ...

  10. Loewy postcard collection

    Collection is comprised of twenty-eight postcards written by Sylvia Loewy, in Stockholm, Sweden, to her husband, Fritz, after his 1942 arrest and deportation. Not knowing where her husband was, Sylvia sent the postcards by registered mail to shtetls, ghettos and concentration camps throughout the Polish General Government territory. The postcards were sent in batches with similar messages, explaining that she lives in Sweden, that she is fine, and that she hopes to receive news from her husband as soon as possible.

  11. Holocaust Memorial Committee fonds

    Fonds is comprised of administrative and other records generated as a result of the activities of the Holocaust Memorial Committee of the VHCS. The Holocaust Memorial Committee managed the building of a Holocaust memorial monument and an accompanying commemorative book project. The VHCS initiated and funded the committee’s work; its board members at the time of the memorial unveiling were Robert Krell, Leon Kahn, Dave Shafran, Freda Kaplan, Robbie Waisman, Leon Dales, Mariette Doduck, David Ehrlich, Lili Folk, Rome Fox, Paul Heller and Jack Kowarsky. Records in fonds include administrative ...

  12. Holocaust-era serials collection

    Collection is comprised of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals published in Western Europe and the United States in the period leading up to and during the Second World War. Publications are relevant to Holocaust studies and education in that they demonstrate widespread antisemitism, Nazi propaganda, international responses and military and resistance activities. Serials in collection are both originals and reprints printed after the original publication.

  13. Rapporto generale della commissione per la ricostruzione delle vicende che hanno caratterizzato in Italia le attività di acquisizione dei beni dei cittadini ebrei da parte di organismi pubblici e privati

    • Anselmi Commission on Jewish Properties - General Report
    • Rapporto Generale della Commissione Anselmi sui Beni Ebraici
    • General report by the commission aiming to study the acquisition of Jewish citizens' goods by private and public bodies in Italy

    The general report, available both in Italian and in English, traces spoliation, confiscation, depredation liquidation and post-war restitution of Jewish citizens' properties. The cooperation by several banks and the Banca d'Italia is described.

  14. Records of the Mayor of Salgótarján

    • Salgótarján város polgármesterének iratai

    The collection holds the records of the Mayor, the head of the administration of the town of Salgótarján between 1922 and 1950. Records related to the Holocaust include, but not limited to the following topics: cases of trade licences and permits, citizenship and naturalization cases, disenfranchisement of Jewish citizens, petitions for granting the right to vote, records concerning the implementation of the anti-Jewish laws as well as instances of bureaucratic and illegal antisemitic measures, building permits, internal matters of Jewish communities, ban on Zionist organizations, Jewish mi...

  15. Records of the Subprefect of Nógrád County

    • Nógrád vármegye alispánjának iratai

    The fond of the records of the Subprefect is one of the key collections pertaining to the history of the Jewish communities and the Holocaust in Nógrád County. The material survived from the years 1939-1944 include records concerning the implementation of the anti-Jewish laws as well as the instances of bureaucratic and illegal antisemitic measures, including the withdrawal of trade licences and permits, quitting rental agreements of Jews, exclusion of Jews from the municipal committees and social organizations, internment and legal procedures, police supervision of Jewish individuals, regi...

  16. Vilcsek family collection

    Collection consists primarily of records generated or used during the period of the Second World War by the Vilcsek family in Budapest, Hungary. These include vital statistics and personal records of the Vilcsek family, photographs, and postcards mailed to the family from Ernő Vilcsek while he was in a labour camp in Hungary. Collection also consists of artworks, several on the theme of the Holocaust, created by Eva Kero after her immigration to Vancouver, BC.Collection has been arranged into three series: Correspondence (1942), Family records ([after 1881]–1949) and Artworks (1969–1971).

  17. Mayer Levit fonds

    The records in this fonds pertain to the experience of Mayer Levit after his liberation from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. These include transit and identification documents, a prayer book, embroidered towel, ration card and official documents attesting to his status as prisoner and his subsequent application for compensation.

  18. Maurice Smith militaria collection

    Scope and content: Collection is comprised of memorabilia received or collected by Maurice Smith while performing military service in Italy and the Netherlands. Collection is divided into three series: Artefacts [between 1939 and 1945], Correspondence, photograph (1945) and Publications and ephemera (1944–1945).

  19. Inge (Kollmann) Manes fonds

    Fonds consists of Manes' Star of David badge worn in Belgium, as well as documents and photographs documenting her and her family's experience of the Holocaust in Belgium. Fonds has been arranged into two files: Kollmann family file and Alice Schiffer file.

  20. Frank Orban fonds

    • Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
    • RA027
    • English
    • 2005
    • 2.15 cm textual records12 postcards3 photographed documents1 album (86 photographs)53 photographs : black and white, colour1 photograph : slide

    Fonds consists of postcards, photographs, identity, work and personal documents produced or received by Frank Orban relating to his family, work and life in Hungary, Israel, Greece and Canada. Fonds has been arranged into the following series: Postcards series (1944), Photographs series ([after 1919]–2005), Personal records series (1938–2005), and Compensation correspondence series (1998–2004).