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  1. Ministère des Affaires Economiques. Office belge de gestion et de liquidation)

    • Ministry of Economic Affairs. Belgian Administration and Liquidation Office

    This archival collection is of interest for three principle reasons. First, a study of the archives allows us to understand the establishment and operation of the Belgian Administration and Liquidation Office an organisation created by the State at the beginning of the Second World War for the management of Belgian property. Second, it also sheds light on the life of Belgians in London during the Second World War, through files other than those relating to the management of the Office, for example no. 114. Finally, a large number of the archives provides us with information on maritime tran...

  2. Record Center.

    Ce fonds comprend des documents émanant de diverses organisations juives de Belgique. On y trouvera également des dossiers relatifs à la bibliographie des professeurs de l’IEJ, comme les listes des publications de ces professeurs. Anna Kempinska a par ailleurs rassemblé de la documentation concernant des associations juives en France, dont les mouvements de jeunesse juifs comme le Bne Akiva, le Dror, l’Hashomer Hatzair, les Éclaireurs Israélites de France et l’Ihud Habonim. Ces dossiers comprennent des pamphlets, des publications des organisations, des affiches, de la correspondance et des ...

  3. Jewish Council for Amsterdam

    The archive consists of correspondence, newsletters and financial documents from the chairmen of the Jewish Council and various departments and bureaus. The documents give insight into German policy and the fate of individual Jews.

  4. Ministère de la Justice. Administration de la Sûreté publique. Police des étrangers. Dossiers généraux 2e série (Versement 2003)

    • Department of Justice. Public Security Administration. Foreign Police. General Files Series 2 (2003 Transfer)

    This fonds is, above all, a source of information on the role of the State in Belgian society, although its wealth goes far beyond this particular aspect of Belgium's political and social history. All the activities in which foreigners were involved on Belgian territory are mentioned. This ranges from religious orders to circuses and musicians, as well as (universal) exhibitions. The establishment of foreign companies was also the responsibility of the Foreign Police. Moreover, a multitude of subjects concerning foreigners such as the carrying of weapons, gambling, education, etc. were deal...

  5. Ministère des Finances. Archives de Carl Requette, liquidateur du Commissariat belge au rapatriement

    • Ministry of Finance. Carl Requette Archives, liquidator of the Belgian Repatriation Commission

    The documents in this fonds are either the specific products of Carl Requette's activity as liquidator or copies and original documents collected by him to serve as debt instruments or documentation. They come from the archives of the Belgian Commission for Repatriation (C.B.R.) as well as files transmitted by the Ministry of Public Health concerning Minister Marteaux's "hospital re-equipment" operation. Within its limited volume, the fonds has a considerable documentary value. It shines a light on Carl Requette's work as liquidator, but also that of the C.B.R. By including the documents th...

  6. Papers of the Institute of Jewish Affairs

    The records of the Institute of Jewish Affairs have been divided into five main sections, as MSS 237-41, maintaining the subject arrangement that the Institute used for its documentation collections. The records of the London office and British section of the World Jewish Congress are distributed in several places in this arrangement. The archive contains: MS 237: information from the press and other sources MS 238: minute books, together with correspondence files of the London office of the World Jewish Congress, largely for 1933-53, but principally 1942-53 MS 239: correspondence files of ...

  7. Fake diamond ring bartered to save the life of a Jewish family

  8. Штаб имперского руководителя (рейхсляйтера) Розенберга для оккупированных восточных областей, г.г. Берлин — Киев

    USHMM has copied from this fonds and describes the copies as follows: Opis 1, Einsatzstab Rosenberg Folder 2: Einsatzstab Rosenberg for the occupied eastern territories. Correspondence on transport of books, article translations from the foreign press on Lenin and Stalin, a letter on reworking documents of the German playwright Hans Mühlenstein, lists of permanent employees of Einsatzstab Rosenberg, lists of POWs and interrogation results. 11 III 1942-3 IX 1944. Folder 7: Circulars and correspondence on personnel (locally recruited workers). Inquiries on goods shipped to the headquarters. F...

  9. Concentration camp uniform cap worn by a Jewish German man

  10. Painting of a man in a fez done on pillowcase by Dutch Jew in hiding

    • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • irn39869
    • English
    • 1944
    • overall : 12.750 x 10.000 x 1.880 in. (32.385 x 25.4 x 4.775 cm.) pictorial area : 10.000 x 7.250 in. (25.4 x 18.415 cm.)
  11. Metal mezuzah found postwar and used by a Polish Jewish survivor

  12. Wooden sculpture of a grieving woman made by a Lithuanian Jewish artist

  13. Felix and Flory Van Beek correspondence

  14. Kalman Clarence and Anna Farkas Gutlohn Grant family papers

  15. SPF Justice. Service des Cultes et de la Laïcité. Dossiers du Culte israélite

    • Federal Public Service Justice. Department of Worship and Secularism. Files on the Jewish Religion

    The files relating to the Jewish religion originating from the "Worship Department" of the Ministry of Justice naturally fall within the scope of the powers exercised by department: namely, recognition of the Jewish religion, synagogues and local communities, relations between the State and representatives of the religion, appointments and salaries of rabbis and cantors and management of religious buildings. In fact, the fonds contains vital archives on the creation and management of all the country's synagogues as well as on the State's relations with the Central Consistory and most of the...

  16. Navy blue pinstriped jacket and pants worn by the groom at his wedding to another survivor in a DP camp

  17. Green knapsack used by a Hungarian Jewish man in forced labor

  18. Blue, white and yellow Jewish Relief Unit Star of David badge worn by a German Jewish nurse

  19. Tablespoon with scratched initials used by a German Jewish concentration camp inmate