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Administrative Structure

PMM archival holdings may be divided into the following groups :

I KL Lublin Administration 1941-1944: the original documents from the camp – 18.5 linear metres (318 items, around 17,000 pages). This is the most important collection of original files for research into the history of the camp at Majdanek. These are divided as follows: Ia – Abteilung I – Kommandantur KL Lublin (Camp commandant’s office) – 8 volumes. Ib – Abteilung II – Politische Abteilung (Political Section) – 23 volumes, 17 of which are prisoners’ personal files. Ic – Abteilung III – Schutzhaftlager (Prisoners’ camp) – 59 volumes, 39 of which are “Detailed daily reports on prisoner employment” from 1942-1944. Id –Abteilung IV – Verwaltung (Administration) – 172 volumes, 96 of which constitute the card file of the “Effektenkammer” (“Personal effects room”), and 31 a money register. Among the materials in this section is the Death Book for 1942, which has been published. Ie – Abteilung V – SS-Lagerarzt (Camp doctor) – 6 volumes. If – SS-Totenkopf Sturmbann (Guard staff) – 50 volumes.

These materials are of fundamental significance because they include (fragmentarily preserved) orders issued by the commandant’s office, prisoner numbers, notifications of transports, notifications of deaths, transport lists, card files for clothing, money and professions, lists of labour details and prisoners who died in the camp, lists of prisoners employed in the Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke GmbH Werk Lublin (German Armaments Factory, Lublin Plant) at Lipowa Street in Lublin, documents providing evidence of orders of Zyklon B, documents concerning looting of prisoners’ property, correspondences providing evidence of contacts with commercial companies in the Third Reich, reports on camp staffing numbers, and SS officers’ personnel files.

II Aktion Reinhard: Dowódca SS i Policji Okręgu Lubelskiego. Główny Wydział Akcji Reinhard (SS- und Polizeiführer des Distrikts Lublin. Hauptabteilung Einsatz Reinhard, SS and Police Leader for the Lublin District. Central Department for Aktion Reinhard) – documents from the warehouses at 27 Chopina Street in Lublin 1942-1944 – 14 volumes (ca. 900 sheets). These are materials relating to looted Jewish property, e.g. receipts for crates of money and valuables, copies of bills for items sold, requests for items from the warehouses, lists of clothes, receipts for various institutions, and lists of names of Jewish guards. III Private documents of camp personnel and German soldiers 1939-1944 – personal identification documents, correspondence, and calendars – 3 volumes.

Archival and Other Holdings

The Archives of the State Museum at Majdanek collects, stores, secures and popularizes the materials connected with the former camp. The original records created by camp offices in the years 1941-1944 form the biggest and at the same time the most important group of the archives. A completely different form and content characterizes the documents created by the prisoners, most of which are secret letters sent from the camp as well as post-war prisoners’ recollections and accounts.

What is more, the Archives of the State Museum at Majdanek possesses the documents concerning the history of the Lublin region in the times of German occupation and the papers indirectly connected with the Majdanek camp, such as Operation Reinhardt files, the Lublin unit of the Polish Red Cross documents, and the archives of the OPUS Central Underground Care documenting the camp resistance movement.

The archives of the State Museum at Majdanek serves scientific and educational purpose, being at the same time a significant element of museum exhibitions.

I. KL Lublin Administration 1941-1944 II. Einsatz Reinhardt – Materiallager Chopinstr. 27 III. Private documents of crew members and German soldiers (1939-1944) IV. The Archives of Prisoner Organizations (1942-1944) V. Private documents belonging to the prisoners (1813-1946) VI. Outside records (1941-1944) VII. Former prisoners’ diaries, accounts, and questionnaires VIII. Audio recordings IX. Maps of the concentration camp at Majdanek and the maps of the museum X. The Society for the Protection of Majdanek (since 1945) XI. Polish Red Cross – Lublin District (1939-1946) XII. OPUS - Central Underground Care (1943-1944) XIII. Women’s Auxiliary Army Service (1942-1944) XIV. Studies XV. The collection of announcements and leaflets XVI. The collection of materials connected with the Nazi prison at the Lublin Castle (1939-1944) XVII. The collection of photographs XVIII. The collection of microfilms XIX. The collection of photocopies XX. Trial records XXI. A collection of records of the Association of the Former Prisoners of the Lublin Castle and Pod Zegarem prison. XXII. The collection of video recordings XXIII. NKVD camp XXIV. Legacies XXV. Polish-Soviet Extraordinary Commission to Examine Crimes in the Area of the Concentration Camp at Majdanek (1944). For further information see A. Skibinska (ed.), chapter 4.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

online inventories:

The State Museum at Majdanek has passed a database containing over 30 thousand records with personal information about the people imprisoned in the concentration camp at Majdanek in the years 1941-1944.

If interested, please submit an application (if possible, also by e-mail at The application should contain the personal details of the former Majdanek prisoner and all the available information concerning the circumstances in which the given person was arrested, imprisoned and released.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday, between 7.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Conditions of Access

If interested, please submit an application in order to get permission to have an insight into the archives. The application should contain the purpose and scope of study.

Students are asked to enclose a letter of recommendation from their tutor.

We ask for prior notification of the time of the visit and field of interest so that we can prepare the relevant materials. (


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