Salzburger Landesarchiv

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The Salzburg Landesarchiv maintains a history of over 1200 years. The centralization of all remaining Salzburg collections occurred through the founding of the Zentralregistratur, after Salzburg was incorporated into Austria. The modern Salzburg Archives considers the establishment of their permanent office in 1875 as the actual date of establishment.

Archival and Other Holdings

The holdings of the Salzburger Landesarchiv are divided into four major collections: Historisches Archiv (until 1850), Zentralregistratur (from 1850), Collections, and individual records (Nachlässe). The collections overview indicates the presence of documents of the Nazi period, for example "Reichstatthalter-akten 1938-1945," Reich governor documents. Among others contains restitution- and/or compensation-related materials: 1. Opferfürsorge-Akten Salzburg (deceased applicants); 2. Landesgerichtsakten, Rueckstellungskommission; closed files; restriction: retention period of 100 years, access is permitted for scientific projects; for Landesgerichtsakten

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Online one can find an overview of the collections, including lists of the documents contained within each particular collection. There is additionally an online catalogue, through which documents of the archive can be found .

The [collections overview](Beständeübersicht - provides detailed information online on the contents of the archives. The reading rooms of the archives are open to the public for research purposes.


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