Hlinkova Garda

  • Hlinka Guard
  • HK
Type of Entity
Corporate Body

Dates of Existence

Founded in 1938


Hlinkova Garda was a militia established in Slovakia by the pro-Nazi Hlinkova slovenská l’udová strana (Hlinka Slovak People’s Party) after the Munich Conference of 1938, in which Western leaders allowed Hitler to occupy the Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia. The Hlinkova Garda was named for Andreij Hlinka, a Slovak nationalist who died that same year. Members of the guard were given military training and were urged to hate Jews, Czechs, and supporters of the left. They wore black uniforms and used the Nazis’ raised-arm salute. In 1942, the HG and other collaborationists aided local police and German authorities in deporting Jews to Poland. After the Slovakian National revolt in 1944-08, the SS took control of this group.


  • Founded in Slovakia.


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