Archival Descriptions

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Country: Romania
  1. Ministry of Justice

  2. Ministerul Muncii, Sanatatii si Protectiei Sociale

    • Ministry of Work, Health, and Social Protection
  3. Presidency of Council of Ministers

  4. Reports

    Reports related to the legionary rebellion on January 1941. 24 - 28 Jan. 1941. 2 pages of lists w/o explanation or title. Detailed report of the events that took place on 21-23 January 1941. A note indicates that a number of pages were taken out by the security services.

  5. Correspondence.

    The armament collected from the legionnaires after the rebellion of 22 - 24 January 1941. 16.I - 31.III, 1941. Orders sent to all Units to collect, clean and store the armament left after the rebellion. Also to be collected all the materials taken by the rebel bands from businesses and private homes. Also to be reported all the arrests performed. Reports received from districts. Reports requested from military units of armament and ammunition missing and for establishing the culprits and put them under arrest. Results of chasing after known legionnaires and of searches. Reports on political...

  6. Pretorial service.

    Various correspondence regarding the administration of the territory and of the population. Information on the organization and working of the Soviet espionage obtained from a captured spy. Activity of the pretorial service June- Oct 1941.

  7. Ordinances in Romanian, German and Russian regarding the administration of Transnistria.

    Ordinances in Romanian, German and Russian regarding the administration of Transnistria. Measures for organizing the life of the Jews in Transnistria. Ordinance of the military commandment. Various other ordinances regarding the life and activities in Transnistria.

  8. Daily bulletins

    bulletins and contrainformative reports at the 3-rd army, from April 1, 1942.

  9. Reports

    of mobilization, evacuations and internment of Jews (Jidani). Evacuation of Jews from Moghilau to the Northern part of Transnistria, for military reasons. Creation of ghettos for Jews. Report of 6,500 and of 8,000 Jews from Bessarabia and Bucovina sent over the Bug; other 60,000 are assembled in Berezovka waiting to be transferred. A report of the Jewish Committee for the coordination of the work force and for assistance of the Jews in Moghilev, sent to the Jewish Center in Bucharest, is intercepted by the censor; it generates admiration at the Commandment of the III-d Army for the organiza...

  10. Mobilization

    Camps for Jews communists from Romania. Report on guarding of prisoners and of the deported Jews. Evacuation of Jews from Moghilev is proposed. Situation of internees in the camp Vapniarka.

  11. Internment

    Internment of communists from Romania and from Transnistria. Organization of the camps and of the counter-espionage service. Preventive measures against soviet parachutists.

  12. Guarding and control of the territory

    Guarding and control of the territory. Fumigation of the catacombs in Odessa, to eradicate the partisans and parachutists. Terrestrial/ aerial protection of the ammunition depot in Nikolaev. Reorganization of the military command in Odessa.

  13. Military Corps of Engineers - Communications.

    Situation of railroad and road transport in Transnistria. Reports of conflicts with the German army personnel. Handling of convoys of Russian prisoners.

  14. Requests

    for maps indicating zones of fraudulent crossing of the Bug or Dniester, of partisans, of parachutists launching, communist nests etc.

  15. Orders

    with regard to measures taken to warrant internal peace and security. Lists of military units in charge of guarding main objectives.

  16. Reports

    Reports related to the rebellion and its aftermath. 21.I - 24.II. 1941. Manifest legionnaire signed by Viorel Trifa (NB.later orthodox bishop in Detroit) requesting expulsion of “judaized” ministers from the Romanian government.

  17. Protection

    against parachutists, airborne troops and partisans.

  18. Plan

    of operations and maps regarding measures to protect main objectives against parachutists and partisans.