Language of Description: English
  1. Холокауст

    • Holocaust
    • Holokaust

    Documents issued by various authorities in Yugoslavia during WW II, both domestic and occupational. There are a lot of personal documents, manuscripts, books. Fund includes database of Jewish victims of the Holocaust and record books.

  2. Збирка микрофилмова

    • Collection of microfilms
    • Zbirka mikrofilmova

    Copies of documents issued by various German central authorities and occupational forces in Yugoslavia and Serbia. Among them are documents of German Foreign ministry, German plenipotentiary for the economy in Serbia and the others.

  3. The Danish Brigade in Sweden (DANFORCE), The command

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Brigade i Sverige, Kommandoen
    • Danish, English
    • 1943
    • 119 parcels

    Concerns the Danish police force which was established in Sweden from 1943. It consisted mainly of escaped resistance fighters

  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stockholm

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stockholm, diplomatic representation, The legation refugee office
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Udenrigsministeriet Stockholm
    • Danish, English
    • 45 parcels

    Concerns Danish refugees in Sweden - both resistance fighters and Jews. The name index is used as the entrance to the files.

  5. The Danish Refugee Administration in Sweden

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Flygtningeadministration i Sverige
    • Danish, English
    • 782 parcels

    The General Department handled the assistance to refugees who were not in work and not stayed in barracks/ garrison: clothing assistance, lodging, maintenance, social assistance for elderly, mothers with children, pregnant women, medical and dental assistance, help in illness, death, help to the Danish Brigade personnel and its families. Legal assistance was transferred to the Refugee Office Secretariat.

  6. Ministry of Social Affairs

    • Kontoret for Offentlig Forsog
    • Office of Public Social Welfare
    • Rigsarkivet
    • 2. Kontor
    • Danish, English
    • 5 parcels

    Handled the relief aid to deported Danes in Germany (emergency food parcels, etc.). The information is found in special records in the Journals Files. The information are found in special records in the Journal Files: - File no. 820: Internees. - File no. 850: Communists. - File no. 880: Jews, political prisoners.

  7. Udenrigsministeriet

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Udenrigsministeriet
    • English
    • 1909-1945
    • Records filed by subject
  8. Ministry of Work, Health, and Social Protection

  9. Ministry of Justice

  10. Okresný úrad v Poprade

    • Distric Office in Poprad

    Fonds is very well preserved and contains important documents about the persecution of Jews living at the territory of district Poprad. It contains various documents concerning the aryanization of Jewish property, work permissions for Jews, employment of Jewish doctors and other experts etc. Fonds also contains the documents pertaining to the Concentration center for Jews in Poprad, such as reports on the deportations from that center during the 1942 deportation of Jews from Slovakia, report on the activities of Hlinka guard during the deportation etc. Besides that it contains various lists...

  11. Odbočka Ústredne štátnej bezpečnosti pri Policajnom riaditeľstve v Prešove

    • State Security Headquarter´s Branch at the Police Directorate in Prešov
    • UŠBO

    The fonds contains the preserved documents of the State Security Headquarter´s (Ústredňa štátnej bezpečnosti), which was the political police and the secret service of the Slovakia (1939-1945). More precisely it contains the documents of one regional branch of this political police: it branch in Prešov. The majority of the fonds consists of files on specific persons. The fonds contains information on various issues including ethnic relations, minorities, resistance as well as the persecution of Jews. The fonds contains personal files of many Jews with reports on their activities. This inclu...

  12. Okresný ľúdový súd v Medzilaborciach

    • District People´s Court in Medzilaborce

    The fonds contains few files with the information on the anti-Jewish policy at the territory of district Medzilaborce in 1938-1944. One case file contains the information on the so called temporary administration of Jewish houses and apartments at the territory of Medzilaborce after the deportation of Jews in 1942. Besides that there is also a file with the information on the deportation of Jews from Medzilaborce and the so called aryanisation of one particular enterprise in Medzilaborce by the former member of the Hlinka Guard. Fonds contains also a case file of the former local dignitary ...

  13. Okresný ľudový súd v Humennom

    • District People´s Court in Humenné

    The fonds contains the files concerning various cases of Aryanization of the enterprise property in district Humenné. It also contains the files pertaining the denunciation of Jews in 1942 and 1944, beating and harassing of Jews and deportation of Jews from the district Humenné in 1942.

  14. Okresný ľúdový súd v Rožňave

    • District People´s Court in Rožňava

    Fonds contains files pertaining the persecution of Jews at the territory of Hungary as well as Slovakia (1938-1945). It contains the information on various forms of persecution Jews and handling of Jewish property in Rožňava as well as on handling the Jewish property in ghetto in Plešivec. Besides that fonds contains the file concerning the prosecution of the former member of SS who served as a guard in Auschwitz from Summer 1943 to 1945. It also contains file with the information on persecution of Roma members of the partisan unit in Sadovce and several files concerning the persecution of ...

  15. Okresný ľudový súd v Revúcej

    • District People´s Court in Revúca

    The fonds contains the files concerning various forms of persecution of Jews in Revúca. It contains testimonies of Jews from Revúca on their harassment and persecution. Fonds also contains the information on partisan activities in the vicinity of village Muráň as well as on the anti-partisan operations of German security forces in that area. One file concerns the prosecution of the former member of the Hlinka Guard who served as a guard in the Labor and concentration camp in Sereď (Slovakia).

  16. Okresný ľudový súd v Moldave nad Bodvou

    • District People´s Court in Moldava nad Bodvou

    The fonds contains the file concerning the confiscation of Jewish property and deportation of Jews from Moldava nad Bodvou in 1944. It also contains the file concerning the activities of Levente with pictures of Levente members in Moldava nad Bodvou.

  17. Okresný ľudový súd v Košiciach

    • District People´s Court in Košice

    Fonds contains files pertaining the post-WW II prosecution of various suspects and convicts for crimes committed at the territory of Slovakia (1938-1945) as well as Hungary (1938-1945). It thus contains information on various forms of persecution of Jews, Roma and political opponents which took place not only at the territory of Košice and its vicinity but also at the territory of war-time Slovakia as well as quite distant places abroad. Besides files pertaining the so called Aryanization of Jewish property in Košice and its vicinity; blackmailing and denouncing of Jews; as well as the depo...

  18. Okresný ľudový súd v Sobranciach

    • District People´s Court in Sobrance

    Fonds contains several files concerning separate cases of denunciation of Jews hiding in the vicinity of Vyšné Nemecké, Ruskov and Koňuša in 1944.

  19. Okresný ľúdový súd v Lučenci

    • District People´s Court in Lučenec

    The fonds contains various files concerning the persecution of Jews in Slovakia (1938-1945) and Hungary (1938-1945). Among others there is a case file of the former detective of Hungarian state police which contains the information about the investigation and the death of Jewish man in Lučenec (Losonc). Another file of former dignitary of the Nyilaskeresztes Párt (Arrow Cross Party) in Lučenec contains the information on the division of Jewish property in Lučenec (Losonc). One file contains the information on the ghetto in Lučenec (Losonc). There is also a file concerning the blackmailing o...

  20. Okresný ľúdový súd v Kremnici

    • District People´s Court in Kremnica

    The fonds contains various files concerning the persecution of Jews in Slovakia (1938-1945). There is a file of the former local dignitary of the Hlinka Slovak People´s Party in Kremnica which contains the information on the persecution of the specific Jewish family in Kremnica. Two files contain the information on the activities of the Emergency Unit of the Hlinka Guard in Kremnica (Pohotovostný oddiel Hlinkovej gardy) in 1944. THese files contain the testimonies of Jewish survivors. Another file contains the info on activities of the Abwehrgruppe 218 Edelweiss and its action in Krížna. Th...