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  1. Dokumenty k dejinám židovstva na Slovensku

    • Documents on the History of the Jewry in Slovakia

    Collection contains various documents on the history of the Jews in Slovakia, mainly materials dedicated to everyday life of the community members such as contracts, legitimations, licenses, testimonies, letters and postcards, birth certificates, school reports, photographs, health certificates, etc. One of the most relevant and unique Holocaust-related document is the original manuscript of the poem Crematorium (Krematórium) by Ladislav Grosmann, author of the scenario to the Oscar-winning movie The Shop on the Main Street (Obchod na korze). Newest items in the collection are declarations ...

  2. Dojč, Ľudovít, 1962 – 1995

    Fragmentary fonds contains Ľudovít Dojč´s curriculum vitae, personal documents and various correspondence with foreign institutions. The most relevant material to the Jewish history in Slovakia, including persecution during the World War II, in this collection is dedicated to the research, documentation and drafts of the publication Jewish religious Communities in Slovakia (Židovské náboženské obce na Slovensku).

  3. Catecumeno

    The Opera Pia del Catecumeno offered help to baptised Jews and Jews converted to Catholicism.

  4. Presidency of Council of Ministers ‐ Military Cabinet

  5. Zbierka XV. Letáky, plagáty

    • Collection XV. Leaflets, Posters

    Collection is created by various visual materials such as leaflets and posters referring to the official propaganda of the Slovak state as well as the anti-fascist propaganda which was intensively spread and circulated especially during the Slovak National Uprising in autumn 1944. In particular, 17 items are Holocaust-related and they are mainly pertaining the official anti-Semitic policy of Hlinkova slovenská ľudová strana (HSĽS).

  6. Zbierka spomienok o represáliách, perzekúciách, rasovom prenasledovaní a obetiach na Slovensku v rokoch 1938 – 1945

    • Collection of Memories of Reprisals, Persecutions, Racial Persecution and Victims in Slovakia in Years 1938 – 1945

    Among numerous written memories of radical and mass reprisals mostly from the period 1944 – 1945, this collection contains also various testimonies of the Holocaust survivors who were facing the mass persecution during and even after the suppression of the Slovak National Uprising by German Army forces, POHG, anti-fascist unit Edelweiss, etc. Significant attention is paid the to mass executions in Kremnička (November 5, 1944 – March 8, 1945), where more approximately 747 people were murdered, various memories are addressing the plundering and burning the villages of Kalište (March 18, 1945)...

  7. Okresný ľudový súd v Nových Zámkoch

    • District People´s Court in Nové Zámky

    The fonds contains files pertaining to the persecution of Jews in Nové Zámky and surrounding area which belonged to Hungary in 1938-1945 but contains also files pertaining to the persecution of Jews at the territory of Slovakia (1938-1945). Several files contain the information on the so called Aryanization of Jewish property. There are case files on the denunciation of Jews during the deportaion of Jews from Hungary. Several files pertain to the deportation of Jews from Hungary and activities of various individuals against Jews during deportations. Number of files pertains to the Arrow Cro...

  8. Zbierka IX. Nacistické okupačné jednotky

    • Collection IX. Nazi Occupation Forces

    Collection contains various documents dedicated to the activities of Nazi occupation forces which were operating in Slovakia after the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising on August 29, 1944. Suppression of the armed uprising, which dominantly took place in the Central Slovakia with the center in the city of Banská Bystrica, was accompanied also by the massive and intentional persecution of the rest of the Jewish community in the Slovak territory. Material includes numerous information about mass executions in Kremnička and also about the later exhumation of the mass grave as well as th...

  9. Zbierka VIII. Slovenská republika

    • Collection VIII. Slovak Republic

    This collection contains various documents pertaining the general situation in the Slovak Republic (1939 – 1945), including some information about the racial persecution. Even though, the Holocaust does not represent the main topic of this collection, diverse material encloses relevant information about anti-Semitic measures which were enforced and implemented by the main political bodies in the Slovak Republic as well as their latter practical realization in the country, in particular in the city of Banská Bystrica and its surroundings.

  10. Zbierka VII. Armáda

    • Collection VII. Army

    This collection contains numerous selected documents which investigate the activities of the Army in the period of the Slovak National Uprising in autumn 1944. The most relevant Holocaust-related materials concerning information, including some photos, about VI. Labor Battalion which intentionally consisted of racially persecuted – Jews and Roma people.

  11. Ассоциация польских евреев во Франции (г. Париж)

    • L'association des juifs polonais en France; Association of Polish Jews in France (Paris)
    • Assotsiatsiia polskikh evreev vo Frantsii (g. Parizh)

    The collection's contents are described in one inventory. The documents are catalogued by type. Featured among the collection's documents are reports on association activities for 1933-40, as well as reports of the constituent session of the association's finance commission for 28 November 1939; minutes of the general assembly of association members from 4 February 1940; lists of members of the Association of Polish Jews in France; association membership application forms; cashbooks for September 1939—April 1940; as well as correspondence with the Polish Consulate General in Paris and with ...

  12. Ministry of Justice

  13. Okresný úrad v Bardejove

    • District Office in Bardejov

    Fonds contains the torso of documents of the former District Office in Bardejov. Besides the documents on the Communist movement in the district from late 1938, and late 1940 there are also several documents pertaining the activities and the staff of the Hlinka Guard and Hlinka Youth in the district. This includes lists of the Hlinka Guard members who were considered as the candidates for so called "temporary administration" of Jewish households from December 1940; set of historical photos of local dignitaries of the regime including some HG and HY members; file pertaining the confiscation ...

  14. Policajné riaditeľstvo v Prešove

    • Police Directorate in Prešov

    Fonds contains various documents pertaining the persecution of Jews and political oponents of the regime. Besides that it contains various important lists of Jews living at the territory under the control of the Police Directorate in Prešov such as the list of Jewish employees living in Prešov from 1941; the list of Jews who were not subjected to the social security and health insurance from districts Michalovce, Medzilaborce, Bardejov, Sabinov, Stropkov, Vranov nad Topľou, Trebišov, Giraltovce and Humenné. Then there is a list of Jews of so called problematic citizenship who lived in Prešo...

  15. Okresný úrad v Trenčíne

    • District Office in Trenčín

    Fonds contains documents of the District Office in Trenčín, which was the regional state administration body. Besides important documents pertaining to the political, economical and social history of the region in 1923-1945, fonds contains significant number of files concerning the persecution of Jews in 1938-1945. It contains documents pertaining to the appointment of so called governmental trustees into the firms owned by Jews, documents pertaining to the so called aryanisation of enterprise property in the district Trenčín. Besides that there are files pertaining to the dismissal of Jews...

  16. Hospodárska úradovňa predsedníctva vlády

    • Economic Bureau of Prime Ministerʼs Office

    The fond contains documents of the Economic Bureau of Prime Minister's Office, one of the central bodies created in 1940 in relation to the so called aryanisation of Jewish property and anti-Jewish property expropriation policies in Slovakia. The fonds includes documents related to the preparation and implementation of anti-Jewish legislation regarding the private property of Jews, as well as various proposals for anti-Jewish measures. Moreover, the fonds contains lists of withdrawn/cancelled business licenses, various documents and statistics on Jewish property owners etc. The majority of ...

  17. Okresný úrad v Trebišove

    • District Office in Trebišov

    The District Office in Trebišov was the state administration body. The fonds contains just a small part of the original documents of the District Office in Trebišov. Documents of District Offices in Slovakia are usually divided into presidial, administrative, military-related, technical and accounting files. The fonds is partially processed and the researcher has access to presidial documents of the District Office covering the basic political, social and economic events in the district Trebišov during the period of existence of the office. This part of preserved documents is cataloged in d...

  18. Okresný úrad v Piešťanoch I

    • District Office in Piešťany I

    The fonds of the District Office in Piešťany as the regional state administration body contains the imporant documents on political, economical and social history of Piešťany district in 1938-1945. Many files concern the anti-Jewish policy of the Hlinka Slovak People´s Party regime at the territory of Piešťany district. Several files concern various reports on Jews living in Piešťany, and visiting famous spa in Piešťany. There is also a file concerning the preparation of aryanisation of Jewish enterprise property in Piešťany and document suggesting specific businesses for aryanisation. Some...

  19. Okresný úrad v Hlohovci

    • District Office in Hlohovec

    Reports on expulsion of Jews in 1938 by members of Hlinka Guard, dismissal of Jewish Party. It also contains documents on imprisonment of individuals in political prison in Ilava. As for the property persecution, the fonds contains documents on cancellation of licences belonging to Jews and appointing of governmental officials into the enterprises owned by Jews. There are documents on compulsory marking of stores owned by Jews in the district too. Fonds also contains various instructions and circular letters concerning variety of anti-Jewish measures, including the dismissal of Jews from pu...