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Language of Description: English
Country: Lithuania
  1. Anna Szymajte's (Ona Šimaitė) Report on the Rescued Documents from the Vilnius Ghetto in 1941-1943

    The document consists of the information about the rescuing of documents from the Vilnius ghetto undertaken by Anna (Ona) Szymajte (Šimaitė). In the document she has listed what exactly was taken from the ghetto and then hidden outside it.

  2. Žydų istorijos dokumentai

    • Jewish history documents
    • Švėkšnos muziejus. Šilutės Hugo Šojaus muziejaus padalinys
    • Švėkšnos muziejaus kolekcijos/Collections of the Švėkšna Museum
    • English
    • 1900-1944
    • The holdings are classified as primary (GEK) and academic support collections (PG). Primary collection consists of: Photography (ŠVF) - XIX - XX c. (contains Jewish documents) Writings (ŠVR) - XVI - XX c. (contains Jewish documents) Etnography (ŠVE) - XIX - XX c. (contains Jewish documents) Archeology (ŠVA) Numismatics (ŠVNu) Historical Exhibits (ŠVIE)

    There are 40-50 items (documents, personal artifacts and photos) related to the Jewish history and the Holocaust in the collection of the museum.

  3. Žydų istorijos dokumentai

    • Jewish History Documents

    There are several items (documents, personal artifacts and photos) related to the Jewish history and the Holocaust in the collection of the museum.

  4. LSSR-MGB-KGB centro skyriai (pabiros)

    • Lithuanian SSR-MGB-KGB Central Departments (Loose Files)

    Some files of the subfond are related to the Holocaust (surveillance/criminal proceeding files (interrogation and confrontation protocols, testimonies of witnesses and ect.) for people who colaborated with the Nazi and were involved into annihilation process of local Jews). - files No. 1234, 1251, 1290, 4907-4909, 4911, 4912, 4913 (11 volumes), 4914-4916: related to activities of the Special Squad (Sonderkommando Vilinius SD) which operated in the Paneriai (Ponary) mass killing site.

  5. Lietuvos SSR valstybės saugumo komitetas (KGB)

    • Security Committee (KGB) of Lithuania SSR

    Criminal proceedings (protocols of interrogations, information which deals with personal data of the arrested persons, photos, sometimes-small personal belongings (certificates, books, checks, drawings, photos of the members of the family and ect.), protocols of the questioning to witnesses, various decrees and reports (part of them with the sign: Secret). The subfonds includes approx. 1034 criminal files for people who have been suspected or accused of colaboration, for people who partipicated in mass killings of Jews ect.). - Criminal files No. 8890/3, 36137/3, 739/3, 45275/3, 36138/3, 20...

  6. Lietuvos partizaninio judėjimo štabas

    • The Command of Lithuanian Partisan Movement

    Documents related to the activities of the Vilnius and Kaunas ghetto prisoners' in Soviet partisans squads in Lithuania in 1942-1944: diaries, correspondence, letters and notes, descriptions of everyday life in the unit at the forest, documents of the activities of each squad (reports, announcements, orders, instructions, lists of oldiers, time tables of operations and ect). Also there are personal files of members of partisan movement, movement members' alphabetical index (1941-1949), documents of Awards Commission of Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (awards for veterans of WWII (1958-...

  7. Lietuvos TSR mokslų akademijos Istorijos instituto archyviniams dokumentams skelbti redakcijos veiklos bylų apyrašas Nr. 55

    • Lithuanian SSR Academy of Sciences History Institute's Activities Concerning the Publishing of the Edited Archival Records. Subfonds No 55

    The subfond consists of the files of collections of the microfilmed copies of interrogation minutes of the persons sentenced for collaboration with Nazis and killings of the Jews. There is a possibility to finds copies of the files concerning activities of collaborators in almost every district of Lithuania. Files from No. 68 to 215 are related to collaboration and participation in mass killings: - Files No. 130, 131, 145: Ukmergė district. - Files No. 128, 138, 145: Trakai district. - Files No. 98-100: Kaunas district. - Files No. 105-106: mass killings in Paneriai. - File No 132: Utena di...

  8. Atrinkti dokumentai iš Gosudarstvennij Archiv Rossijskoj Federacii (GARF)

    • Selected Documents from the State Archive of the Russian Federation
    • Atrinkti dokumentai iš Valstybinio Rusijos Federacijos archyvo

    Protocols of the witnesses of the mass killings in the Vilnius and Suvalkai area, in the Vilnius ghetto, Paneriai mass killing site. Memoirs of the Jewish survivors (members of the corpses burning brigade in Paneriai) and IX Fort in Kaunas. Protocols, acts, and other documentation compiled by the Extraordinary Soviet Commission (1944). First list of Jews living in Lithuania (compiled on September 1944). Total 1195 persons (data includes names, names of both parents, birth date). Second list of Jewish residents in Lithuania (27 September 1944). Total 468 persons (name, surname, place of birth).

  9. Atrinktos kopijos iš Jungtinių Amerikos valstijų Holokausto memorialinio muziejaus

    • Selected copies from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Various documentation, reports, correspondence mostly about commerce relations between the Kauen (Kaunas) ghetto (which was called Kauen KZ since October 1943) and companies in Germany; correspondence with Nazi authorities in Danzing, Berlin and Stutthof.

  10. Atrinkti duomenys iš Bergen-Belsen koncentracijos stovyklos memorialo

    • Selected Records from the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Memorial
    • Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono žydų muziejus
    • HE-Bergen-Belsen
    • English
    • 1944-1945
    • 6 pages of paper copies from the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Memorial database. The title of the original list is: Registry of Names of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Prisoners: Excerpt of About 92 Prisoners with Lithuanian Citizenship. All copies are printed.

    A list of the Jewish prisoners from Lithuania imprisoned in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944-1945. In total 92 names with personal data (data and place of birth, religion, place the person was deported from, place where the person was deported, data of arrival in the concentration camp).

  11. Atrinkti duomenys iš Flossenburgo koncentracijos stovyklos memorialo

    • Selected Records from the Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial
    • Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono žydų muziejus
    • HE-Flossenburg
    • English
    • 1943-1945
    • 12 pages of copies from the Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial database; 14 pages of copies of lists of prisoners with Jewish names from Lithuania from the Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial archives. All copies are printed.

    There are 12 pages of the paper copies from the Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial database. The information of the database is based on jpeg copies made from the microfilm in Federal Archives Berlin, which microfilmed it from the National Archives in Washington, DC, in 1967. The copies consist of names of 207 Jews deported from Lithuania. There are also 14 pages (of 17) of the paper copies of a digital file (Tiff) of a transport list (Kaufering-Leitmeritz) of prisoners with Jewish names from Lithuania (compiled 7 January 1945) from the Flossenburg archives. A digital (Tiff) file was m...

  12. 1924-1952 metų studentų asmenų bylų sąrašas (tvarkomasis)

    • List of Students' Personal Files in 1924-1952 (Regulative)
    • Vilniaus Universiteto archyvas
    • F. R-856
    • English
    • 1924-1952
    • 3925 personal files. The fonds is without subfonds. Almost all documents are handwritten.

    Personal files of the students of the Vilnius University. The files consist of various documents (applications, certificates of birth, graduation from the school certificates, reports). 20% of files are with Jewish names. The files on 1939-1941 years consist of the names of the potencially killed Jews in 1941-1944. The files from 1944-1946 consist of the information of the Jews survivor who applied for the studies at the university after the WWII.

  13. ELTA informacija. Buržuazinių nacionalistų kovos veiksmų aprašymas traukiantis Raudonajai armijai Vilniuje ir Trakuose

    • Information from News Agency ELTA (Electronic Lithuanian Telegrams Agency). Descriptions of the Fighting Between the Red Army and Local Nationalists in the First Days of Second World War (When the Red Army Was Retreating) in Vilnius and Trakai

    Information about activities (including correspondence, notes, letters, writings) of units of the white arm-banded local partisans who were fighting against communists and Jews.

  14. ELTA informacija. Bolševikų bėgimas iš Ukmergės

    • Information from news agency ELTA (Electronic Lithuanian Telegrams Agency). Escape of the Bolsheviks from Ukmergė

    Correspondence, notes, writings send to ELTA (Electronic Lithuanian Telegrams Agency) about the first days of WWII in Ukmergė, including information about people (most of whom were Jews) arrested by local activists.

  15. Ašmenos kalėjimas

    • Ašmena Prison

    Various documentation: correspondence, orders of the chief of the prisons, reports, lists of the prison's staff; statistics on prisoners, personal cards of the prisoners (1942-1943).

  16. Kauno karo komendantūra

    • Litauische Kommandantur in Kaunas
    • Military Commandant in Kaunas

    Reports of the Military Commandant in Kaunas; various instructions for staff of the commandant; documentation concerning activities of local Auxiliary police; orders concerning forced labour for prisoners of war; lists of members of Auxiliary police; restrictions imposed on Jews; documentation about establishment of the Kaunas (Kovno) ghetto in Vilijampolė and forcing people to move into the ghetto.

  17. Švenčionių apskrities viršininkas

    • Chief of Švenčionys District

    The files concern anti-semitic posters from April 1942 ("Jews are your deadly enemy"); confiscation of Jewish property and adaptation for such property for public use (for example: the synagogue was adapted for police purposes); the report of the chief of the county concerning registration by doctors Aryan origins all cases of deaths of Jews in August 1942; the main instructions for how settlements in the county were to deal with Jews, how they were to forced Jews to work, how they were to confiscate and register private property of Jews from September 1941.

  18. Saugumo policijos ir SD vadas Lietuvoje

    • Der Kommandeur der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD Litauen
    • Chief of the Security Police and SD of the Lithuanian General Region

    "The most important documents of the collection are monthly reports by the chief of the security police and SD in Lithuania sent to the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA) in Berlin concerning the political and economic situation and popular sentiment in the General Region of Lithuania. In the reports mentioned there are special paragraphs dealing with the activities of the partisans, the resistance movement and the Jews" (Galina Žirikova, Lietuvos centrinio valstybės archyvo fondai : holokausto Lietuvoje tyrimo šaltinis (The Collections of the State Archive of Lithuania: a Source of Resea...

  19. Durpių pramonės centras ir apylinkių durpynų direkcijos

    • Directorate of the Centre for the State Peat Industry

    Documents related to the forced labour camps for Jews in Vilnius district (1942-1943); lists of Jewish workers.

  20. Vilniaus žydų muziejaus dokumentų kolekcija

    • The Collection of the Documents of the Vilnius Jewish Museum

    The fonds contains with Vilnius ghetto documents (forced labour for Jews, FPO (ghetto partisants' organization) documentation, register of Jews workers); list of Ukmergė Jews who perished between August-September 1941; plan of Švenčionys ghetto, documents about mass killings in small towns of the Vilnius region; registration cards of Jews, records of the Kovno Jewish ghetto administration and police; documentation about activities of the Vilnius Jewish Museum which was re-established by survivors in autumn 1944. Memoirs of prisoners of the ghettos, photos of people who rescued Jews, photos ...