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Country: Greece
  1. Εθνική Αντίσταση (Συλλογή Μαρτυριών ΕΡΤ)

    • National Resistance (collecting testimonies EΡT)
    • Ethniki Antistasi (syllogi martyrion EΡT)

    It includes interviews with individuals related to mass executions committed by the Germans, the resistance activities, the action of security battalions, the participation of Greek Jews in the Resistance.

  2. Αρχείο Ηλία Παπαστεργιόπουλου

    • Archive Papastergiopoulos Ilias
    • Archeio Ilia Papastergiopoulou

    It includes stories of massacres, mass executions during the Occupation, catalogues of executed people, reports of the National Resistance and the action of Greek People's Liberation Army [Ελληνικός Λαϊκός Απελευθερωτικός Στρατός], newspaper clippings with pictures and names of rebels, newspaper articles on action of the security battalions, testimonies on Greek Jews.

  3. Αρχείο της Οικογένειας Τριανταφυλλάκου

    • Archive Triantafyllakos Family
    • Archeio oikogeneias Triantafyllakou

    The entire material is estimated at 565 pages and includes lists of Resistance members, reports on sabotage, proposal for setting up security battalions, documents on deportation of Greek Jews.

  4. Ιστορικό Αρχείο της Ιεράς Συνόδου της Εκκλησίας της Ελλάδος/Βιβλία πρακτικών

    • The Historic Archive of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece/Minute Books
    • Istoriko Archeio tis Ieras Synodou tis Ekklisias tis Ellados/Vivlia praktikon

    The proceedings of the Holy Synod for the period of WWII and after the liberation of Greece. There are protests against the German and Bulgarian measures, the deportation of the Jews in Thessaloniki.

  5. Συλλογή Αλμπέρτος Ναρ

    • Collection Albertos Nar
    • Syllogi Albertos Nar

    Interviews with local Jews and Holocaust survivors for the Jewish life in Thessaloniki and Greece prewar period, during WWII and postwar period.

  6. Συλλογή Άγγελος Παπαϊωάννου

    • Collection Angelos Papaioannou
    • Syllogi Angelos Papaioannou

    The collection contains 1.200 postcards related to the history of the different ethnic and religious minorities of the city. A number of them related to the Salonican Jews.

  7. Συλλογή Πάνος Τσιφτσής

    • Collection Panos Tsiftsis
    • Syllogi Panos Tsiftsis

    A collection of 1.100 photos related to the postwar life and activities of the Jewish Community in Thessaloniki and a small collection of documents related to the local Jewish Community.

  8. Αρχείο Γαβριήλ Γαβριηλίδη

    • Archive of Gavriel Gavrielides
    • Archeio Gavrielides Gavriel

    Consists of the personal archive of Gavriel Gavrielides, a Jewish lawyer who provided legal counsel to the Jewish Community of Rhodes, the Organization for the Relief and Rehabilitation of Greek Jews (OPAIE), the Central Board of Greek Jewish Communities, the Jewish Community of Athens, and other Jewish organizations in Greece after World War II. Also of interest are cases of individual Jews against the OPAIE.

  9. Αρχείο Ιωσήφ Σιακκή

    • The Joseph Siakkis Archives
    • Archeio Siakkis Iosif

    Contains records related to the history of the Jewish communities of Greece. The archives are organized into 28 thematic sections. The most important topics are: 1. History of Greek Jewry and Jewish communities of Thessaloniki, Kerkyra [Corfu], Larissa, Volos, Trikala, Zakynthos, Chania, Preveza, Sparta, Chalkis and other major Jewish centers; 2. Antisemitism, Nazi occupation and Holocaust; 3. Collections of Jewish periodicals (Kerkyra and Athens); 4. Records of the Greek Jewish family names, personal correspondence, literary essays and poetry.

  10. Αρχείο Ιταλικής Διοίκησης Δωδεκανήσου

    • Archive of the Italian Administration in Dodecanese
    • Archeio Italikis Dioikisis Dodekanisou

    The collection contains files relevant to the Jewish Community of Rhodes, the Jewish schools, the Rabbinical College, the Jewish cemetery, catalogues of the Jewish families, survivors of the ship "Pentko", Jewish companies, the Jewish immovable property, the Jewish passoports for Turkey, catalogues of the Jewish belongings.

  11. Αρχείο της Ιταλικής Αστυνομίας των Καραμπινιέρων

    • Royal Carabinieri Police Archive
    • Archeio tis Italikis Astynomias ton Karabinieron

    The archive contains approx. 80.000 personal files (for 130.000 inhabitants). It contains reports on political events, social and ethnic groups (Greeks, Turks, Jews and other foreigners) and companies, juridical decisions, information on the antifascist activities, the Jewish community, cases related to full Italian citizenship and the special local form of citizenship (Cittadinanza Egea Italiana).

  12. Εβραϊκή Συλλογή

    • Jewish Collection
    • Evraiki Syllogi

    According to the website: "Archive of Jews of Kavala and other regions. It includes: Bulgarian catalogue of the census of Jews of Kavala of 1942 - 1943, before Holocaust. Collected evidence (unbound documents, notes etc) for the Jews of Kavala and other regions of Macedonia and Thrace. Photographic material (synagogue etc)".

  13. Αρχείο Ειρηνοδικείου Σερρών

    • Archive of the District Court in Serres
    • Archeio Irinodikiou Serron

    Information includes proceedings and decisions of the court, as well as affidavits for Holocaust victims.

  14. Συλλογή Δικηγόρου Κωνσταντίνου Ζιώγα

    • Collection of the Lawyer Constantinos Ziogas
    • Syllogi Dikigorou Konstantinou Zioga

    Part of the material concerns the case of Jews of Thessaloniki (inheritance issues after the Holocaust).

  15. Αρχείο Δικηγόρου Γεωργίου Μόσχου

    • Archive of the Lawyer Georgios Moschos
    • Archeio dikigorou Georgiou Moschou

    The archive contains approximately 200 bundles. Documents include correspondence with Jews of Serres concerning abandoned properties.

  16. Αρχείο Συμβολαιογράφου Κωνσταντίνου Τριανταφυλλόπουλου

    • Archive of the Notary Public Constantinos Triantafyllopoulos
    • Archeio Symvolaiografou Konstantionou Triantafyllopoulou

    The archive contains 35.846 contracts. Many contracts concern the Jews of Serres.

  17. Αρχείο Δήμου Σερρών

    • Archive of the Municipality of Serres
    • Archeio Dimou Serron

    It holds historical records of the Municipality of Serres, including vital records, the old municipal rolls (1934), names of Holocaust victims and survivor certificates.

  18. Αρχείο Κτηματογραφικού Χάρτη Πυρίκαυστης Ζώνης Πόλης Σερρών

    • Archive Cadastral Map of the Burnt Zone in Serres
    • Archeio Ktimatografikou Charti Pyrikafstis Zonis Polis Serron

    A map with dimensions 1,45 by 2,46 meters, on which are plotted individual and communal properties (mostly Christian and Jewish) which were destroyed by the Bulgarians in the arson of the city in 1913. Although not connected directly to the Holocaust, it is very useful for understanding of the city's Jewish past.

  19. Αρχείο Νίκου Νικολάου

    • Archive of Nikos Nikolaou
    • Archeio Nikou Nikolaou

    It contains unpublished and published sources about the Jews of Serres. The most important source is the “Old Municipal Registries of Jews” which constitutes the official book of the municipal archive and which ended in the possession of Nikolaou.