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Country: Greece
  1. Αρχείο Πρεσβείας Ρώμης

    • Archive of the Embassy in Rome
    • Archeio Presveias Romis
  2. Αρχείο Βιοτεχνικού Επιμελητηρίου Θεσσαλονίκης

    • Archive of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Handicrafts
    • Archeio Viotechnikou Epimeleteriou Thessalonikes

    In 1925, the Chamber of Trade and Manufacture was established in Thessaloniki. In 1940, under the 2429/1940 law of the Greek state, it was divided in two separate organi-zations and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Handicrafts (TCH) was created. Since then, TCH has the obligation to register any handcrafting activity inside the city of Thessaloniki. In its eighty-five years of continuous operation, TCH was associated with all the major economic events of the country, providing a thorough view of the handicraft activity of the city through time.

  3. Αρχείο του Εμπορικού και Βιομηχανικού Επιμελητηρίου Θεσσαλονίκης

    • Archive of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Archeio tou Emborikou kai Viomechanikou Epimeleteriou Thessalonikes

    The archive consists of listing of companies and businesses that have been established in the city of Thessaloniki since 1919. From 1992 and onwards, the registration is digital. Its physical form which is handwritten is divided into three periods: i. 1919 - 1935 (58 inventory books) ii. 1935 - 1970 (46 inventory books with approximately 12,000 entries) iii. 1970 -1990 Greek Jewish activity consists of a significant part of the archive, when in March 1943, all Jewish businesses were banished, under the orders of the Supreme Military Governor of the North Aegean.

  4. Αρχείο Επαγγελματικού Επιμελητηρίου Θεσσαλονίκης

    • Archive of the Chamber of Tradesmen in Thessaloniki
    • Archeio Epaggelmatikou Epimellitiriou Thessalonikis

    The Archive of the TCT documents the commercial and retail activity in Thessaloniki. It consists of registration lists of tradesmen that have been active in the city since 1940. It is accessible only by the members of TCT as well as by authorized researchers. Various entries of Jewish activity can be found. The archive is under digitization process. The archive is accessible for research as material evidence of the multicultural history of Thessaloniki before the second world war.

  5. Αρχείο της Ισραηλιτικής Κοινότητας Πατρών

    • Records of the Jewish Community in Patras
    • Archeio tis Israilitikis Koinotitas Patron

    "Consists of correspondence files concerning the postwar activities of the Jewish community of Patras. Topics include restitution, commemoration of Holocaust victims, elections to the Board of the Jewish Community, burial permissions, maintenance of the Jewish cemetery, and disposal of the community’s property. There are also financial records, minutes of Board meetings, and a list of community members." (USHMM)

  6. The Photographic Archive of the Jewish Museum of Greece

    • Φωτογραφικό Αρχείο του Εβραϊκού Μουσείου της Ελλάδος

    The photographic archive of the JMG includes a large number of photographs that cover all aspects of Jewish life and tradition in Greece. The photographic material consists of original black-and-white photographs, printed copies of original pictures, colour photographs and slides. The main body of this material is the primary archive of original photographs, which have been donated to the Museum by their owners and which are kept separately. These photographs have been copied and replaced with 13 x 18 cm copies, as well as film negatives and contact prints of those. The access to the origin...

  7. Αρχείο Μακεδονικής Διοίκησης

    • Archive of Macedonian Administration
    • Archeio Makedonikes Dioikeses

    The Archive consists of public administrative documents, mainly concerning the region of Central Macedonia, Greece. There are plenty of verdicts by local courts, citizen’s applications as well as administrative correspondence between the local authorities. Related to the Holocaust of Greek Jews is a report made by the Prefecture of Kozani (Central Macedonia region, Greece) on 9/2/1944, referring to Greek prisoners. Among others there are two Jewish names: Algava Bension (Αλγκαβα Μπενσιόν) from Thessaloniki and Zach Abraham (Ζακ Αβραάμ) from Volos.

  8. Αρχείο Πρεσβείας Λονδίνου

    • Archive of the Embassy in London
    • Archeio Presveias Londinou

    The archive covers the Greek-British relations. From 1939 to 1950 the material is related to the period of WWII, the Greek refugees, the famine in occupied Greece, the Greek Red Cross, the war crimes committed by Nazi Germany, Italy and Bulgaria, the National Office for War Crimes, the United Nations War Crimes Commission, the war reparations.

  9. Αρχείο της Ιεράς Μητρόπολης Θεσσαλονίκης

    • Archive of the Holy Diocese of Thessaloniki
    • Archeio tis Ieras Mitropolis Thessalonikis

    The archival material covers the 19th and 20th centuries and includes the proceedings and decisions taken by the Metropolitan Council; general correspondence with the Greek authorities, foreign consulates, local ecclesiastical councils, other religious communities, as well as the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and individuals. Among other topics are the relations with the Jewish community and cases of conversion to Christianity or Judaism before and during the Second World War. An important topic is the case of the Jewish Cemetery and the attitude of the Metropolitan Council towards the H...

  10. Ιδιωτική Συλλογή Χρήστου Καββαδά

    • Private Collection Christos Kavvadas
    • Idiotiki Syllogi Christou Kavvada

    It contains archival material for the Jews of Kastoria, mostly about enterprises.

  11. Thessaloniki Jewish Community Records

    The collection (1939-1945; bulk 1943) contains registration records for over 13,000 Jews of Thessaloniki that were completed prior to their deportation to Auschwitz. The cards contain personal information as well as itemized lists of real and material property subsequently Aryanized by occupying forces and Greek collaborators.

  12. Η Εμπειρία των Εβραίων της Ελλάδας στις οπτικο-ακουστικές Μαρτυρίες

    • Database of Greek-Jewish Holocaust Survivors' Testimonies
    • I Empeiria ton Evraion tis Elladas stis optiko-akoustikes Martyries

    The database contains more than 800 pieces of evidence which were collected at different times and in different languages and places: Greece. elsewhere in Europe, the United States, and Israel.The ambition is that the database will be a tool which will facilitate scholars in locating and accessing the material.

  13. Στρατόπεδα Συγκεντρώσεως εκτός Ελλάδος (κατάλογοι)

    • Concentration Camps outside of Greece (Lists)
    • Stratopeda Sygkentroseos ektos Ellados (Katalogoi)

    Lists of Greek hostages and political prisoners in concentration camps in Nazi Germany and Austria [Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Hannover, Buchenwald, Mengen (Kreis Saulgan) Wurttemberg, Neuengamme, Prison Aichach, Lustenau (Bregenz), Ebensee, Mauthausen, Linz]. The lists were formed by the International Red Cross.

  14. Τράπεζα Θεσσαλονίκης

    • Banque de Salonique
    • Trapeza Thessalonikis

    The "Banque de Salonique" archive consists of records of current accounts, securities, cashier records and customer records, journals, ledgers and files of incoming correspondence, letters of guarantee, cashier and other vouchers.

  15. Αρχείο Εφημερίδων

    • Newspapers Archive
    • Archeio Efimeridon

    The collection contains the anti-Semitic newspaper "Nea Evropi" (from 15-04-1941 to 22-02-1944), the newspaper "Makedonia" (1940-1941) and a number of the newspaper "Apogevmatini" (1941-1943) newspaper. All were printed in Thessaloniki. One can also find the local Jewish newspapers "L'Ιndépendant" (01-01-1940 to 07-04-1941) and "Le Progrès" (01-03-1940 to 30-12-1940).The collection consists of seven volumes; two volumes for "Nea Evropi", two volumes for "Makedonia", one volume for issues of "Apogevmatini" issues, one volume for "L'Ιndépendant" and one volume for "Le Progrès".

  16. Πρακτικά και αποφάσεις του Δημοτικού Συμβουλίου του Δήμου Θεσσαλονίκης

    • Proceedings and Decisions of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki
    • Praktika kai Apofaseis tou Dimotikou Symvouliou tou Dimou Thessalonikis

    The material contains information on issues related to municipal administration, finance, taxes and fees, assets and foundations; public works; healthcare; youth; culture; social services; religious minorities; disabled people; disadvantaged groups.

  17. Διεύθυνση Διαφάνειας και Εξυπηρέτησης του Δήμου Θεσσαλονίκης- Τμήμα Ληξιαρχείου

    • Division of Transparency and Service of the Municipality of Thessaloniki - Registry Office
    • Diefthynsi Diafaneias kai Exypiretisis tou Dimou Thessalonikis - Tmima Lixiarcheiou

    The archive has complete series of volumes from 1915 to 2014 (only a few volumes are available for the first year). The material contains information on births, marriages, and deaths of Jews in Thessaloniki before, during and after the Second World War.

  18. Διεύθυνση Διαφάνειας και Εξυπηρέτησης Δημοτών του Δήμου Θεσσαλονίκης- Τμήμα Δημοτολογίων

    • Division of Transparency and Civil Service of the Municipality of Thessaloniki - Civil Registry Office
    • Diefthynsi Diafaneias kai Exypiretisis Dimoton tou Dimou Thessalonikis - Tmima Dimotologion

    The archive contains 50 books with the names of girls who were born in Thessaloniki from 1896 to 1950; 144 books with the names of boys who were born in Thessaloniki from 1832 until today (the first decades have few names); and unknown number of books with the names of people who were born in Thessaloniki from 1931 to 2000. Data include name, surname, place and date of birth, the decision of the registry and the act of erasing.

  19. Εθνικά Αρχεία (ΗΠΑ), Αρχεία του Υπουργείου των Εξωτερικών σχετικά με τις Εσωτερικές Υποθέσεις στην Ελλάδα

    • National Archives (USA), Records of the United States Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of Greece
    • Ethnika Archeia (IPA)-Archeia tou Ypoyrgeiou ton Exoterikon shetika me tis Esoterikes Ypotheseis stin Ellada

    Documents include instructions and dispatches from US diplomatic and consular personnel regarding political, military, economic, social, and other internal conditions and events in Greece.

  20. Εθνικά Αρχεία (ΗΠΑ), Αρχεία του Υπουργείου των Εξωτερικών σχετικά με τις Εσωτερικές Υποθέσεις στη Γιουγκοσλαβία

    • National Archives (USA), Records of the United States Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of Yugoslavia
    • Ethnika Archeia (IPA)-Archeia tou Ypoyrgeiou ton Exoterikon shetika me tis Esoterikes Ypotheseis sti Yugoslavia

    The records consist of instructions to and despatches from diplomatic and consular officials in Yugoslavia. The dispatches are often accompanied by enclosures, such as diplomatic notes exchanged, pamphlets, and issues of newspapers. They also contain letters and telegrams from private individuals and from officials, notes from foreign diplomatic representatives in the United States, and memoranda prepared by State Department officials.