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  1. Association of Jewish Refugees, Serving Holocaust Refugees and Survivors Nationwide

    • AJR
    • United Kingdom
    • Winston House / 2 Dollis Park, Finchley, England
  2. Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain: Board minutes and papers

    Papers of Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain, 1955-1963, comprise minutes and correspondence of the board of the Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain, covering such subjects as restitution claims; social work; the newsletter: AJR Information ; cultural activities; membership of the organisation.

  3. Gaumont British Newsreel (Reuters) -- Czech Jewish refugees arrive in Britain

    Appeal for Czech Jewish refugees who have arrived in Britain following the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Germany. The appeal was broadcast by Earl(?) Baldwin. Footage shows Baldwin at his desk, refugees at a tent camp, INTs mess hall, girls cleaning barracks, and young men writing letters.

  4. German Trades Unions in Great Britain

    Papers of the Trade Union Centre for German Workers in Great Britain, 1941-1945, comprising newsletters, activity reports and and other material relating to the activities of the Trade Union Centre for German Workers in Great Britain.

  5. Jewish refugee children in Britain

    Universal Newsreel, Vol. 10, No. 727, Part 2C. Release date, 12/12/1938. According to UN Official Motion Picture Release: "Young Refugees Reach Britain" Harwich, England. 206 German-Jewish youngsters, whose parents fill Nazi concentration camps, arrive on peaceful shores with their meager belongings to start life anew in comfortable quarters and in safe surroundings. Young Jewish refugees arrive in Britain, including Hans Berlinsky [now John Berrys] at 12:10:08. Girls walking down ramp from ship. Coats. Suitcases. Boys and girls walking along street with luggage. CU of smiling, happy boys. ...

  6. Records of the Religious Society of Friends in Great Britain: Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens (FCRA)

    The collection contains minutes of the Germany Emergency Committee, which was later renamed the Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens (FCRA). Records relate to the situation of Jews in Germany, support for refugees, internment, political prisoners, and visits to concentration camps. The collection also includes the pamphlet “An Account of the Work of the Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens, first known as the Germany Emergency Committee of the Society of Friends 1933-1950,” by Lawrence Dalton, issued in 1954, as well as various other pamphlets relating to the work of the Committee...

  7. List of Passengers on the St Louis who found refuge in Great Britain

    Alphabetical list of names, with year of birth, of those St Louis passengers who found refuge in Great Britain.

  8. David Cheyney: papers relating to the Jewish Health Organisation of Great Britain

    This collection consists of David Cheyney's papers relating to his work as secretary of the Jewish Health Organisation of Great Britain. Included are notes of a German Jewish Aid Committee conference on medical aid for refugees, correspondence concerning arrangements with the Movement for the Care of Children from Germany for the safety and medical care of refugee children at hostels in Westgate-on-Sea (Kent) (1766/1), Claydon near Ipswich and Tulse Hill in London (1766/2). Also included is a copy of AJR newsletter (September 1943) (1766/4).

  9. Correspondence with Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR)

    1. Wiener Library Archive: Pre-1963 Correspondence

    The correspondence - with AJR chairman Werner Rosenstock almost exclusively - comprises a wide variety of issues including amongst others: an AJR Information editorial on the work of the Jewish Restitution Successor Organisation; an obituary on Ludwig Foerder; publishing the memoirs of Gustav Schröder, captain of the MS St. Louis, in England; the visit of The Wiener Library by a group of young German unionists; and an appreciation of Leonard Montefiore in the AJR Information on occasion of his 70th birthday.

  10. Jewish Refugees Committee, Leeds: correspondence and papers (microfilm)

    Correspondence and papers of the Leeds office of the Jewish Refugee Committee, 1938-1939, comprising letters from local businesses regarding the recruitment of trainees/ refugees and letters from family members and guardians.

  11. Testimony of Robert Kien, born in Ostrava,, Czechoslovakia, 1902, regarding his experiences in Poland including assistance to refugees in Krakow and Britain

    1. The Erich Kulka Collection: Testimonies and Documentation regarding the struggle of the Jews of Czechoslovakia against the Nazis, 1941-1975

    Testimony of Robert Kien, born in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, 1902, regarding his experiences in Poland including assistance to refugees in Krakow and Britain Born in Ostrava. Escape to Poland, 1939; assistance to Jewish refugees in Krakow organized by Czechoslovakian Zionists, 1939; British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia in Poland, role of Herman Field; participation of Czechoslovakian Jews; cooperation of the Czechoslovakian Consulate; classification applications for British visas; escape to Britain, 1939; Communist influence; cooperation with HICEM (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ...

  12. Central Council for Jewish Refugees: Donation forms

    Six copies of a donation form of the Central Council for Jewish Refugees/London, special emergency appeal by N M Rothschild, 1940. English

  13. Leni Yahil Personal Archive: Correspondence regarding refugees and rescuing Jews

    1. The Leni Yahil Archive: Holocaust Researcher, 1904-2002

    Leni Yahil Personal Archive: Correspondence regarding refugees and rescuing Jews In the file: - Correspondence with people and institutions in the United States and Great Britain, the Red Cross and others regarding Jewish refugees and rescuing Jews.

  14. Ottawa Jewish Archives

    • OJA
    • Canada
    • 21 Nadolny Sachs Private, Ottawa, Ontario
  15. Jewish Museum London

    • United Kingdom
    • Raymond Burton House, 129-131 Albert Street, London, London
  16. World Jewish Relief

    • Central British Fund
    • United Kingdom
    • Oscar Joseph House, 54 Crewys Road, London, England
  17. Wiener Wiesenthal Institut für Holocaust-Studien

    • Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies
    • VWI
    • Austria
    • Rabensteig 3, Wien
  18. Maison d'Izieu, mémorial des enfants juifs exterminés

    • Maison d'Izieu, Memorial to the annihilated Jewish children
    • France
    • 70 route de Lambraz, Izieu
  19. Army film showing Nazi aggression, refugees, FDR & Hull

    Orientation Film no. 7, Reel 5. International events cause the US to enter into World War II. Cranes move scraps of metal in a junkyard and protestors carry picket signs saying "Embargo Japan." A sign over a doorway reads, "Mr. Acheson Assistant Secretary of State." Dean Acheson sits at a desk and summarizes the conflicts involved with exporting goods to Japan. 05:22:15 "April 9, 1940." Hitler looks over a map with other Nazi officials. A graphic shows the Nazi party taking over Western Europe. "May 10, 1940" is superimposed on a CU of soldiers marching in boots. People sit in their homes a...

  20. Handmade wooden hanukiah with Hebrew inscription made by Kindertransport refugees

    8-branched Hanukkah menorah with central holder for the 9th candle made for Louis Judah and Etty Cohen by 3 male student refugees at the Whittingehame Farm School in East Lothian, Scotland. One evening, the students requested that Mr. Cohen and his family come to the school and, in a heartfelt ceremony, presented the handcrafted menorah to the couple to thank them for what they had done for them. Judah and Etty were governors of the school, and members of the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation which established the school in 1939. Its mission was to care for German and Austrian Jewish children a...