Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives

  • Archives juives canadiennes Alex Dworkin
  • CJCCC National Archives
  • The Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives


Suite 211, 4810, rue Jean-Talon Ouest
Montreal / Montréal
Quebec / Québec
QC H4P 2N5


(514) 931-7531


The Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives (CJCCCNA) was established in 1934. The general mandate of the CJCCC National Archives is to collect and preserve documentation of the Jewish presence in Quebec and Canada. Since January 1, 1992, the Archives has benefited from the status of "Service agrééd'archives privées," a program of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. Since November 2015, the institution was rebranded as the ‘Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives’ - 'Archives juives canadiennes Alex Dworkin'.

Geographical and Cultural Context

The Archives used to be housed on the downtown campus of Montreal's Concordia University, in the same building as the Concordia University Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies.

Archival and Other Holdings

Among others contains restitution- and/or compensation-related materials.


  • Claims Conference Compensation Archives