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Mandates/Sources of Authority

The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, the central and largest archival institution in the country, fulfils the tasks of the national archives. It is a body within the Ministry of Culture. The Archives is responsible for the uniform provision of public archival services.

Archival and Other Holdings

As the national archives, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia protects the public archival records of state authorities, bodies holding public authority and/or exercising public services provided by the state, the Bank of Slovenia, state and public funds, agencies, and other legal persons established by the state and whose activities, as a rule, cover the entire national territory. It is responsible for the preservation of private archival records and film archival material and maintains a summary register of public archival records in the country, a register of archival records in neighbouring countries and abroad that relate to Slovenia and Slovenians, and a register of public symbols, coats-of-arms, flags, seals, and rubber and other stamps at the state level.

Its responsibilities include acquiring, protecting, processing and ensuring the use of the national archival cultural heritage.

According to data gathered in 2023, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia manages 29.450 running metres of archival records arranged in 1982 archival fonds and collections.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Archival records are available via Virtual Archive Reading Room (VARR) that is the result of several years of efforts of the Slovenian Public Archives Service (SJAS) within the project to establish the Slovenian public electronic archive, or for short. In addition to the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, six regional archives from Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Ptuj, Koper and Nova Gorica participated in it. The VARR information solution offers users a tool for ordering and using physical and electronic archival material in Slovenian archives. The VARR search engine replaces the scopeQuery and SIRAnet search engines and upgrades them by merging the information databases of the state archive and regional archives. VARR enables archives to manage orders, prepare archival material and also communicate directly with users.

Conditions of Access

After successful registration, login and confirmation of the user account by the administrator of the VARR system, the user can order materials and reproductions.

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