Archiwum Państwowe w Poznaniu

  • The State Archive in Poznań


ul. 23 Lutego 41/43, skr. poczt. 546
województwo wielkopolskie


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The State Archive in Poznań came into existence in 1968, when the Prussian authorities created The Royal Prussian State Archive (Königliche Preussische Staatsarchiv Posen). It was located in the former Jesuit college building. The archive took over the old Polish documents stored till then by the judiciary institutions. It gathered also records from the municipal archives of Poznań and other towns of Poznań province. In 1884 it was transferred to the new building edified for the archival purposes on Przemysł Mound. In 1919 it was taken over by Polish authorities and renamed the State Archive in Poznan. During the German occupation the archive became Reichsarchiv Wartheland Posen. The German authorities transferred the Municipal Archive, created in 1935, from its seat at Wolnica square to the building of the Jewish Community at Stawna street. They excluded the Poznań municipal records from Reichsarchiv and transferred them to the building of former pawnshop at Sieroca street. The oldest and most valuable documents were hidden in various localities in Germany. In January 1945 the archival building on Przemysł Mound burnt down during the military operations with all its holdings (about 320 000 units). In 1945 the Polish State Archive in Poznań was reactivated in the building of former Imperial Castle. It consisted of records repatriated from Germany or collected in various localities of Greater Poland. In 1951 the Municipal Archive, located at Sieroca and Stawna street, was united again with the State Archive. The State Archive relocated then to the former Court building at 23 Lutego (23 February) street, where it stays till today. 1952-1983 the archive was called the Poznań Voivodship Archive.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Nowadays, The State Archive in Poznań works on the ground of the The Act on National Archival Records and Archives of July 14, 1983, Journal of Law, (Dziennik Ustaw) No 38, 1983.07.19 with later changes.


In 1951, the State Archive moved to the former court building at 23 Lutego (23 February) street, where it is still situated.

Archival and Other Holdings

The State Archive in Poznań possesses 7091 collections and archival founds, which makes 1 115 676 units and 13 544 running meters (as for the end of 2010 year). The oldest document is the foundation charter of the Cistercian monastery in Łekno dated 1153. The most valuable archives are dating before 1795 (5729 parchment and paper documents, 8800 town, land and guild books). 50% of the holdings comes from years of Poland’s partitions, 20% from the inter-war years, 10% from the times of Nazi occupation. The State Archive gathers also state and local administration documents, vital records, documents from religious institutions, maps and plans (29 421 items), photographs and audio documentation.

Opening Times

The State Archive’s holdings are available in the workroom open Monday - Friday 9.00 – 18.30.

Conditions of Access

The access is regulated by Instruction No. 4 of the Head Office of State Archives in Poland, dated February 1, 2013.


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