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The Generallandesarchiv originated in 1803, when the Margravate Baden was converted into the Grand Duchy of Baden. The records of the Margraves of Baden remain the historical focus of the Generallandesarchiv.In 1905 the Generallandesarchiv moved into a new, and at the time very modern, building. The Generallandesarchiv is still in the same building, which is now considered a historic monument. On 1 January 2005, due to recent administration reform in Baden-Württemberg, the Generallandesarchiv became a department of the Landesarchiv.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Governmental district of Karlsruhe; subsidiary bodies of the Federal Republic (maintain seat in the Karlsruhe district)

Archival and Other Holdings

Online findbooks indicate the holdings include various materials relating to the Nazi period, particularly within the "Neuere Bestände." These collections include relevant court records, records of the ministry of justice, various administrative records as well as military records. Among others contains restitution- and/or compensation-related materials: 1. Landesamt für Wiedergutmachung Karlsruhe/Entschädigungsakten; 2. Landgericht Karlsruhe / Entschädigungsverfahren; closed files; "Use restricted for conservation reasons." (Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemberg)

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Online Findbücher; Findbuchliste:Ältere Bestände, Dynastie und Regierung, Neuere Bestände (vornehmlich ab 1800), Sonderbestände, Nichtstaatliches Archivgut;

Opening Times

Tuesday to Thursday: 08:30am to 05:30pm Friday: 08:30am to 07:00pm

Conditions of Access

There are six workplaces available in the film reading room equipped with reader printers, two workplaces with facilities for viewing microfiches and one for macrofiches. In the repertory reading room, there are PCs available for CD-ROM searches and searches in the on-line finding aids of the Generallandesarchiv.


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