Arhiv Bosne i Hercegovine

  • The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Records Management and Collecting Policies


The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovine reside in the building of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina (political administrative body). Not to be confused with the Archive of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which does not hold Holocaust-related material.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Archives in Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina are stored in fonds and collections.

Archival fond is an organic whole of archives, created through activities of one corporate body or person.

Collection is group of documents, created by interests of their collector or by mutual character of documents.

Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina collect archives by taking over from government bodies and institutions, also by purchase, gift or deposit. In a case of deposit, persons keep their rights and can take deposited archives. Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina have a lot of copies of archives about Bosnia-Herzegovina too, collected in foreign archives.

Opening Times

9AM-3PM, working days

Conditions of Access

Every person may use archives in equal conditions, in accordance with provisions of Archives and Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina Act («Službeni glasnik BiH» No 16/2001), Recommendations of Council of Europe on Archives and Act of freedom of access to informations in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Public archives are, in principle, accessible 30 years after their creation, if there are no special requests by their creator.

Public archives related on particular persons may be used 10 years after death of person, or earlier if it is approved by his / her spouse, children or parents.

If scientific or other real reasons make using archives from paragraph 1 of this article necessary, that archives may be used in a way which guarantee the protection of persons interests, without mention of names or on other proper way.

Private archives that became possession of competent archival institution by deposit, gift or purchase, are available for use under the conditions and in the same way as public archives, unless this has not been regulated otherwise by transfer record or by contract.

Terms of access and use of archival records in Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina are defined by the Archives and the Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina Act, Regulations for the use of archives in the Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Regulations on Reading Room.

Consulting of public archives (in same time access to informations) is reduced or prohibited if:

  1. harming interests of Bosnia-Herzegovina or its entities, especially: interests of defence and security; foreign affairs, monetary politics and public security;
  2. makes harmful consequences to corporate bodies of persons;
  3. being used in contrary with requests of their owner and creator, or if deponent restricts access;
  4. there are indications about manipulations on archives;
  5. the archives are damaged, in archival processing, in process of resturation, or if they are in consulting by another user

Unarranged, damaged and archives in processing, in principle, are not accessible. In special cases, this kind of archives may be used, but with a special approval issued by director.


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