Bandera Stepan

  • Bandera, Stepan, 1908-1959
  • Bandera, Stepan, 1909-1959
  • Bandera, Stefan, 1909-1959
  • Bandera, Stepan A. 1909-1959
  • Бандера, Степан, 1909-1959.
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Ukrainian leader, joined the Orhanizatsyia Ukrainshkykh Natsionalistiv (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, OUN) and soon became one of the leaders of the national organisation in Western Ukraine. Bandera helped the Nazis to set up two Ukrainian battalions, the Nachtigall battalion and the Roland Battalion, with the purpose of carrying out intelligence activities. The OUN-B organized "mobile units," which moved into the Ukraine with the German forces and established the local government and the Ukrainische Hilfspolizei (Ukrainian Auxiliary Police). Arrested in September 1941 and sent to Sachsenhausen, but maintained contact with members of his organisation and on his instructions the Ukrainska povstanska armyia was organised by the end of 42. B was released in September 44. At the end of the war he settled in Munich from where he continued to lead the movement until the was shot and killed in 1959 by a Soviet agent.


  • Staryi Uhryniv, Ukraine

  • Munich, Germany


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