Polska Partia Robotnicza

  • Polish Workers’ Party
  • PPR
Type of Entity
Corporate Body

Dates of Existence



Polish communists were transferred from USSR to Poland to connect polish communistics parties. The Polska Partia Robotnicza was subordinated to soviet communist party and controlled by the Narodnyj Komissariat Wnutriennich Dieł (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs). The leaders were: W. Gomulka, B. Bierut. It headed Gwardia Ludowa (Polish People’s Army), Armia Ludowa (People’s Army). When Red Army came to Poland, PPR let Sovietization of the country through terror. It merged with the Polska Partia Socjalistyczna (Polish Socialist Party) into Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza (Polish United Workers' Party).


  • Founded in Poland.


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