Consiliul Evreesc

  • Jewish Council
Type of Entity
Corporate Body


The Consiliul Evreesc focused its struggle on the repatriation of the deportees and on the release of some of them to go to Palestine. Also in 1943-04, the council, with the help of the Centrala Evreilor, obtained Ion Victor Antonescu's permission for the return to Romania of 5,000 orphans and other Jews. The 5,000 were not repatriated, owing to German opposition, obstructions put in the way by the governor of Transnistria, and the intervention of the mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini. Wilhelm Filderman was expelled to Transnistria in 1943-05, and upon his return to Romania in August, called on the government to enable all the Jews to return to Romania.


  • Founded and active in Romania.


  • Yad Vashem,